ONN 2200Mah Power Bank Charge Review

ONN 2200Mah Power Bank Charge Review


David Kilman says:

connects the USB under 3 tries, LEGEND.

Doug S says:

I have the 4000mah and it’s a beast! Charges my 2050mah ohone battery twice fast as hell too. And USE YOUR CHARGER THE PHONE CAME WITH and it will charge the way it should like mine. I used the cord the bank came with and it sucked like yours

Ronnie Edwards says:

I use the same one. The stixx loses power as it sits unused. I always connect it back and let it fully charge when the green led stops blinking. Them i plug it into my iPhone and from a dead phone it will charge to full of you leave it alone and not use the phone. If you use it for lets say playing Pokémon Go it will charge as you play up to 85%. Its a great little charger

Grizzled Old Dude says:

That’s not bad, if you can even get out a few calls after going dead then it is a useful emergency charger.

ElectronicInfern says:

how long does the powerbank take to charge?

Red _Rose_007 says:

I have a charge worx 2000mah device
It doesn’t works
It makes me sad when
This device turns off after 2-3 minutes while charging my phone even when its fully charged.
Is somebody know what can be the cause ???

Magic Tech Review says:

love the editing little touches are nice

Donna Newman says:

I was cleaning out a drawer that I usually throw anything and everything in and I came across this HYPE USB MOBILE AND TABLET POWER STICK (2200mAH) With it was a little cord with the big wide piece that says out on one end and on the other end which says in is a silver prong that looks like you might plug in earphones on your phone.After watching the video,I seen where you buy the package and it came with the power stick and 3 extentions.What don’t I have and if I need another extention,where can I buy one or will I have to buy the whole package?I’ve never used one of these before

Michael Renaud says:

Does the power bank get extremely hot when someone puts something on charge while using the power bank

Ronnieron Escobar says:

It takes energy to transfer energy. So, the real capacity is about 62% of the battery capacity listed on the outside of a Power Bank that has a high quality battery. For example, a Power Bank with a quality battery at 2200mAh has a real capacity of 1380mAh. 820mAh is lost in the transfer of energy. For Power Banks with downgraded batteries, the real capacity is lower because the battery may not work as efficiently.

bezant76 says:

are you suppose to charge the power bank before you charge you your phone when you first take it out of the package? theres no instructions on my package

Kevin Owens says:

seemed to help. Only 4 dollars?

Minecraft Superkiller5812 says:

Maybe cause the phone battery wasn’t calibrate maybe it was at 100% or something cause on my tablet sometimes it say 80% after I unplug sometimes it goes to 100%

Emma Nuella says:

How do u recharge the power bank?

Kent Worth says:

Didn’t see the kind of power bank I have

Anime4 Mii says:

I have a cheaper found in my room
It’s call Ilive 2800mah, it take 6 hours to fully charge then once i charge through my phone that is 2600mah.
It take 1 hour/ 20 minute to fully charge my phone giving me only 53% lol which is still good enough but from you 2200mah gave you 68%,… but that dont matter to me.

Theo Huggins says:

How does it take for it to get fully charged on the pocket juice

Tan Bonner says:

How do you know when its fully charged/ going dead?!

Q-Pid Avenger says:

Power banks have about 60% charging efficiency the higher end ones are more like 80% efficiency

Pradip Mandal says:

এর দাম কত?

Evelyn Mitchell says:

Is the power bank rechargeable. Mine didn’t come with any instructions, no web address, just common warnings that I needed a microscope to read. Okay only a magnifying glass, but still, no help on using it.


looks like there is a rechargable AA battery in there

Digger DanielG says:

How long to charge the bank?

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