Review: EC Technology 22,400mAh USB Mobile Power Bank

How well does this power bank live up to its 22,400mAh claim?

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H.N.I.C says:

smart mofo

AD says:

I wonder if there is external battery charger than charges the phone faster?
Also as the Ampere goes up does than means it will change faster?
2A vs 1A?

I found on Amazon the same but with 3 USB ports I wonder if it’s just a new version or something but with same model name

Ali Nahhas says:

This is an excellent review. I like the mathematics you did and the look at the internals of this power bank. Thank you for your work. Cheers.

Laser Gazer says:

I have a allpowers 50,000mAh power bank 3.7v i got 8,965mah my charger doctor got 5,750mAh at discharge is this right?

Chuck Email says:

I want ti use this as a power source for my wifes faux candles. I have hooked a batch up to a USB cable to plug into the charger and it works gret
at. but when the timer turns off,, the power pack turns off, so the candles will not come on next timer cycle. Do you know what current draw is needed to kee the pack ON so the timers will continue to run and turn her candles on next cycle?

Anolbea says:

We purchased 6 of the 3 usb output version. Very happy with them. Great value for money and send promptly within days of placing order. Good review Julian.

Long Nguyen says:

Very scientific review. I’m quite impressed. I wish more reviewers could be as scientific

iPelaaja1 says:

I bought a similar one, new version I guess, with three USB ports. 22400mAh at 3,7V. After a calculation I got the number that the real capacity is 80% of the claimed (assuming the 3.7V to 5V converter, and 5V to 3,7V on phone are both 90% efficient). Great value, they were only 13£ each.

justin miller says:

is this still the highest you have?

Chris New says:

Thanks for letting me know because I bought 1 for 39 dollar on

NorGamer64 says:

He did not use the same to check mAh

Brian Greenfield says:

An updated version (3 USB outputs) is now only £23 on Amazon UK (same link as in description)

princeofexcess says:

How do i know if it is fully charged? Does the fourth led stop blinking?

Tack says:

I don’t know much about powerbanks. How do I charge the power bank itself? Can I just plug in a two sided USB from my phonecharger into the powerbank?

Eve Chantelle says:

Thank you so much! After all that explaining i finally made up my mind to get this! I really needed it as my phones battery is complete crap

Ben Jens says:

Hi Julian, do you know if i’m able to charge a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 with this power bank? I’m little confused with the input/output voltage…

eraysha white says:

Hi I’m thinking of buying the item from ebay 351404139303 for charging my phone and tablet and car starter in an emergency would you have any information of the power bank/car starter

Dennis Smith says:

The quoted capacity of the unit SHOULD be of the 5V capacity not the capacity at 3.7V – it’s mis-leading and unacceptable.

TeslaBike Man says:

nice one! Very informative video. Your mathematics prove that the standard process of finding out the capacity of cells is duff. Which I have had my doubts for a while! I’m going to purchase a few of these powerbanks & rig up a battery pack. It would cost around £40 for 8 samsung INR 25R 2500mAh cells.

Deejay CriB says:

i was searchin video about this power bank , thank u so much for u’re video very interresting & informative (sorry for my inglish i’m french lol) and what is the model u have of small power bank 13 000 , can u give me links too please
i would like buy both of them 🙂
thanks again kinds regards

Content Aware Phil says:

£13 on Amazon as of Nov 18th 2015

Gaston Maqueda Photography says:

Hi Julian

You know if I can use this power bank to supply continous energy to a 100mA survillance micro camera?

Horacio Narvaez-Mena says:

Hey, great video! Thanks for sharing. I have the same power bank and I have been doing some testings. First time I got a total charge of 14333 mAh and doing the calculations following your video got a final 21596 mAh; which is 96.41% of the claimed capacity. Impressive right?
I discharged it by charging tablet and phone and when it was all drained, I decided to do another testing. So, after an overnight charging (20hours total) I got a final charge of 17719 mAh in the tester. With the calculations. it gave me a total of 26620 mAh; which is 118.9% from claim capacity (4220 mAh more than claimed). How is this possible? I let it connected and the tester shows it is still charging, slower than at the beginning but charging. Will it reach 22400 or near that? Would it get overcharged? How can it give me more than claimed capacity? Any ideas? Am I missing something? or Is it just a great power bank ;)?

44R0Ndin says:

Sounds like you’ve found a winner!
For batteries, I’d expect +- 10% tolerance for the capacity. These cells(in total) seem to be well within that.
Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a 50,000mah power bank, unless it’s using a rather large number of 24650’s, which are 18650’s big brother.
And you won’t find one that lives up to it’s claims for under 100$ USD, due to the cost of the cells.

VivaLaFlam says:

I bought a similar empty enclosure and put in my own 18650 coming from a laptop. I do have 15400mAh for real.
Double that I have 2 powerbanks now.

They take up to 6 18650s and cost me around 1.8 pounds for each.

Tom lovelace says:

Hi, would you please tell, how long time need to charge full for this power bank?

Ahmad Nimr says:

That is really useful an scientific review that leaves no doubt. Well done!.

Chimaere11 says:

there is a new Powerbank avaiable: Incredible 50800 mAh ! Look at ebay

Telmo Figueiredo says:

I have sony xperia z2, 3200mAh battery, this power bank is good for my mobile phone?

jupstejuho says:

I think you’ve got some hash on your thumb XDDD

rancid11999988 says:

I’ve done extensive testing on mine and got out of it: 12750 mah average and to charge it it took 19400 mah. The mah both are at 5V

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