Review: Xtreme Power Bank Power Stick With Keychain 1800mAH

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Quickly recharge any USB powered device on the go

Compatible with mobile phones, tablets and e-readers

Compatible with iPod, iPhone, and nano devices

Recharge power bank via computer, or USB adapter

LED indicators show battery’s capacity

1800mAh power (charge time varies by device)
recharge any usb powered device on the go compatible with mobile phones, tablets and e-readers iPod, iPhone, and nano devices recharge power bank via computer, or usb adapter led indicators show battery’s capacity 1800mah power charge time varies by device


Brayden Gilbertson says:

I got two and they both didn’t work

sharif50077 says:

I paid $8.00. Total waste. Never worked.

David Ciemerych says:

useless piece of crap. Like many others here, when I got this thing it didn’t work at all. you can buy a polaroid brand power bank for five bucks more that has infinitely more quality.

Izakokomarixyz says:

Bought mine at 7-11 for $9, didn’t open it yet. Stay tuned for the results.

Caitlyn Van Driesten says:

mine came with a charging block

Tameka Sanchez says:

mine came with the connecter box thingy to charge it (should’ve came with 2 tho) I bought it at Menard’s came with a red and black one and 2 cables but 1 box connecter thingy. only donwnside is it had to be charged but on the box it clearly stated ready to be used

Julian Depaepe says:

Lol you bought shit got mine 4 EUR it charges as fast as directly putting it in the wall 1800mAH aswell

Kj Miles says:

Wow that means i wasted my money then cuz i paid $15.00 for it. But that was with a special bundle pakage tho. I got it at a phone store so u think tgats why it was expensive

Todd Hagist says:

I got 2 for $10.00 USD great for a backup when you are out of battery power. just to get you back up and running for a few, 2 or 3 hours it’s worked well for me. it’s not meant to replace your charger! lithium-ion rechargeable batteries will lose power over time. You don’t want to leave the batteries on a charger all the time you will shorten their life and stand by time.

Drrck11 says:

You’re using wrong. It’s supposed to be meant for emergency purposes which is why it doesn’t charge your phone to 100%. And you can use your phone while its connected to the charger.

Zak Miller says:

this might sound daft but alot of the powe banks dont come with a battery included

Mike Vandexter says:

I spent 6 dollars for it

Steven Goldleaf says:

Worthless piece of crap.

Smashley506 says:

$20??? I got mine at the dollar store for $3. Damn.

Ashley Rodriguez says:

I just bought mines today and it doesn’t even work

Big Baller Brand says:

I use my ps4 charger to charge it

Breanna and Sierra says:

I have one and it charges quickly, also, the wire is fine.

DalexPet Mc says:

Ours is flippen trash

Janae Bandy says:

I brought my power bank charger and it doesn’t work either

Eluanny says:

I bought it today and retrued it in10minutes

Kyle Bennet says:

I just got two for 2.99 each at Princess Auto.

angel wong says:

I got mine for 11.99$ and it works

Michael Proctor says:

thanks sir, I throughly agree with you. This product is a waste of time.

1988toyota says:

I only paid 4.88 for mine. So you paid to much

Brian M says:

We just bought 3 of them, they were priced $4.99 each or 3 for $10 at the FYE in our mall. Mine was plugged in the computer usb all night, still showed only a red light on, the next night I plugged it into the outlet with a usb block, charged the whole night, still only a red light on. After each attempt at charging I also plugged it into my phone and it still wont tell my phone that there is a charger attached to it at all. The other 2 we bought, the one my one daughter has tried and it changed to blue after charging, but didnt show up on her phone either. The 3rd one my other daughter has and she didnt even try it yet. I DONT recommend this device to anyone.

jmrenteria100 says:

I got it and… it sucks.

Lesia Halaminuki says:

I got one, it only shined the red light, and never charged a thing.
I exchanged it for a second one to see if it was that specific battery, both red and blue shined equally and doesn’t charge. I have a trip in a few days and we want a second charging stick so we can use 1 and have the second charging. I thought I was unlucky until I read all the comments and watched the video.
I will not trust any product from this company if their charging stick is extremely bad.

smart gadgets says:

i have it to

Karen Sanchez says:

I bought mine for 16 bucks at the Airport because I forgot mine at home. I opened it and it didn’t work out of the box. I left it charging all day at my hotel, the light turns blue and I try to charge my phone with it and it doesn’t work. Smh

Teondra Thomas says:

I paid $2.99 and I have two chargers so I charge my power bank and my phone and I don’t use the micro part I use my charger personal usb cord when I use the power bank

baul104 luigi says:

TBHWY, I regret getting the crappy Xtreme Power Stick w/Keychain two weeks ago… Yesterday, when I let my friend use the Power Stick, it only charged his phone for a while until it stopped working… I don’t know why it ceased to function though and it couldn’t charge up my phone so next time, I’ll get a better one–probably on Amazon, not at FYE… I actually got this because of a cheap price–which I regret… Btw, do you know a better power bank that can charge SmartPhones better?

Risalia says:

lol I got one at the dollar store for 3 bucks.
if thats shit and its 20 bucks, imagine mine lmao.

Still havent tested it yet.

I’m prepared for disappointment xD

I just need one for pokemon go rip ;-;

Laney Lydon says:

You need to charge the power bank up though your pc or laptop for it to work when your out

Nick Savage says:

I paid 3.99 at Nebraska’s furniture mart and mine works fine. It does only charge my phone once but it charges all the way,. it is just slow. If you want a good powerbank spend the damn money on it.

rbg 1827 says:

It would be smart for someone to come out with a power bank that was also a USB car charger kinda like this one

Kevin Fegan says:

+Matt Kaczynski – I totally respect your dislikes of this product, except for one…

At 1:34 “Dislike #3, no charging brick”. While you may dislike this, it is completely normal for powerbanks. On the whole they don’t come with charging bricks. Most don’t even come with a USB charging cable.

Even powerbanks costing $50 or $99 don’t come with a charging brick. Some might, but NONE of the 20 or so powerbanks from $5 to $100 I looked at included a charging brick.

For all of these, you are expected to charge the powerbank using the charging brick from your phone, or by plugging it into your computer.

mackenzie smith says:

thx for mentioning the blue light when its fully charged it dosent say that in the directions and the box said it came fully charged but it didnt

Polly Bonanzas says:

Mine won’t work. I couldn’t get it to work since I got it. It’s useless.

Adipah Hene says:

Dead true. Its a poor product. why must it be charged through pc or laptop for it to work ? Why not direct through the mains? Thats poor. Better home work next time Xtreme. I was given one as a present and can’t complain. Best is, I needed you to hear this.

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