(:Review:) Solar USB Battery Bank ~5000mAh~ Weather Resistant

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Reviewed Here: https://youtu.be/cgC0qKeI81M
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~~Video Details~~
If You’re looking for a nice compact solar battery bank you can take backpacking, this one will do nicely. However, a solar cell of this size is simply not powerful enough to be a full solar charger. It will give you one full charge plus 20-60min of phone power a day. The Weather-Proofness is a bit inadequate but will protect somewhat.

I put it to an honest test and have concluded that it performs well for such a small cell.

Most people don’t fully understand that getting useable power for charging out of a single solar cell is no small task. These cells put out maybe a watt and a half on a good day. I tested by putting in direct sun(angled toward the sun) at a point where the sun would clear an obstruction at exactly the same time every day and hit the panel with full sun. total sun time per day was approx 6hrs. After 4 days, I was up to the second power bar. I was originally unimpressed by this.

Then I began depleting back down to 0 power and the point that it would not turn on and charge anything unless pointed directly at the sun. It took over 3 hrs from the second power level, charging a Samsung Galaxy S5 and an Earson BT Speaker both connected streaming netflix.

I further tested by trying to power a phone that would not turn on with the charger that would not stay on unless pointed directly at the sun. I was actually able to make a phone call.

As Far as the Weather Proofness; it is not. While there are rubber flaps to shed water, they don’t seal completely and there are large holed behind the rubber bumpers. See video for more details.

So the conclusion is: This thing is worth taking on a backpacking trip for light daily or emergency use and works well as a Battery Bank, but is not a full blown solar charger. If you want full charging capability you want one of these:

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Tulio1991 Pinheiro says:

ok understood!

Roki Lawyouta says:


drie wiel says:

That’s all I wanted to know. YES you can make a phone call pretty quick and perhaps check email after half an hour or so in the sun. Quite useful therefore.
I bought a pretty light 2000mAh for 8 Euro and when full, which according to other videos could take 3 days in the sun, it will charge my 7″ Android tablet to 60% in about an hour.
People who find this device junk deserve to be chased by werewolves and zombies while carrying solar panels size football field on their back.

Julian banderas says:

I love thia video it helped me a lot

Hi I'm Teemo says:

Hey, How do you charge up the battery pack with solar panels, do you just leave it out in the sun or you have to press a specific button that activates the charging panels?

Dj Efrain El Pawer De Luribay says:

en un mes carga toda la bateria con el sol es una cagada

GendrixGM The GenterCraft says:

my solar power bank have 30000mAh

Chet Gravatt says:

Note: weather resistant NOT weather proof. vast difference between the two. What do you expect for $9.00

sau bd says:

What happens under cloudy sky? Will it work?

seattwa says:

So basically, the solar panel is junk. You would think that here in the 21st century somebody could come up with a reliable fast charging portable solar panel!

CiastekD says:

I fell to the river with this powerbank in my pocket recenlty, and what’s curious after an hour on sun it workes very well.

Paul Valentine says:

Fortune cookies are American, you idiot.

Ferdinand Drone says:

how long does it takes to get fully charged using a regular smartphone charger?

Jake Diongco says:

Mine Has 88000Ah
Input: DC5V=1.0A

Jose Laloz says:

so, it sucks! hahaha

Stephen Santos Sacayanan says:

great review great test

Wayne Parkstone says:

Hi, can you make a telephone handset for a cell phone? It is real hard to understand the other person. Maybe bluetooth would be better. It should make you a LOT of money. (either plug into the charge port of a cell or connect via blue tooth)

Simon Maier says:

This solar power banks don’t really charge with solar power. The problem is the solar cells are too small, even when they have a good efficiency they have only 1 watt. If you really want to charge a device with solar power, you need bigger solar cells in the size of a small newspaper.

Nubie Bob says:

have you had anybody phone glenn&patti?? just with you showing the phone number at 6:29

dawn northrop says:

THank you. I thought mine was broken for solar power.

Francisco Ferreira says:

falando portugues e melhor kk

Barb Martin says:

I have a model ES500,,,,,8000mAH,,,,had it on window ledge ALL DAY,,,got two charge lines,,,put onto phone an keeps cutting off,,,,problems do y’all think,,,,,, Meeee do,,, not happy Jan grrrrr paid 20$ ausd,,,,

Frankluv Aka says:

I bought one from Groupon and when I charge it outside, it seems like it doesn’t hold the charge very long at all from the sun. I have to charge mines inside my home. Disappointed in the quality of this charger.

greanlantern says:

Extremely helpful, thank you. I thought my charger was defective because I could never get it to charge it to charge back up. turns out I only tried for 2 days. I wish you could charge it with a wall plug. Maybe you can? Did I miss that?

Don Thteadgill says:

I find it funny in the beginning you’re griping about the loose silicone and how if you were in Pro long rain it would not keep it from getting wet the only reason you would have it on the outside of you it’s for the solar charger and I highly doubt you would have it on the outside if it were raining trying to charge it using the Sun

METALMAN4Wii says:

$25 now dam inflation!

j lin says:

there under big range of names makers one have eboot run my 1850 ah radio off it eazy
99% of the time phone not going work in a bad weather cell towers down to
your just look to cut down push your likes i like eboot it works for my needs

Juan Ramírez says:

I got one of those and it worked fine as a battery bank.
i could never charge it with solar light but for the price i was expecting something like that

dav4o8 says:

Thank you soooo much for doing the solar test where your phone and solar charger was completely dead!! very very helpful review =)

Sheldon Coley says:

The light on mines is stuck on. .. How do I get it off..? ASAP…!!!

TheBober1988 says:

ты кто ????????????????????????????????????????????????7

Kriiizztal says:

I have one.. been two days on sun and didn’t save the charge or idk. when I check it it had just two flashing light (low charging) and didn’t charge the phone (x1)

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