Ravpower 22000 mAh USB Battery Pack ACE RP-PB052 Review

A compact li-ion USB battery pack with amazing power and capacity.
Thanks, Rob.
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01GJFNQYG
Amazon USA: https://amzn.com/B01G1XH46M


Dorothy Rader says:

what type of charger should I get to charge the RavPower Ace Series Charger (to plug it into a wall recepticle)?

R.I.P. Democrat Party says:

Do u think u could charge that battery bank with a 15-21 watt Ravpower folding solar panel? .. and could I use that 22000 mAh battery bank with a Goal Zero Guide 10 AA battery charger to charge my AA batteries in a SHTF situation?

Rhys Guy says:

This may be a strange and easily answered question but what is the best method to charge the battery pack itself, what should I purchase with the RAV power pack in order to charge it efficiently?

killmore75 says:

22000 mAh? Wish EEVblog can put this one to the test.

Michael Robinson says:

just bought one of these. seems pretty good. going backpacking through central america so need a good storage device, the ones you see on ebay or crap Chinese knock offs that dont actually have the mAH they say they do.

flykicks1016 says:

doest it have fast charge ?

auteur_al says:

Just picked one up today. I was wondering, what does the button on the side do? Thanks

Enrique Martinez says:

Do u know how to open it? It sounds like something is loose inside

timothy alvarado says:

I have a ZeroLemon 30,000 ma and a 22000 ma Akeem solar bank any good??

I Am Happy And I Deserve It says:

there is four led indicator and when i charge the ravpower only two led turns blue

P.J. Casado says:

when I charge the ravpower it just blinks 4 lights and nothing happens. do you know what I can do to fix that?

CLO27 says:

I’ve had mine for 2 months and when I plug it into my phone nothing happens anymore. I push the side button and the four blue led lights flash. how do I fix?

Kieran says:

mine did the same. can’t seem to get it out of safe mode

Curtis Walker says:

Quick question. I recently bought this battery pack myself and im using the leads i received in the case to recharge the battery pack. It doesn’t however seem to be charging the battery pack very much/ at all. Do you know how long the battery pack should take to fully recharge? Cheers.

iconacie says:

all i get when i charge mine is 4 flashing leds . thats it all 4 flash on off on off so forth it will never charge anyone have this happen to them and able to fix it? let me know please. seems like this company is garbage.

61288nabz says:

how long does it take to fully charge a smartphone with the battery pack

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