EC Technology 22400mAh High Capacity Power Bank!

Here’s a quick unboxing and review of EC Technology 22,400mAh High Capacity Power Bank! (Simply love it!)

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logout123456789 says:

the are lost of power when you charge phone,internal bank battery rated buy adding numbers 3.7 v internal battery’s,like 10*2600mah(3.7v) batterys= 26000.but when you charge phone power bank must supply 5v voltage to charge any device.during this modification there lost of mah and is depend on liternal components quality, is very unlikely you got more then 65-70% out of initially rated device

THE REAL O-G says:

Heres a tip for all lay your phones in airplane mode it will charge very quick!!!!

Laurens Hagendoorn says:

Does any of you test this powerbank? And do it realy charch your note 3 7times?

princeofexcess says:

How can you tell if it is fully charged?? If the fourth light blinks does it mean it is charged or does it have to stop blinking??

Gaston Maqueda Photography says:

Hi Max

You know if I can use this power bank to supply continous energy to a 100mA survillance micro camera?

no.0221 says:

Just ordered two for me and my dad.

Danny Canon says:

Hey Max, what is the output that I need if I’m using a GoPro 3 and doing elapse timing? Will it hold up for at least 8-12 hours?

Artur Martins says:

I bought one and after 3 months it does not charge anymore. The front LED light works though. I wonder if the power bank needs to be reseted? Plus, there is no manual on the website…

Aldrick Castro says:

I have an iphone 5 would it be safe if i use the IPad USB outlet on my iphone 5 without damaging the battery

ForestCat_Peter says:

Is it still working Max? 😀

mrgtu79 says:


DarkVenom 124 says:

Pokemon hunting

1bek says:

R u advertise the product? Or just putting a review of what u had bought?

Vic Rey says:


MajorMalfunction87 says:

how much $ ? 🙂

Ricky Bush says:

Would you still recommend this bro?

Bruno Montanhez says:

I wish they had Qi integranted… Im looking for one of these.

Babiboib7 says:

+zedomax did I hear you say ces 2015 that you are attending?

Ali drake says:

Do a video on opening it a part

Alexander says:

What is it made of? Plastic, Metal?

Alex C. says:

How many times can it be charged up to? 500? More?

Saurabh V says:

Just a little correction… You mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can be charged 7 times. That’s not correct I believe.

The power bank is rated at 22400 mAh @ 3.7V. This means there is a DC-DC conversion needed to boost the voltage to 5V (USB voltage). This conversion can incur loss of power through heat etc. This battery pack has an efficiency of 70%. Which means it wont be able to charge note 3 more than 3-4 times. Here’s how:

22400 x 3.7 = 82880 mWh (ampere x volts)
82880 x 70% = 58016 mWh (actual wattage it can produce after considering the loss due to efficiency rating)
58016 / 5 = 11603.2 mAh (actual current the battery pack will be able to push through @ 5V)
11603.2 x 90% = 10442.88 mAh (When charging the phone, there is another conversion from 5V to 3.7V, hence another efficiency loss. 90% is not the actual efficiency rating for Note 3. I am making an assumption based on common values. This rating can go down if the phone is being used when being charged. 90% is true when the phone is switched off when being charged).

So at best, the battery pack should be able to charge Note 3 10442.88 / 3200 = 3.26 time or 3 times (rounded).

logout123456789 says:

there no way you charge you phone 7 times(3000ma),there lost in conversion 3.7v to 5 v conversion lost,also other things,you would be lucky to chatge 3000ma phone 4-5 times…you realy should to now that if you own power banks

Thats So Cool says:

Can it charge itself? Haha

KingElhoa says:

I may check these out. Other day I ordered 2 spare batteries. I have two really cheap power chargers. One was just cheap dollar store one for 8.00 but for price it’s not bad at all. 12 dollar solar one got from amazon is cool but doesn’t have all the power for super charge. One you are showing looks very cool though.

Armeniian A. says:

will it damage my phone if i use the tablet usb to charge my phone?

MrRiggyRiggs says:

I got a droid Turbo, haha I laugh at all you power bank users!

Usman Raza Khalid says:

on offer right now for £13.64

Oliv3 * says:

I wish these external batteries are more efficient. You only get about 60%, from the stated mAh, as actual use. My 11200mAh introcircuit only get about 6700mAh of actual use. It’s still useful, but god they’re so overstated. 

Philip Cogan says:

use the cable supplied with it to charge it faster as compared to a standard charger cable

Brianna Burgess button says:

How long does it take to fully charge

Free Man says:

man you are cool keep the good job god bless 

darkrit3 says:

I got mine for 45 with two day shipping, worth every bit

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