Nitecore F1 lithium ion USB battery charger and portable powerbank review

Listen up backpackers. Nitecore has a rugged portable powerbank and charger, perfect for charging stuff out in the backcountry. While is fucntions as a regular USB lithium charger, it can also charge your phone or ipad provided you bring some spare batteries. It’s a perfect for providing juice to your gadgets while camping, when combined with a solar panel.

The solar panel used in this video can be found here:

You can buy the charger at Gear Best, among other places:



maram Ovidiu says:

How come you put all those metric mesusements in youre vids? I used to belive the whole world is going to change to american mesurements. I allmost feel left out not hawing to ghet my phone out to make the conwersion mi self.

Mario G says:

The liito kala lii 100 also charges nimh, and it’s only like $4

Gary Willis says:

Do you know if the charger terminates at 4.2v?

rjc0234 says:

Ilove how hillarious these reviews are. only a few seconds in and im laughing me head off “so your off grid, but still taking your phone?” yep sums me up in spades. cant go anywhere without 2KG of power banks and solar pannels!

Player Review says:

I have an off-grid powerbank that runs off semen. Makes camping a very different experience. Seriously though, I do have a charger similar to the reviewed one, I use it to charge my 18650 batteries.

A. Todd Moore says:

Thanks Advanced Knife Bro! Anker and Nitecore are gettin to be like me n Advanced Knife Bro! Goin together like peas n carrots!

Kandi Klover says:

I bought a empty power bank case and put 8 orbtronics in it. You can put it in the backpack and run a usb extension and just use it for the phones main battery all day lol

marshalllaw123 says:

Very cool!

Денис Бакеренко says:

Does solar panel survive after you smashed charger over it twice? So rough. I have similar solar panel – so Iam not sarcastic, but curious.

Al Kider says:

How effective is that solar charger? Could you review that?

Thales Rezende says:

Dude really nice vid! Can I use the nitecore UM10 charger as a power bank too? Thx

Altema22 says:

Thanks for the vid… fun as usual. Even though I’ve seen and liked several of the videos, this is the first time I’ve subscribed (not like I could subscribe more than once anyway). I like your dry sense of humor 🙂
I just ordered the F1 this morning, even though I have the D2 charger at home. I like options, and being able to use a spare 18650 as a charger is nice. I don’t think I’ll be using to actually CHARGE batteries, because it won’t work with AA’s, AAA’s, and I suspect the clip will break if I try and stretch it over a car battery. Besides, my main light is an EC4S with two batteries, and It would be awkward doing one at a time. My other EDC’s use a single 18650, but both of them have charging ports.

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