“SOLAR PANEL” Power Bank Any Good? 20000mAh USB Battery Pack w/ QUICK CHARGE 3.0 – REVIEW

After such a successful weekend at Slamology, let’s highlight one our favorite little gadgets that helped keep our phones charged and FAST! Today we’re checking out the Savage 20,000mAh power bank from Outdoor Extreme Energy: Although the solar panel feature is a bit gimmicky, the rest has made for the best power pack we’ve ever reviewed! Thanks For Watching 🙂

Check Out The OUTXE Savage Below!
(Quick Charging QC 2.0 & 3.0)
Model Number: PCPB20000WS


Bassheads Unite 2018


Randy Allard says:

Exo the man keep doing what you like to do haters? Who.

Brooke Leimgruber says:

Stay wolverine my brother real men don’t shave

Debow says:

I think that your beard is just fine I would just leave it the way it is

Courtnee Edwards says:

Great information Exo. Hey what do you have planned for those old speakers out the towers?

for_all_those says:

2w solar panel would be to charge your phone up in 3-4 hours, nothing else, so you can use the GPS and garmin/google offline maps when you in the middle of nowhere, and not actually use the power in the main power cell

Jordan See says:

We have a lot of men that can’t grow facial hair and look like pussies lol, I think it’s badass

don198769 says:

Dude, screw those people! I wish I could grow a beard like yours.

EXOcontralto says:

By show of LIKES… Who’s diggin’ the BEARD???

Who knows, it may be time to chop her off :p

TossedSaladMan iPreferSyrup says:

Shave/don’t shave……..who gives a shit? Do what you want and I’ll watch the video. Screw what others think. It isn’t their channel.

Christoffer Olsen says:

I like your beard, made me want to grow mine out. F the haters

xlneoMAXlx says:

beard is fire. brush it downward and get some beard oil. that’s all you need man

The Infamous says:

Thanks for not being a soyboy. Be rugged and grow hair everywhere. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Colonel Angus says:

Look at amazon affiliate marketing.

You’ll make money pimping stuff you like

Bass Junkie says:

Solar batteries are gimmicks. They claim it charges but in reality if it does it so slow it would need sun for 24/7 not the 12 hours we get. Did some math for at least a 10,000mAh it take 2 weeks or if the sun always up at the brightest 24 hours in 7 days. Also if it a cloudy day you actually lose a charge just to power the leds. Yes because the battery being told he your charging so the lights come on and because the solar panel not receiving enough juice the battery takes over to power the leds only to drain quickly. If you’re wonder yes I bought many of these trash batteries even the brand name ones. In all I stick with the traditional battery that charges through the wall.

ST R says:

Hey, im just starting off with my first “Big build”…but like most Im on an extreme budget lol…im wanting to break in my, and yes ik not the greatest sub, soundqubed hdc3 15….but I only have a planet audio tr5000 1ohm stable….my problem is how to wire a 1ohm dvc to a 1ohm load and not to a .5 load…any kind of help would be amazing…also, to anyone seeing this, any input would be extremely helpful…if anything hit up thetone86@gmail.com

chris fagan says:

Whats going on with Frankenstein

2Petty 4You says:

Hey EXO I was wondering if you could review (WLLDSE 15 inch 2000 Watt Max Power Dual 2 Ohm Car Subwoofer) I don’t see any reviews on it and it looks like a nice subwoofer for only 106$

James Beddingfield says:

How can I get you to put me on your channel I have a system I wanna show off to you @EXOcontralto

Byun Baek says:

i prefer the kpop group EXO

m.r. squeegey says:

I have a solar power bank l purchased from touch of modern.bout the same charges four devices at once I love it use it all the time.as far as the beard,let it grow. Been growing mine for bout a yr now

Tony Rayray says:

Wtf who give a shit about what you look like just BASS on

Евгений Валерьевич says:

ONKYO, оказалось говном – раз на полке? )) И, что-то реклама попёрла блевотная…До такой степени явная..что учится и учится ещё.

abderrahman niffer says:

your beard is super cool on you

TheDigitalguyy says:

Also putting batteries in direct sunlight is stupid as the heat kills them

David Boodnaraine says:

How many charges i can get on my lg g4 i got a powerbear 6500mah battery

Audio Assault says:

Ignore the comments the beard is part of your look

Yee Man says:

Dont care about that people. You always still incredible. Aspect and heart. Greetings!

fourrealts says:

Its to maintain bruce, great vids

Victor says:

dude your beard looks stupid ha just playing you’re awesome.

michael krech vlogs says:

Hey exo what do u think I should power my 3 skar vd 12s with should I go with a skar rp2000.1 or a skar rp1500.1 my subs are 500 watt rms. A peace

goofy goober says:

How a man cuts his beard, A man doesn’t cut his beard

Humboldt Rootz says:

iPhone >Android just sayin

matt daughtry says:

I’ve got one that’s smaller, also 20,000mah for 29$ on amazon.. Works great, dual Input also 2 USB, but only 1 led light… Crap it’s in the kitchen so if you want to know the brand I’ll have to look but.. It’s awesome for 30$ not water proof but if I drop it in a pond… It’s just 30$

Brenden Hooper says:

Yea looks like it is time but ignore those haters you look good in every way

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