Navy Blue Power Bank Review 2600mAh

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Witness ProPro says:

What a terrible review. Full in-depth review? Hardly! I don’t need to know how to plug in a USB cable. What I do need to know is how do I know when it’s charged. How do you know it takes 5 hours to charge? How long does is it last when charging?

Darrious Shaw says:

I have a 5200 mah Soundlogic battery charger and it’s good

simon callingham says:

My dad has that!!!!!

Evolution of Bass says:


Jason Chen says:

Dude, how long did it last for you? I got this and it was the biggest piece of junk ever. I thought I might have gotten a dud so I just got another one – same thing. Galaxy s3 went from 5% to 35% and that was that. Multiple tries, iPhone 5 went from 15% to 40%. Charged the battery pack for 6-12 hours thinking I might not have been charging it enough – even cycled it to “Break it in,” with the same crappy results. 

At least you got the dildo shaped one. Mine was like a rectangle so it looked like a weapon out of mine craft. Worst product ever.

Sultan Alzahrani says:

This product should have at least a basic led that could tell if this “Power Bank” is fully charged. What the point of carrying the power bank if you are not sure whether it is fully charged or not. You need something to depends on.

mario magochy says:

How do u know If Its charged up

Josemaria Banales says:

I have one how long does it take to re charge

Connor Lay says:

Anybody ever break it open to get battery? If so how

james dwyer says:

When charging, should the red light be blinking or solid?

silent561 says:

is it hot as shit when it’s recharged, because mine is damn hot while charging

Desi Derata says:

dont buy, stops working after 6 charges

$mulamane$ says:

My battery was at exactly 48% when he said dat

ItzMeAngelo says:

how come my lights dont work anymore? it doesnt tell me when its completely charged

Wolf Reviewing says:

mine has a red light wen charging how to tell when fully charged ???

Laura12345 says:

Does the charger come in the box

Mr.edits125 Garcia JR says:

how do you know it’s completely charged

MisterOwlz says:

sub to meee!!! i’m the noob that made this video XD i did it on Meishmedia because he had wayy more subs 🙂 but this is mee

Anne Liu says:

What is the charger u use to charge the bank card? Wis it an andlid charger?

sophia hao says:

i got one on ebay in purple and mine worked then i checked it
in 10 minutes and it was not charging

romantashev says:

does it have a LED  charging indicator? I had to watch 10 reviews and no one showed if there is LED indicators.

ecwh33 says:

It’s actually doing pretty good so far, I charged it for 10 hours and my iPhone 4 was dead…I plugged it in to my itek and so far it charged it to about 40%.

Shoban Ravi says:

It’s 99p in UK

AprendaFacil says:

How do you know it is fully charged?

vladimir tello says:

I have the same one but in black and when I charge it it turns blue when its done charging but then when I use it to charge my phone it will only charge it for about a minute then stop working I dont know why?

zhang Jessica says:

are you distributor ?or have your own shop?we are power bank factory,do you need some new items?

romantashev says:

actually it has red and blue charging led, inside the usb hole:)  
ive ordered 10 of them:)

Vanda Antal says:

Hello! Your power bank when is not connected to a telephone or something else, the blue light turns off? Because mine is still blue when I not use it.

eqine dreamer says:

Got one from budlight

Daniel Freeman says:
vladimir tello says:

I have the same one but in black and when I charge it it turns blue when its done charging but then when I use it to charge my phone it will only charge it for about a minute then stop working I dont know why?

Ali Khuram Ijaz says:

how many times can it charge a smartphone 

zhang Jessica says:

hello,friend,do you need good quality one?it can be Samsung battery inside.

Mr.edits125 Garcia JR says:

+MEISHMEDIA does the power bank take 5 hours to charge the power bank or the phone sorry fp r the disturbance

Darkrose Otaku says:

I got mine for $2.83 on eBay X3. Can theses things break

jitter bug says:

The fastest and safest way to charge your phone is to use booster cables. Open your hood and connect the positive and negative and connect the other end to your phone in 3 minutes your good.

jamesbond2125 says:

I like when the videos are informative and very quickly explained. I’ve seen other videos that are half hour long jus to show u a five minute job lol

Raihan Rafique says:

This item is a waste of money, they don’t even fully work. .

Vhyb says:

instructions not clear, got penis stuck in microwave.


I got it $3.95 brand new on eBay.

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