Review of the 300000mah Waterproof Solar Power Bank from Ebay

I bought this item from Ebay, knowing that 300000mah is absolutely impossible for a power bank weighting around 300 grams, so I took it apart and had a look inside.

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The item on Ebay:


username says:

Does the solar panel work though?

Old Hag says:

Thank you for this! Almost bought it.. But will get a regular one instead

UdgaardsLoke says:

can you charge it through a pc?

R. JOSS says:

Je remarque sur l’emballage, il est indiqué 40C Donc les 300000mAh /40 = 7500mAh serait la capacité réelle de la batterie avec 2 éléments. Ce serait des LIPO 2S donc avec une tension maxi de 8.4 volts. Tension nécessaire pour avoir une possibilité de charge de 5Volts sur les 2 prises USB; Ceci est donc plus vraisemblable. Ceci étant, une lipo 2s de cette capacité( 7500 mAh) ne doit rentrer dans ce boitier.
Cordialement. RJOSS France

Henk says:

I bought a power bank with exactly the same case but orange from AliExpress. They said it was 5v/2.1A and 20000mAh but it couldn’t get higher than 0.50a and it is approx 6000mAh i opened a dispute and got full refund and i didn’t need to send it back lol


I boght it lol

Carmelina Katzman says:

Make it yourself thanks to Avasva solutions. I think it’s the best way to learn how to build it in the cheapest way.

Kiala Moria says:

I have the same one but it’s only 100000 :7 it work fine for me and it doesn’t have the hump I got it from geek always look for the blue check more and a fast shipping and that hump could be caused by being in a hot place

Adonis cmj says:

300,000 Not a chance. You would be lucky to get 5,000 out of it.

Jay Mantabote says:

I’m using one right now it’s charged 2% in the past 5 minutes

Art Smith says:

Agree that 300,000mAh is impossible but even 8,000 is useful. I have a quality 7,500 mAh backup and it’s wonderful. I have a small 200mAh power supply I use with my phone. Sometimes it can’t keep up with bright video playing. So figure your phone averages around 100mAh. You can see the solar panel is almost useless considering ~5 PeakEq hrs per day. Consider it’s 10,000Ah backup with light and solar panel that will provide 25% of your power. Charge overnight with 1amp. Maybe this specific unit is lower quality than others. Mine is still arriving. …I’ll update later.

The Dave Stream says:

i ordered a 10k one from a site called wish (and a 300k one is on its way) fully charged it….it wouldnt even charge my phone 10% looked to see if others are having the same issue and found this video……ah crap

Jim Piunti says:

What’s written on the battery (probably more accurate than the seller’s rated claim) is the ‘theoretical maximum’. And since the rated output is 5v, with these being 3.7v batteries, that means they’re wired in series, giving you 7.4v at 4000mah. The regulator on the electronics board, through heat loss and inefficiency, will stop the voltage down to 5v.

But the CAPACITY is still only 4000mah – in other words, maybe 1.5x to 2x the battery in your phone. Remember, your PHONE already uses some of the best battery technology available – the phone manufacturers want to be able to claim great battery life. Why would anyone expect that two batteries, about the size of the one in their phone, would be 50 to 100 times the capacity?

This is a 4,000mah (at best) battery bank. To claim it’s a 300,000mah bank is criminal.

Earth Man says:

It is 3,000mAh. It is off by a factor of 100. They are liars. You speak the truth.

Vtsero says:

I bought 2, each holding 500,000mah. I love mine! you can charge the unit by sunlight or pc, mines not fake, will come in handy when the power goes out! i may just buy some more.


Fuck I just bought that

napoleon_bonaparte says:

Saw something like this on Ebay, I happen to have a 160Ah deep cycle battery on hand, it weighs more than 10 kilograms. What they are advertising is 300Ah in a tiny little device like that, they are absolutely full of shit. I also have a 15Ah battery that weighs about the same as a brick.

New Bhojpuri Songs says:

I want to buy 100000 mah . Give your suggestions plzz

DiyEcoProjects says:

Do you think the only way of getting a 30,000mah power bank is to make one yourself?

Whigger Hunter says:

This guy just broke a perfectly good charger, I used this charger on my phone and it works fine. what do you expect for $20.00, much better than the lip stick charger.

leo ice says:

I can’t stop laughing on this video I would crash to bits lol

AntacidSphinx23 says:

He’s is probably destroying it while charging because if you look closely the charging block he is using is for fast charging phones… So he might be putting a good product down just because he is using the wrong charging block

Alex J says:

ça rentrerait une 3ème batterie dedans ?????

JensonPhan TheMentalMan says:

i was about to buy this

Alex Armani says:

its fake

Jay Mantabote says:

The solar doesn’t work lol

Nelson Rios says:

I bought this power bank and it is absolutely a piece of crap. Never charges using solar power, then I thought, I may be that it charges directly my phone when I put it in the sun…I was wrong again. It only charges when using a power outlet and it has enough power to charge 2 iPhones, 3 at the most. Don’t waste your money and buy a better one.
Thank you for this video. I bought the power bank before I watch your video and it was late late late late late for me 🙁

Evan McGregor Channel says:

This will be a 1000-10000mah battery bank NOT a 300,000mah battery

TeeNnGee TeeNnGee says:

thanks for the review

Elizabeth Casillas says:

I bought one and was recharging and exploded do not buy this product it is a fire hazard

Isaac Sánchez de la Cruz says:

Three hundred thousand!?!?

Alba Rivera says:

Thank you so much. Finally I found a video that shows how to charge it from an outlet.

Jay f says:

Fck me..I just purchased this on ebay and waiting for delivery..I paid 15 bucks. I hope ididnt get fcked to bad

Frits Janssen says:

Don’t buy!
I had one for 8 months, it was Not nearly 10.000 mAh and the output power was max. 0,8 A
It started swelling and exploded quickly.

leo ice says:

I bet Chinese laughing over this video smart taken your money but good thing you open it too see much big ripp off buy this power bank thanks for making this video save alot money for people out there

tasamaantallaaja says:

Why do you buy if you hate china?

Gregg Day says:

I got this exact solar charger and it works great. Charged it via the supplied USB cable and a power adapter overnight.
I let my Samsung phone run down to 20% and plugged it into the solar charger. I timed it and it took 1.5 hours to fully charge my phone. I used my phone like I normally do; let run down to 40%. I timed it at 8.5 hours. Plugged the phone into the solar charger again. I had not charged the solar charger. I timed it again and it took 1.5 hours to fully charge my phone again.
I recommend this solar charger.

Nitin Parmar says:

i took this product two
totally fake product
its so light weight that there is no battery inside
and its solar .. after keepin more than 6 to7 hours in light nothing is happenening
totally waste of money send approx 35$ = 2500 indian rupees for this two power bank but both are fake .. its only solar sticket to show you that its solar panel its not original solar

기록튜브 정도의 says:

god i can’t believe it;

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