Poundland £1 USB Power Bank

We take a look at Poundland’s USB Power Bank, what do you get for your £1 and does it live up to its rating.



ItzJw says:

How do you turn it on

tony mccarron says:

I have to say..you know your stuff

Clint Jay says:

the reason for using the phone cable is that the supplied one may not have the data wires connected, they’re needed for the phone to recognise the charger as capable of supplying a particular amount of current. Plugging a phone in with that simple cable might cause the p-hone to complain about the charger not being genuine or not able to supply enough power.

Other than that, nice little packs which are really useful for a quid.

I know there’ll be squeals of horror at the next but you can also recycle 18650’s from defunct laptop battery packs into them and gain a lot more capacity.

dimyata says:

great for charge NEW Xiaomi ZMI ORIGINAL POWER BANK: http://bit.ly/2nVHPf8

shaun lomas says:

is it ok to fit a better battery with more milli amps

Elle L says:

Just recently bought this product I will have to see if it’s worth the cheap price 🙂

Tom Morris says:

HECK. LOL… I bought a pair of these from 1SaleADay.com a while back for like $10 each— both failed with release of Magic Smoke and 1SaleADay refunded my order pretty much immediately after I contacted them about the *first one* blowing out— I think they realized they’d bought many, many, many lithium ion lemons. I have a video on my channel where I blew up the battery out of one of them by smacking it with a hammer. 😀

MegaWayneD says:

I’ve found Pound World power banks, despite having the same moulded top part of the case to be way superior to the Poundland power banks (I think Big Clive did too – he reported the banks with the raised cover to be the best) I’m in the process of building a Gameboy based around the Raspberry Pi Zero and I’ve been investigating various power supply options. The Pound World power bank circuitry is really good at charging Nokia phone batteries!

jeales895 says:

1200mAh is the cell capacity
The voltage needs to be boosted to 5V so 1200 x (3.7/5) = 888
and then the boost converter will be say 85% efficient so we get 888 x 0.85 = 754mAh at 5V

Stan Patterson says:

I have no experience with those 18650 batteries, but are they anything like a typical Lithium battery that claims it needs 2-3 cycles of complete charge and discharge before it “performs as advertised” ?  As an example, some replacement laptop batteries, cordless tool batteries have that little disclaimer when you open the package, saying that it will reach its’ full potential after the first x-number of cycles.  Not that I’d expect to get a turkey dinner from a can of beans,  but those little batteries, is there any chance that they’d perform a little better if you re-tested them after some use?

Green Man says:

Was the battery CE marked? I saw something like the mark but it wasn’t as defined by the legislation. Fake?

Steve Whitcher says:

Love Clive and Julian’s channels

Legendary Music says:

I recently finished a 1:677 scale Revell U.S.S. Voyager scale model…probably about 20-30 LEDs (10/£1 ebay LEDs, lost count…they’ll haunt me in my dreams). For some reason, a 9v battery wasn’t cutting it. So I grabbed one of these, cut off the Micro-B and make the model USB powered. For a quid, this power bank is doing its job…which is confusing to be honest.

Jurgen D says:

1200mAh on 3.7V maybe? On 5V it would be prox. 880mAh?

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