RAVPower 26800mAh 3-Port External Battery Pack Power Bank Review

The RAVPower 26800 mAh External Battery Power Bank has the largest capacity of any charger I have tested to date. The capacity is HUGE! It features 3 USB ports of different output amperages, so you can charge multiple devices at a time. In this video we deep drive into how battery chargers work in general and I provide an analogy for understanding the three key features of all smart chargers: Charging, Stabilizing and Terminating. This particular charger would work great for travelers, especially while travelling by air, in addition to various backpacking applications such as a weekend getaway or even a 72-hour emergency kit (e.g., Bug Out Bag). I hope you enjoy watching this deep dive into the RAVPower 2800 mAh Power Bank!


If you are in need of a monster charge, then look no further. The RAVPower RP-PB41 26800 mAh External Battery Charger provides the charge you need and then some. Strap your devices in and prepare for an electrifying dose of power – charge an iPhone 6 ten times over; an iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy S6 over six times, or an iPad Air twice all on a single charge.


ARTICLE: “Battery Charger Methods”

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lol_itsgonenow says:

one thing he didn’t mention, it weighs a couple of pounds, it’s no issue for me it fits in my pocket just fine, but i was not expecting that lol

Abdallah says:

How do I charge it ?

Raymond Ward says:

Yeah, these new big battery packs are quite powerful, I believe the device you’re charging will require a certain wattage for a safe charge. One example is my IPHONE 6 plus (2915 mili-amp) will accept a 5 or 12 watt charger. The 12 watt will charge it faster but will create a lot of heat so it’s not a good idea to use it while charging at that wattage. A Smart-charger will detect necessary wattage and shut down once the battery is fully charged. I have a wall charger for my RC ships Lypo batteries that’s “Smart”. Lypos are unstable when changing so I set them outside in the shade incase it blows up.

The Meza Family Vlogs says:

Will this stop changing after my Mavic Pro controller is fully charged? I know is not good to over charge phone etc.

Christopher McWain says:

Living out of my pack for the last month. This battery backup is a life saver.

alan j Hornung says:


Mephisto Man says:

Can it be charged from 5-14w solar pad what about passthrough

Henk Van de Goor says:

Love your explanation for dummies ☺

MultiVic31 says:

I bought and gotour RAV 26800mAh today. One for me and one for my husband. I want to know if I can use this power bank for our 2 laptops: HP Envy 17.3″ and HP Pavilion 15.6″ and 2 Xperia XZ cellphones.
Thank you.

Kattz says:

When you are using something like this, good USB cables are so important. I just ordered this battery pack from amazon.ca and it includes a 5 pack of Rav Power cables. Anker are good too. You will get much better charging times with quality cables.

Abdallah says:

Does it being charged ? After using it do I need to charge it or it is not chargeable

Xyco's Jungle Camp says:

Wow! It’s absolutely huge! Not sure about the brand, though. Is it any good?

Hossin Hassani says:

what kind of charger is appropriate for ravpower 26800 mah??? what qualities it must have ???

Mark Mollat says:

How do you like this over the Vinsic? I’ll be using it for travel purposes.

Liberals are Icky says:

So which 26800 power bank do YOU recommend, .. the RAVPower or ANKER?

Pero que Alvaridad says:

Great review. Very informative and useful.

Erick & Deer the Goat says:

hay if u going to be it near Seattle maybe me and deer can help make a you-tube

Luis Eduardo Telles Ribeiro says:

Hi, I’ve been doing some research on amazon and I saw some bad reviews about this portable charger, saying it stops working after some months. You have yours for a longe time. Does it still work fine? Thanks!

Liberals are Icky says:

Basically, you said Basically 97 times in this video.

Lane Moser says:

Which port would be best to charge a Samsung galaxy s6? Or does that even matter?

lobetrotter says:

Good video but hysteresis is pronounced his-tə-ˈrē-səs.

ML Washburn says:

Hey, is it safe for going on a airplane?

57HarleyDavidson says:

Why can’t you carry these on airplanes ??

Paulo Pereira says:

I hope you have make the video before you take down the beers. I’m kidding, no offense intended here! I want to thank you for put the time and the effort to put this video online. I’ve learned something already, so you have own one more subscriber. Thanks

Pianist7137 says:

Does this support pass-through-charging? (charge your device while charging the powerbank)

simezra says:

this thing is a beast !!

anti_meta_anti_meta says:

Awesome video! Very well done and you clearly did your homework.

johnnyboy6000 says:

Is it normal that mine doesn’t have the amp numbers on the top of the USB ports?

Steven Proto says:

I can’t get mine to charge in 4.5 hours. I’m using a USB-C cable with a 5.2V/2.4A ipad wall adapter. What do I need to get it to charge it it’s advertised 4.5 hours?

Peter A. says:

how long did it you to charge this power bank from 0%-100%? i got 20 hours at least.

Linea Henningsen says:

I love how you compare batteries to beer

GTH360 says:

Great vid, thanks! Have you thought about doing some more beer reviews!?

dseed norway says:

great info mate, thanks for sharing.

Sk8erboysweet666 says:

How long does this charger last you, like can it last you all day?

BF6ct says:

how do you disassemble it for repairs?

Tom Miller says:

He got me at “beer” D:

Little Jenny says:

I’m a big fan of RAVPower . I have a 14000mAh pack that is the same size. Looks like I’ll be adding this one to my collection.

Dennis Cudal says:

great video.

damian3182 says:

This unit is amazing. I leave it in the car to power my 2k dashcam over night. Each power dot sports about 9-11 hrs x 4 nights of recording time. It also fits nicely under the sun visor. 🙂

Simo Kokko says:

Hi! What do you think about RAVPower vs Anker?

JustinC033 Γιασας says:

Does this have pass through charging? I have one and I didn’t see that as a listed feature. I know the Xaomi 20000 mah does and it does well overall…

Luis Antonio Kne says:

The battery shuts down automatically after two hours of use, as I do so that it is always on to record timelapse.

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