Odd budget USB power bank that uses two low capacity cells.

Two things caught my attention with this USB power bank, being sold in a UK shop called Poundstretchers. The low price and unusually large size for its capacity.
Inside it’s actually quite neat, and very hackable if you want to add larger capacity 18650 cells.


Crazyoldgamerlive says:

I got this product from ebay for 2$ each, except my model didn’t include batteries. I put in my own samsung 18650’s, for about 5000mah of power that I use to recharge my drone batteries in the field. Works AMAZINGLY! I highly recommend them! Oh and it charges from a cell phone charger if you like.

Lee Bartholomew says:

got a DIY one that allows 5 cells in (unprotected cells only) and it’s about as uselsss as a single cell charger. My Nexus 7 literally doesn’t charge when it goes to 3 of the 4 lights Goes down 1 light and bang nothing. Says charging like 9 hours later but it’s actually gone down in capacity 🙁 (Banggood) Don’t think it’s the cells. I can get a better charge from a 4 cell DIY metal housing (ha) one. also Banggood

Brosilio says:

I found some “500,00Mah” power banks on eBay. You should look for one of those and test to see if it has even a usable amount of power.

Jessica Litwin says:

Hi, where did you get that USB torch head at 0:45?

Robeight says:



Like that wish we could them here..

Mikey8567 says:

I have about 50 of these cells and was planning on making a big battery power bank but haven’t found a board that has the USB socket with over/under/short  protection yet. was thinking about 6 to 8 cells (3 or 4 sets of 2 cells in parallel. I know I would need to use a LiPo balance charger to charge them)

Toni Lähdekorpi says:

Those same power banks are sold in eBay without any cells. But instead of the leads, they got holders for standard cells.

Gary Hart says:

I won a DELED 10400 mAh Power Bank for £1.20 on Ebay and took it apart for the Cells.
The odd thing was that the circuit board would show 3 out of 4 LEDs (on Charger) with no cells connected. I metered the output to the cells @ 4.26 V and the cells @ 4.15 V.

UpDate: I bought a DELED 20800 mAh (£2.20) power bank, which took over 24 hours to charge (initially it would not light the white LED) but also showed 3 out of 4 blue LEDs !

Ronald Youvan says:

I wish the Voltage had been measured, I assumed series, but now I think parallel or how could they be charged with 5 Volt W/O a separate connector for a charger.

Против Глобал says:

Nice, but a fiver is not cheap.

thestalkinghead says:

i guess the most surprising thing is that they don’t just lie about the capacity, it could easily be sold as a 4800mah (2X 2400mah) power pack and a lot of people wouldn’t test it, it is a shame that the truth is surprising though

Gregory Tewksbury says:

+bigclivedotcom , I *had* one of those until I had issues.  New excuse for missing homework, “My Battery Pack Burned My Homework”.  Caught fire after 4 uses.

Bitelaserkhalif 555 says:

old cell technology. i have sony 18650 cells with capacity around 2400mah. With this i can build 4800mah powerbank. Neat.

Dark Hell 5 says:

I looked in poundstretchers by me, they don’t sell them now.

Bumble Mee says:

Hi The hole for led as not bin drilled again seems to be a lot like that i got one with no hole i put in hole and i can see the led now.

DiodeGoneWild says:

I like the honest capacity. Most of the sellers would just call it 50 000 mAh or so :).

Marty McFly says:

I had the single 18650 PowerBank. I believe stock rating was 2000mAh. I pulled the board out and used 6 2200mAh 18650s out of a laptop battery and it will not fully charge. All the batteries are ran in paralell with fuses for protection.

LawnTractorBoy says:

Ive got a Maplin one that I upgraded the battery.

Erazor says:

i bought directly from China (AliExpress) for about 1,60 € without battery
i can’t charge my Bluetooth Headset (Powerbank Auto Shutdown) because the Hradset consumes 40-10mAh

RC Stuff says:

I have a power bank similar to that exept it has better cells it’s 4900 mah

MultiLittlegamer says:

I have a 20,000 mAh powerbank that contains 2 10,000 cells. Only cost me 40 bucks CAD. It’s made by Aukey so it’s legit.

Spice Da Clown says:

Hey .. quick question .. if I were to replace the crappy batteries in this with some good 2300mah high drain batteries would I run into any problems with charging or over voltage or something ??

lepayen says:

You can get the case/ circuit board assembly on ebay without the batteries really cheap (diy power bank). Also, you can get just the circuit board for about $1.

twocvbloke says:

I bought one of these today from poundstretcher, saw it and couldn’t help but hear your voice in my head telling me to buy it… 😛

Neat enough indeed, but the capacity could be better, makes me wonder if the 18650s I got to repair a laptop battery (failed project) are still working, see if I can stick two of them in it… 😀

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