Power Bank Review & Teardown (MEHS) Episode 36

In this video I take a look at the DoSHIN Universal USB Power Bank. I test the unit and then tear it down to take a look inside.
The main reason for this is I am looking for a cost effective way to get a large battery capacity for projects as well as a 5V power regulator and charging circuit. In this unit there is also the added benefit of an LCD to show the remaining battery capacity.

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Episode 36


drkastenbrot says:

It sure has 6800mah 18650s in it 😉

Call me says:

but is it really 5000mah?

NOBOX7 says:

is this a lithium battery ? didnt have time to watch all this vid

Zé Covaneiro says:

hi man! i recharge my iphone6 on 5v 2.1A or 5v1A? what is the diference?

Callum Bestwick says:

Is the device safe?

Bunny Gary says:

Utter useless video

Robert James says:

Hi, I bought a DoShin 50000Mah similar to yours on Ebay and it had trouble running anything, although the touch that was built in to it was very bright. Maybe I will pull it apart and try to use the rechargable batteries.

Grace Jarvis says:

Very helpful video. So what was the actual mah capacity obviously not 50000??

Mike Novo says:

Perhaps 50000mah converts from Chinglish to 5000mAh. 1CNY=0.15USD :p

MHBGT says:

I took apart an Adata 10000 mAh powerbank, (flashlight, dual 1A/2A ouputs, 4 LEDs for batttery status).
The 2 ports were connected in parallel (continuity between pins)… Max output current about 1.2A, but then the voltage drops to about 4.2V.

kensyootoob says:

Nice job! I appreciated your pace, and you helped me take apart my older power bank that stopped working. I thought maybe the unit was glued together, your video was very helpful 🙂 Thanks for showing the amp draw on the battery ports too. Much appreciated.

Pha Q says:

I imagine the port amperage listed on the case is reversed to how the circuit board is laid out.

Donny Slander says:

In malaysia we don’t have DoSHIN brand we always gets the chinese named ones and they are crap… claims 10000 but actually more like 6000 mah so I made an ugly looking actual 20000 mah power bank!!! and all of the batteries I use in it are the NCR18650PF (MH12210) these batteries lasts me good I don’t have to charge it everyday it’s like 3 days of use then recharge for just 6 hours 😀

Drakkus says:

I just received my Universal USB backup power bank ( that’s all it says on it, No brand name since it’s straight from the Japan factories in guessing) it says Cap: 100,000mAh 3.7V/48Wh (MAX) and the ports amps and colts are just as yours says. I received it with 56% charge out the box standard connectors 4 in 1. I charged it over night and it was at 100% (about 6-7hrs charging) but 5 mins of the charger it went to 99% without even being used. About an hour later it said 94% (without being used yet)

Ryan Phillips says:

I just ordered one on amazon now, didn’t know if I should of got something else? ? I pay $23

Bini Nandra says:

hi, good vid. how well would this work via dummy battery, to power Sony A7s?

Beth Killian says:

hi r u from Australia? 🙂

Nikola Bonev says:

Do I need to put batteries in?

fklotaloi says:

Really informative abt these lying advertising Power Bank companies .

U got th truth unveiled 😀 😀

Subcribed. 🙂

CheckTechNow says:

awesome video , pretty usefull!!

Sylvia Lim says:

That was a super useful video, I did find that anything over 12000mAH quite skeptical, although I was quite close to buying one myself. What would you suggest to be the best MAH amount to purchase?

Matjus Grek says:

,i received it yesterday this battery bank ,so first i put on charge start on 50% but its takes more than 5 hours to charge it full to 100% ,when its full, for testing it i charge a tablet and a phone but its drain so fast ,and now from 20% to 100% its takes me more than 7 hours to charge it again 🙁 ,,do not buy this item

Marwan Nasr El Din says:

it had just arrived i bought it from ebay for 14 dollars and it looks nice but i hadn’t try it yet , thx for the useful video

George Kot says:

Thanks for video. I couldn’t help but be your next subscriber making me number 10.001. !!!! I am looking for videos like yours to help me decide which power bank to purchase. I have 4 requirements that must be met. 1. cheap 2.charge-discharge protection 3.anywhere from 5-8 cells. 4. can power device while charging. I plan to purchase the 18650’s locally. I would deeply appreciate any suggestions or links from anybody.

Will Datsun says:

missing the vital real capacity from the vid, wish i had just read the comments before waiting the whole video to see the capacity.

freezy891 says:

So just to be clear… is this portable charger actually rated at about 9000-10000 mah instead of the advertised 50000 mah? I just bought this for 20$ from Wish. Was i completely ripped off or does this charger still have some worth for the 20$ I spent on it?

Marcus Stanford says:

I got one these and I’m not satisfied. it’s better than my Chinese no brand one. but my old Rav from 3yrs is the best but not as good looking. i will take quality over appearance.

mateusz1945 says:

the best battery on market is 3400mah times five cells is 17 Ah in bast case scenario, Keep in mind this battery is 7$ each. So if this power bank isn’t 50$ straight from china , there is no way that battery is in there…
but you can buy case for this kind of power bank on ebay for ~5$ and put whatever cells you want in there…

drkastenbrot says:

You can pull way more power out of lipos. High quality ones deliver up to 40C, 80 amps in this case.

C MJ says:

I have one from ECtechnology and it works very well. The ports will put out the rated amount of amperage, providing that the device being charged will take 2.1 amps. I have load tested each port and was able to pull 2.15 amps from the 2.1 port before the unit shut off. If you pull it apart then you can test each cell for their WH’s and MAH in a discharge tester, then add up what you have and that is what your pack has on tap. However, remember the circuits inside the unit will eat some of that power so bank on a 10% loss, also the cable being used and the device being charged will decrease the number of charges if left on while charging. At least you will know what the max available power is and it will be most likely less than rated power. Mine is rated for 22,400 MAH and that maybe true at the batteries, but not when the converter sucks up some of it. I got about 11,500 mah out of mine. It is still pretty good for a two year old battery pack.

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