Review: EasyAcc Monster 20,000 mAh Power Bank

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More info: 4A Input – Dual input port design, the PB20800MS can be filled up in 6 hours, which can reduce the charging time up to 50%.
4.8A Output—Highest output with 4 USB Ports. Charging 4 devices simultaneously, makes charging faster and more powerful.
Exclusive Smart Technology: Charging faster and smarter. Smart Technology automatically detects connected device and delivers the optimal charging current – Ensuring the fastest and most efficient charging.
20000mAh high capacity: can charge an iPhone 6 up to 7.5 times, a Samsung S6 up to 5 times or an iPad Mini 3 about two times.
Safety Protection: Ultra reliable A+ Lithium-Ion battery cell with over 500 battery charge life cycles; Security protection can effectively protect your devices against overcharging, overcurrent and short-circuit.


Joshua Beeton says:

why does it have two micro usb ports? is it so you can plug in two micro usb cables to charge it faster?

Cruzinthruspace says:

can this fast charge my note 5?anyone ?

PieAnimations says:

Do you need to have 2 charging cables plugged in to it to charge it? Or will one cable work, but 2 cables makes it go faster?

LessthanRyan92 says:

Thank you! I was wondering how to turn the light on, lol. $30.99 on Amazon right now. charged me Google Pixel from 37% to 100% in less than an hour. Very happy with it

GDogg Productions says:

great video XD !

Rick66 says:

I always trust Easy Acc.Top quality stuff.

Martijn Noordermeer says:

Why are there two micro-usb inputs? I think that’s to charge it twice as fast with two wires, but I’m not sure.

Jerone Duncombe says:

thank you sure will be buying it now!!

Akrapovix says:

If the max output is 4.8 amps and it has 4 ports. Does that mean each port can only reach 1.2amps?


Is it still working well ? I’ve bought 2 and noticed on plenty of reviews that the device fails after a couple months.

Awaiis Zurii says:

Nice! Keep it up bro

The MadMarker says:

This is on Amazon for 39.99 canadian all in, I have one ordered and will get it this Thursday.

StrawHatGaming says:

Can it fast charge my galaxy s7 edge?

yummynugget1 says:

Can you take this on the plain to use?

Hoshi Gumi says:

Do i need to use both charging ports to Charge this?

Jake Hess says:

Good review, but I don’t recall you mentioning this having an output charging power of 4.8 amps!

Lily says:

I love this product!!! ^-^

Martin Page says:

does this one or the 15000mah support pass through charging? Charge phones while charging the powerbank

NickTheNinja says:

Can someone explain the 4.8 thing as simple as possible?

Awesome Universe says:


Kevin Jackson says:

Found it kinda stupid how they don’t provide a USB charger for the power bank….

Erik Andersson says:

I will order four of these! thanks for the review! 🙂

Neil Sevilla says:

Since its 4.8 amps does that mean you get all 4.8 if you’re only charging one phone (Samsung s8+)

Brannon Tucker says:

Thumbs down because this is not a true consumer review. This is an unboxing video which is substantially more useless. Please use it for a week or two. Time lapse and/or use testing devices to check specs and repost. Don’t mean to be harsh just a legit critic of the vid. Best wishes going forward.

jacc jaccj says:

Got it for 25 in amazon


I bought it for 33

randomizer6781 6 says:

Really good device want won

Windows Tutorials says:

How fast will it charge the device? I have a Galaxy S6 and I’m thinking between this power bank, and he Samsung power bank, but the Samsung one can charge the phone to 50% in half an hour. Though this one has more USB connections and is less expensive. Which one do you think would be a better choice?

BigBoiOrtiz says:

can you charge it ?!

Dicky prostate says:

got one today it’s the best powerbank I have ever owned charges fast for a 20000 mah battery pack

chris says:

those cables are for charging the batter itself dummy… cause it has two input charging holes

isaac Lara521 says:

can it work for android

Jesstheman434 gaming says:

awesome video

Musab TM says:

is it really 20.000mah did you test it?

RedBaron8698 says:

Is it possible to use this to power up desktop speakers like the JBL Pebbles? I’m thinking of using this to make my speakers portable.

Robert Kubrick says:

EasyAcc makes a quality product. I’m going to get one of these. I have had the U-Bright 6,000 for 2 years, which is sadly discontinued and I just bought 2 U-Bright 3350 because they make great flashlights which also charge at up to 2.1A. The 6,000’s light will work for 70 hours continuous. Good for when you are places where you often lose power for long periods. I have a Ravpower 10,000 mah battery bank and it also works but is less satisfactory than the EasyAcc.

JJtoob says:

I read that this power bank supports pass through, meaning it can charge devices as the power bank itself is being also charged. How common is that in power banks? Would it be the reason it’s a bit more expensive?

Alex Platts says:

The 2 usb ins are to speed up the charging time that’s why they gave you 2 cables .

ANDY UK says:

great video………..just got this from amazon uk………..£23………….bargain….great product.

Parker Cubing says:

its 33$ on amazon right now.

TheLawrenceguy says:

Hey man, I dig your review. Very friendly, very informative and very well made. Good job.

Chris Goldie says:

its just a bit much for your hands to handle…

upesh barhat says:

Does this power bank really have 20000 mah capacity cause the Mi power bank says it has 20000 but has only 15000 so thats why i ask?

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