Power Bank Portable battery Charger Unboxing/Review

Full review of the power bank portable charger

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Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/2600mAh-Portable-External-Battery-FamilyMall-Black/dp/B00EE16M2Q/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1422278843&sr=8-4&keywords=power+bank+portable+charger

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amine says:

To Charge the Power bank, use the micro connector supplied and plug into the INPUT port on one side then plug into the computer USB slot on the other side. The LED light will turn to RED color during charging and the LED light will be off when the power bank is fully charged.

Jack Warren says:

it keeps flashing read and never turn blue

Queen Manisha says:

will it blow up

jose Karil says:

Must be fake batt

BeastyPlayz Gamez says:

mine blew up

Nick D. says:

My is working for 7-8seconds and after it is shutt off

GKJ says:

For anyone wondering, it charged my phone to 37%. Don’t expect it to charge your phone any more than that.

Indi Baby says:

So when it’s blinking red…
It’s charged… And blue it’s charging??

Laura Cosmetics (How To Guide) says:

HELPPP! i bought this charger and it charged my phone fast but it also made my battery go down even faster when unplugged what should i do

kpop life says:

when I charge it it keeps flashing red what does that mean

sugarcane canzi says:

How do you know if its fully charged?

Sprognut says:

Warning: do not but these they are a waste of money cheap and nasty they take ages to charge and for some reason my juice bank keeps alternating between flashing red and solid red when charging and then when I use it to charge my iPad with my own USB it charges for 2 minutes then flashed blue then the blue light goes off and my iPad stops charging I was charging while I was using it but that shouldn’t make it turn off however my USB was hot after it went off but still it isn’t good

bethanie abbott says:

There’s no red light when I charge my power bank

miroslav holub says:

u have a same one but when I chared it then it was not working don’t waste money on this it doesn’t evan work it works like 6 seconds and then it broken

Plasma Blast says:

I got mine at the grocery store

Hunter Hryciuk says:

I bought the one but I can’t use it why can’t I charge it or power it up someway why

Reliminator says:

i feel blessed the moment when I have the same power bank as him

LpsKota says:

how do I know when its fully charged

Gokublue says:

What about when the red lights flashing

Ling Wang says:

Mine doesn’t do the same thing! When is charging is binds red( this part is the same) but when it’s charging something else it doesn’t blink any light!

the Atomic Shadow says:

wtf that mean minw is broken wip wallet

Muhammed Sameer says:

how much phones it can charge

Skylla Daye says:

Just like to add because he doesn’t actually explain anything xD..

Charge time? “Of the bank”
The time taken will depend on the capacity and the input of the bank
mAH is the capacity of the battery/Ma is the output usage Per/Hour ei.. 1000mAh bank that input 500m/Ah will take 2 hours to recharge the bank
“i personally think it’s slightly longer then 1:1 more like 1 to 0.7 so “1k bank 500m input would be more 2.5hours then 2 but that’s what everyone says so.. 1 to 1 it is.>.>

How long will it take to charge my phone?
That depends on the output of the bank
battery size / output / faction of battery % remaining = time ei if at 50% /2
2000 battery size/ output 700/ battery at 50% = 1.4hours to fully charge

How much battery will my bank charge?
it slightly differs to the bank charge time where as if you have a 10k bank & outputs of 1k p/h it wont charge it 10 times..
the best way to work out is to divide the mAh of your power bank by the mAh of your device battery

iphone 4 battery size 1,420mAh / bank size= amount of recharge ei.. if 10k bank = 7
iphone 5 battery size 1440″ = 6.9
iphone 5s battery size 1570″ = 6.3
iphone 6 battery size 1,810″ = 5.5
iphone 6 plus batter size 2915” = 3.4 ect..ect..
“if you dont know battery capacity” just use google, “phone” battery capacity 😉

Light doesn’t change colour?
it’s depending on what power bank you have..
Some are single led to reduce cost, some have the red & blue led to show when battery low/charged

How do i know if it’s fully charged?
Most banks when full they flash or turn a different colour, will stay on constant whilst charging & turn off when inactive or dead

Powerbank not charging my phone?
Are you charging the powerbank? IF yes then unplug.. pretty simple.. most of the time the input is lower then the output so cant give a constant supply of power..

how long will my bank last?
it really depends on the build quality
$/£1 Bank are great to use but don’t expect them to last longer then a few months.. but there so cheap, you can just buy multiple..
semi decent banks like the ORICO Qualcomm/logic3 lg299 had these for a year now still working.. soo all varies

Your welcome ;D

tyrant sean says:

mine is that when i charge it it blinks red then after a while it doesnt blink anymore when i unplug it and plug it to my phone it charge only for 20% then it dies how to know if its fully charge???

TheBlack Vixen says:

Mine has no light at the bottom and doesn’t work at all …my dad bought a faaake of course i knew it 🙁

Ali Sherwani says:


Jack Warren says:

this information is great and all but. im still having problem with my when i first plug it in it keeps flashing than stays at ready for like 10 or more hours can you explain this to me please? is my battery defective?

The beast Gamer says:

I have a iPod touch will it work with that

B3astboy HD says:

how do you know its done charging

Faze Cubone says:

Is there a portable charger for samsung 5?

Monica Moniker says:

so does the red light go off when the charger is charged?

Trizlet says:

The true question is will it explode

Matthew Hughes says:

when I charge the power bank itself it flashes blue and I have the white version so I do think know if it’s an older version

shahir karim says:


TheRebornSavage says:

When I put my power bank to charge there is no red light!! When I unplug my power bank from charging and plug in my phone it doesn’t charge. My phone only charges when the power bank is plugged in. Please help me!!!!

L Martinez says:

Every power bank I have ever bought and used, did not work

MrShiizzle says:

how do you know if your power bank is charging?

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