Bienna 30000mAh Solar Chargers External Battery Pack REVIEW

Product link:

– 2 ports: 1A & 2.1A, charges my phones and tablet perfectly fine
– Build in LED light with flashing mode
– Handle elements like a champ, no problem in rain.
– 30k mAh is overrated. IT’s best 15-18K mAh
– Surprisingly lightweight because it’s probably not 30k capacity:)
– 2W panel takes a while to charge battery pack

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Katia Calvo says:

[Question] I’m almost falling in love with this product as it seems to work great for my hiking trips. Anyone has tried this kind of portable solar charger before? I like this one’s design:

There is really interesting review video on the page. The guy breaks apart the charger to see if the product promises what its descriptions are saying!!!!
What do you think?

Lx Beltran says:

How many times can it charge a Samsung Galaxy Tablet A?

ilia maglakelidze says:


karzygijose says:

I seen these all over ebay all im trying to do is find one that is good but cheap i bought a DIy kit that is 5 18650 batteries and im gonna use LGDAHA18650 batteries supposedly 2500mAh

Luis Javier says:

How do you turn it off?

david Nguyen says:

you vietnamese? yeah you vietnamese

Aiden Kim says:

Hello, great video. How long does it take to fully charge with just solar? Thanks

teeno7 says:

When you charged your phone 3 times, was your phone ON or OFF ? It must be off to get some level of accurate measure to say it’s underrated.


Can it be used to light at night if i connect it to a flashlight ??????

Laurence Camacho says:

The Nokia is longer than this

Clifford Vella says:

how much hrs need to get a full charge in direct sun? I am from Malta and the temperature is 40C

felion robinson says:

Thanks. This is the highest amps I could find its on order thru eBay. Does the a page get higher

Drone Fyren says:

i have almost the same but mine have 300 000 mah here is link it works i have to charge it for 8 days and it can charge 200 phones here is link it souns wierd but i really has 300 000 mah!!!!

Efren calvario says:

will this work if i attaches to my winshield car and keep it connect to my 360 camara??

StickyLicky says:

What I would like to see is them combining solar panel technology with heat/cold charging, that way it charges significantly faster. I hope they come out with a battery bank like that

Adam Craighead says:

I bought this charger for my iPhone 5c, I don’t know if it was linked to the charger but I had two batteries die with thatphone. Do you think that can be linked to this charger?

Milo Savage says:

I notice you did not hook it up directly to the solar charger why?

gabrielito3500 says:

this products fails, works 2-3months, but usb ports fails, overheating, etc., the idea is verygood, but is a product for lighter uses.

Marlon batos vlogs says:

how do you turn the light off can you show the in another video


sculpar , pero este ha sido el único vídeo que he podido encontrar. ¿Es cierto que tiene 30.000mAh? ¿Que tal se ve ?

ktmfan218 says:

Just bought one of these and it is absolutely awful!! I got a half charge on my iPhone 7 plus!! Waste of money, glad it wasn’t much.

Theo says:

Good video. How long did it take to charge your phone from 0 to 100? I don’t think I heard you talk about that

SERGE says:

How bright is the light led on this unit compared to a standard phone like an iPhone or Samsung phone

GAproductions says:

if I have it plugged in while I am using it in the sun will it keep a charge to my device?

GAproductions says:

can it charge with the sun?

Camroc37 says:

lol I found this on ebay and the seller accidentally added an extra zero. “300,000mAh? That is a lot!” is what I said…

Kyle Behrendt says:

I have the 300000 and 100000 mah solar power bank version of this and the led light on both devices is about as bright as an iPhone 5s flashlight. The 300000 mah device will charge my iPhone 5s 1.5-2 times fully (not impressive at all). Both devices are very cheaply made, brittle outer plastic case with a cheap plastic solar panel on the front. The solar panel, when left in direct sunlight for 16+ hours will not even charge my phone up 1%, nor will the solar panel charge the power bank itself. The power bank took about 8 hours to charge fully when plugged into a power supply. I give this device the lowest rating possible, 1/4 of a star, and a 1 out of 10. Don’t buy, waste of time and money, huge let down.

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