Solar USB Power Bank Tests / Review

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In this video I review 9 solar powered USB power banks and 7 “wildcards”; a hybrid solution using a normal USB power bank and an external portable / folding solar panel.

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Devices reviewed:
Universal Solar Power Bank (10 000 mAh)

Nexcon (Solar) (5000 mAh)

Levin Solpad Solar Charger (3000 mAh)

EasyAcc Solar Power Bank (15 000 mAh / 55.5 Wh)

Zebora Two Solar Panels 10 000mAh

PowerAdd Apollo 3 (8000 mAh / 29.6 Wh)

Smart Tech Apollon S6000 (6000 mAh)

Opteka BP-SC8000 (6000 mAh)

ZeroLemon SolarJuice SJ-600 (6000 mAh / 22.2 Wh)

Voltaic (4000 mAh / 15 Wh) + Solar Panel Case

Hybrid configurations:

USB Power banks:

Portable / folding solar panels:

Poweradd™ Mini Portable (5000mAh) + ReVIVE Series Solar

EasyAcc (15 600 mAh / 57.7 Wh) + AP Solar Foldable Charger 7W

Intocircuit® 2nd Gen Power Castle (13 000mAh / 48.1 Wh) + Voltaic 2.0 Watt Solar Panel

Goal Zero YETI150 (14 000 mAh / 150 Wh) + SunKingdom 39 Watt

Smart Tech Apollon V8000 (8000 mAh) + Apollon P5

EasyAcc (10 000 mAh / 37 Wh) + SUNKINGDOM™ 5W 5V

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Darren Braden says:

where do i find the graph he used at the end

anastasis constanti says:

That video was really helpful by putting all those devices head to head. At least now we know some lab test specifications , not what the companies are advertising and are not always true. Thanks for sharing with us !

Alec Clews says:

Are you South African??

Harold Baltazar says:

I really want one of this but not sure what should I get.. and thanks to your reviews I KNOW NOW WHAT SHOULD i GET.. GREAT JOB..

David House Sr. says:

WELL DONE!! BTW: I just grabbed that PowerAdd Apollo3 8KmAh for $11.99USD (3/2/2017) For 12 bucks, I’ll keep a spare on the Motorcycle! Thanks, A new Subscriber.

mitonitro says:

its shit


Good job

George Mitchell says:

Excellent comparison, thanks for putting this together!

Appithkia says:

whattaaa ✋

ghomeyshi7 says:

thank for the effort

Adriaan Cilliers says:

Your accent sounds South African…

the one you dont see says:

unreal how so menny battery packs geting so much less than thare rated power held!

gibsonvlog says:

Great video. Gives me far more options that might work better for backpacking.

Santiago GUEVARA says:

Thank you!

Ron Bryant says:

Great review! thank you…. I now know not to get any of these pieces of junk… I’ll just get a real solar panel thats fairly portable and be good. I ride bikes a lot and just hanging a small panel off my back pack running to a portable charger would be much better . Great review!

WJK says:

Great video… well done!

enam bacchus says:

nice job and best explain

KB_Playz says:

are you in space??

Giedrius K says:

Nice review and analysis, as engineer and scientist, I approve this 🙂

kwas27 says:

great test .thanks for posting

Axickar says:

What if I want to play Pokemon Go all day long and my phone goes to 0% battery after about 1 hour and 15 mins of gameplay

asian stallion says:

in a desert yeah sure but in the UK forget it!

artemis12061966 says:

Have you ever tested the goal zero battery with the voltaic solar panels? Also, would they need an adapter?

DragonsREpic says:

… is Amizin

Liry Dasmaz says:

Great effort and informative review .. This video deserves a 100/viewer 🙂

Rainier Leonida says:

Thank you for explaining how these solar chargers work.

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