Slim Powerbank 5600mAh – In-depth Review

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Cheap slip 5600mAh powerbank review. This powerbank are mass produced in China using custom pack Li-ion battery instead of 18650 batteries because of slim casing.

– Nice sleek slim design.
– Strong and sturdy high impact plastic casing.
– IC protection for charging devices, current overload and over charging.
– Simple and user friendly usage.
– Small and compact.

– Limited capacity, don’t think try charging your iPad!
– Output of 1A, if you have phone requires 2A forget it.

Critics: The powerbank claim to be 5600mAh but from my experience with Li-Ion batteries, the weight of it is too light for its capacity.


Sabahan Ranau says:

They make the casing bigger so buyer will think it is real 5600mAh power bank haha..

telas1021 says:

Мне вот этот нравится

stela peric says:

how do i know wen power bank is charct

Nicotine says:

that’s why the powerbank is light and not heavy cause its using lithium polymer batteries its a generic honest 5,600mah power bank

jiaxin li says:

How long I have to charge before use

Jerson Booker says:

how will you know if the powerbank is lowbat already?


will these give my htc (2.800) at least one full charge ??

danleow says:

+jiaxin li
Charge it about 4 hours before use.

Robert Cartier says:

If you look closely, I believe you may find that there are two flat batteries in that pack… It looks like it is twice as thick as a mobile phone battery. That could explain the higher capacity, but I doubt very much that it actually has 5600 mAh. More likely it has half that.

Sabahan Ranau says:

Most likely 2000 mAh

Isaiah Plays says:

Do you need to use batteries

barça barcelona says:

thank you sir …i have one …it’s so good

Alp Eren says:

I have a black one. Charges the iPhone 6 1-2 times. I tried to charge iPad, it gets very hot when u try to charge the iPad. Even usb port of the powerbank too very hot when charging itself. However they are heavier, I think ni-mh batteries are safer than lithium ones.
Your life is more important than a $6 lithium battery, go and buy a trustable one.

Lenzo says:

If a phone has 1600mAh then how many times it will full charge?

Seagull says:

I read about this slim power bank that it’s Li-po batterie, it is  ?


how long it takes to recharch power bank

Apirak Noppol says:

which Powerbank is better ? 5600 mAh/Output 5v—-1A or 2800 mAh/Output 5v—-1.5A. the one with more capacity or the one that can charge faster but lower capacity ?

moo moosai says:

Why some of the powerbank can also charge other device when you put a otg cable inside the micro usb port and plug in a usb cable into the otg cable, does it mean the power bank can also charge other device by micro usb ?


Does it make any noises while charging the phone?

Tam Maxfi says:

Power bank Гавно,

Karel Kvašný says:

I want 10 pieces of these. Do you have any ebay link to buy them? Whats the prize.

MrMudmouth says:

when the power bank is fully charged, how many times can it charge an iPhone 5s?

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