Solar Power Bank Review | Aliexpress

Because I’m addicted to Aliexpress :'(


I will update this little info bar after I try out the solar charge (may not be for a while).

I purchased my power bank here:

A little info about my Aliexpress experience:
I’ve mainly only ordered phone cases and small electronics from this website. I used to think it was a total scam site because other people have such horror stories about receiving wrong orders, damaged items or just flat out not getting their orders. I knew I didn’t want to order clothes because I am a plus size individual and a china XL is like a US small. I am happy with almost every item i ordered not only because it’s super cheap, but because there is confirmation and when it’s shipped and there has only been 1 time I received the wrong item (still not mad about that).
I do want to warn you that shipping takes a minimum or 2 weeks. It depends what you are ordering and if the seller ships it out quickly. If you place an order with more than 1 item you receive e-mail confirmations for each item. I ordered about 20 things my first time and received constant e-mails and it drove me crazy. Always read the reviews on the items you are buying.

My links:


Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored for this video. I was not sent any of these items for free. I am not being sponsored for this video in any way.


ал лу says:


zsombroo says:

How much time the charging with solar panel?


Can it be used to light at night if i connect it to a flashlight ??????

HOT APPP says:

can we charge it with AC because at night there is no sunshine

Noushin Pria says:

do you have to charge the power bank?

Daily Matter. Official. says:

Wow Your Nails… #Beauty.

Robert Lam says:

no test of the power panel wtf

Eve Klg says:

I Love your Videos and your Voice is so comfortable ❤️❤️❤️

Perry Froze says:

Seek God Jesus, forsake the vanity of this world like those fake nails.

Sukumar S says:

You didn’t explain what was use of Power button in that equipment?

Kevin Postma says:

Ok so you Said you didn’t know what that 1a stands for so you use a 1a (1 ampère) for you phone And a 2a (2a ampère) for ipad or laptop otherwise you may destroy you battery

Walrider says:

omg those nails ome x_x

Chandan Kishore Chutia says:

ur nails r pretty disturbing

Zelle Kate says:

Before she charged her phone, did she charge the powerbank using the solar method or using electricity?

Alexander Martinez says:

Samsung Galaxy s4

Keith Parlee says:

stopped watching at “this side says 1A, don’t really know what that means”

TheDarkEyedGamer // Michael.Moldovan says:


ozonelover101 says:

how did u get ur bathing cat on your notification screen

Lola Smith says:

Do those glitter phone cases have a risk of leaking?xox

Abe Coulter says:

Trim your damn nails

Alesandro Kamcev says:

Why the fuck you do review on things you dont understand how they work… this video is total waste of my time…

Cynicalella says:


sam jung says:

use 2a for rapid charging

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