Teardown of the Anker PowerCore 20100 USB Power Bank

I bought a second one of these just to harvest cells from. Might as well take a look around.

I have a second channel:


WinlockPro says:

Is there anyway to remove the USB output ports and replace them with just 2 wires one for positive and one for negative? And also is there anyway to tap into the wires going in directly from the battery to use the full capacity of all 6 batteries?

Денис Невтыра says:

I have one to one power bank,as you

Anupam Biswas says:

They should be wired in parallel to get the full 20100 mah,otherwise the capacity will be much less.In series configuration the voltage doubles,but not the capacity,assuming the cells are alike.

John Hreniuc says:

I took apart the same thing but should I be messing with it when the batteries are charged

Random Tech, Auto, Security, & Skateboarding says:

Why would you buy the power bank to remove the cells from when you can just buy 6 of the exact same 18650 batteries that are in this unit for cheaper and without the hassle of having to extract them? If you indeed have some logical reason for going this route, you probably should have stated so in the video, because I’m sure there are many other people besides me wondering the exact same thing…

FEMA Region 9 says:

What is the purpose of wiring these batteries in series as opposed to parallel? I’m designing a battery pack of my own and I’m curious about that configuration over the parallel one I’m considering. Great video by the way!

TheRCfunny says:

Hi, what is the capacity single cell?

Redemption says:

Fantastic review! I feel confident buying one now.

NightHawk 35449 says:

I just bought a black web version of this for $15

Pablo Zamora says:

i busted the usb connections on mine after a few years of usage. do you have guide on how to repurpose the cells for a laptop battery? would love to give my mom a new battery as her oem and replacement batteries are ass

Cpuello says:

Hello! I have the exact model however my powerbank stops charging my cellphone after like 3 minutes. the phone says it’s charging slow. This is in both ports of the powerbank. I use anker USBs I bought like 5 of them. When I connect the phone to the wall it charges just fine. Do you have any Idea of What’s going on? I gess there is a problem with the powerbank’s USB.

Rizal Yoonus says:

execellent bro

The Tyttuutface says:

I got a smaller one (6.7Ah?) for $12 or so from a sale last year. I wonder if it has the same cells. It’s the right size for two 18650s.

I’d tear it down and have a look, but it would probably wreck it.

Siana Gearz says:

CapXon and Samxon are likely nothing to be afraid of at this point. Around mid 2000s, a lot of smaller capacitor manufacturers ended up buying fake electrolyte and many products were contaminated, and we still see the effects now. After all, good Taiwanese manufacturers often used these Hong-Kong capacitors because they were fine, the test batches were fine, a few years of production batches were fine, the quality was pretty close to higher-tier (Taiwanese perhaps, not Japanese) companies and much better than from other Chinese brands, until one day, they weren’t! And then eventually they were OK again. Chances are, they actually learned from the failure. I’d trust them more than any of the new companies that pop up every day at this point, and Aishi (mainland China) never actually made it to any tier lists or got any quality assessment – they’re not exactly new, but they did rename themselves in the meanwhile, perhaps in the wake of electrolyte fiasco, which the ones you mention did not.

Charles Steen says:

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Ikscdm Degi says:

are they 18650 cells ?

lukeify says:

Hey, informative video. Thanks! This is a going to be a really bizarre question, but what does that battery pack weigh when disassembled. Since I know the mass of the NCR18650B, and I assume the circuitry is similar, I’m looking to calculate the weight of the 10,000mAh Anker battery pack without its case on. Cheers!

stuff2review says:

what I don’t get is why they use these AA-looking batteries in power banks and even in Tesla cells. Is there not a better format like the flat laptop batteries? Also It would help with the weight…

Anik Kundu says:

Buys a battery bank to steal batteries from it…duh

Fume says:

only reason why i wanted to open it was to repaint the shell

rkl08551 says:

7$ a piece or less if you buy more than 8…

David Aschi says:

intro 10 of 10

abuzer hassan says:

Hi could you tell the ic no of circuit

Tabish Syed says:

You can just buy the cells for less….

GamingSmartVideos says:

I have a real 20,000 mAh power bank

jhon maclain says:

Learn how to bring any battery back to life again>>>https://t.co/Lp5DUjsZWt

gelisob says:

Has anyone seen this pack sold without cells anywhere? please reply if you know where to get them without cells for cheaper 🙂 I have my own cells, would like the electronic/pack side with this format and discharge/amperage abilities.

Christoph Burschka says:

> one-way

I have one of these with a broken micro-USB connector (it’s now rattling around somewhere inside the case); does that mean it’s basically beyond repair aside from salvaging the cells? I wouldn’t mind having to wrap it in duct tape or something afterward, but if it’s completely impossible to put back together, it’d probably be a waste of time.

MclarenF1rocket says:

What is the purpose of the DC-DC converters?

yany says:

when i charge my anker battery, it makes a strange noise, that sound to scare the mosquito.it is normal to do that?

Rizal Yoonus says:

very helpful

William Wilson says:

18650 is what I use in my vape….hmmm

Rikkman Vonn says:

Does anybody know where to get those control boards or any info to get them on ebay?

Barking Spider says:

Dude I got this. Will it ruin my iPhone with to much charge?

anthony marino says:

nice stuff ANKER IS A+

Adonis cmj says:

Are you sure about the voltage? It looks to me they are all in parallel, so it should be 4.2 volts. I didn’t see any turned the other way. I have a pack like it and they are 4.2 total. Most are 4.2 volts and they use a boost converter to increase voltage to 5 volts for the output.

Carmine Salvatore says:

anyone need vape batterys?

DigitalYojimbo says:

wow, MIJ lithium cells !

Singularity says:

Cool vid. What is the best / safest power bank you have taken apart?

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