Review: 30,000mAh Solar Power Bank – It’s a pile of Junk!

eBay is awash with these solar mobile power banks, most claiming way more storage capacity than is genuinely inside – this one has just 4,800mAh of LiPos. The unit only charges properly in full sun – in low light it wastes all the energy it receives by burning it up in 4 blue LEDs that seem to stay on continuously. The physical construction is dreadful – everything inside is held together with sticky tape and foam pads. Even the circuitry on the PCB is nothing special. It’s a waste of money – don’t buy it.


User User says:

Loser…. you just opened it before recording the video and you putted tape….
I have one excactly the same and it has four batteries of 5000 mah each ….. Also there is no tape in it…..

Killer God_08 says:

does it charges to full fast ?

Apollo Smile says:

If it aint ANKER dont buy it 😛

How To Overkill says:

Appreciate your work mate

George Knowles says:

I have recently purchased a kit that looks like this item, without batteries, as it is for the charging of 5 X 18650 batteries via this solar panel, I would upload a snap shot of this add if I was able too!! Would of liked your view on it, maybe could send it via an email address if you have one to use for this?

sagar manjibhai says:


Austin Salmon says:

Yeah those small solar panels have crappy output

Mel F says:

i asked a guy to show me proof of his 30,000Mah battery he just said it was haha i made sure he got his just deserts need to stop lying to people , but better still just dont buy watch your or others teardowns to prove the point

Johnboy Squeezer says:

Stop Bitching About How Lousy It Is…You Do Realize That That Bank Costs About $8-$10 To Buy Right? And It Costs About The Same To Make It Yourself…In Conclusion, You Paid An At Cost Price For A Somewhat Decent Power Bank And You Didn’t Have To Build Yourself And It Looks Better Than One You’d Build And Create Anyways

Alfred Beri says:

that is a china power bank i have that the same bank i charge 1 day then i test its not working.. this is garbage

Judgment Proof says:

I have three of this particular model but in a different color. I’ve never had a problem with any of them. I have another one that’s similar to this one but a different design and I’ve never had a problem with that one either. From what I’ve noticed, mine actually charge very well as long as there’s enough like even with a cloudy sky. Much to my surprise, they’ll even charge up on my enclosed porch where it’s a bit dark during the day but with enough light for them to still detect light and charge.

You might have gotten a faulty charger, a good one would never malfunction like you’re describing. As for the LED lights, the older models let you turn off the LEDs with just the portion of that power button but the newer ones I’ve noticed don’t, they have a programmed auto shut off. I carry mine with me and it’s the best charger I’ve ever had

Zelle Kate says:

What if I keep it charged after each use? Would it be worth it?

Халиль Разиньков says:

My mom gifted me one. Looks absolutlly the same, exept have blue LED instead of white one, huge array of LEDs on backside, 1/4 less powerfull solar battery array, sign “Lisa&Garry” and “120 000 (!) mAh”. Nuff said.

P.S. Where is my screwdriver?..

Rob K says:

I have 3 of these and I love them. One of them keeps my Garmin Edge Touring from timing out and going dim. It kept my GPS up and running for 18hours (longest time i tried) I love it. Not sure why you don’t like it.
These are only $12 USD. I thought it preformed beautifully

Chaitanya Negi says:

I was just gonna buy 4x 12k mah solar power banks for a family trip but now after seeing this i i feel bad…

Deary Jamal says:

I have a geneon on with a powerful light. it is really 30000mAh. With a large batteries.

Bora Yurtoren says:

The same power bank casing also comes with 5x 18650 batteries. They are of course no name Chinese batteries well under 1000 mAH, but if you change them with better ones it is possible to make a half decent power bank with around 10.000 mAH capacity. The solar panel is absolutely bullshit. Under full sunlight, its output is barely enough to flash those unnecessarily bright 4 blue led’s, with almost no charge going to the batteries. When i modified mine, I took this useless panel out.

saj786saj1 says:

2017 ultra thin 300,000mAh polymer out door emergency camp led portable solar charger WAT ABOUT THIS 1 ANY INFORMATION???

basanta adhikari says:

I had bought same kind of Chinese solar power bank, and i serached for reviews i got this video, my power bank has led lights on back side, its has 20 led bolbs , i afraid after watching this video, my power back is 20,000 mah, i bought it on 11$ usd, and i open my power bank with screwdriver, thank god my power bank has better batteries its has 5 batteries like which we use to have on laptops,

yaoming yen says:

i use those daily and after a month they stop working

Apollo Smile says:

Id switch out the batteries for a actual 30k lol

Angie&Scott says:

i have one similar mine says it’s 20000 its 8000mah most are

GearGrindzGaming says:

got mine for 3.59 with 2 bars it charged my phone continuously and i have an iphone 6

Fred Morgan says:

The fact is… A small solar panel will NEVER charge these effectively… No matter how they manage ‘harvesting’… Even with no leds. The review is CORRECT… . Simply a matter of input power not being high enough… The only good solar chargers are the larger double panels or larger panels with output over 1amp

Kun Gyangs says:

*I рlаn tо mainly use it fоr роwеr оutаgеѕ. Hоwеvеr, I mау аlѕо uѕе it in thе hen hоuѕе аt night [ Check Details here ===**** ]! Thiѕ could also bе ѕеt оn flаѕh аnd placed оn top оf аn аntеnnа mаѕt! Thаt wау ultrа-light рilоtѕ wоuld know to avoid the area!*

ruth bagtong says:

The most power consuming powerbank Made in China.

Evangelina Centurion says:

alguien me traduce

Peter Resch says:

I agree, the solar panels are just a sales gimmick as is the rated mAh capacity. All the power banks I’ve tested end up at between 10% and 20% of their lable rated capacity.

Blakehx says:

Good info thanks? Are there any solar battery banks actually worth buying? .

qwerty keyboard says:

I got a black and white version of this, I converted it to only use solar power

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