Best USB Power Bank w/ QC 3.0 for Android Smartphones!

If you are looking for the world’s most portable USB power bank w/ Quick Charge 3.0 support, definitely check out Tqka 10,000mAh USB power bank. Supports all newer and older Android smartphones with QC3.0 or QC 2.0 including Galaxy Note 8, LG V30 Sony Xperia XZ Premium, etc…etc… This is the best portable charge w/ QC3.0 I have ever used so far, much lighter, thinner, and portable than others on the market and also price is “right”.

Get the Tqka USB Power bank here:

Also get retractable USB Type C cables here:

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Jonathan Morris says:

Looks quite similar to the Huawei (Honor branded) 10000mAh power bank, which of course isn’t QC but uses Huawei’s proprietary fast charging system.

Jhrenz says:

Who’s with Anker here?

Wii602006 says:

Is it REALLY 10,000 mAh?? Some charges false advertise it.

BeeBee-Plays says:

I’ll stick with my Anker with my 3.0 fast charging and 20000mah capable of charging two devices at once and it’s only $45 or so

RojasTKD7 says:

I really really doubt it really 10,000mAh, those no name brands tend to exaggerate their batter capacity, that would explain why it so small and light compared to the more reputable Anker.

Doesn’t mean it’s a bad device, just know you VERY likely not getting the claimed capacity. Years ago I had a similar QI power bank (not Quick Charge) that claimed to be 10000mAh. I calculated it to be closer to about 7000mAh give or take (even accounting for the transfer loss/dissipation).

Hour Glass says:

WOAH man, use this camera for your HighonCoins live stream. Picture looks great.

SuperChiko4000 says:

Nice technology

Food Stamp says:

Sup Mister Lee and everyone

xxdizannyxx says:

Screen has to be off to charge at max speed or it will cap out to prevent overheaating with screen on. Cmon dude…

07higginbotham says:

Max what clear case is that on your Note8

Tan Wang says:

Are you sure this is QC 3.0? I’ve only seen it stated as being QC 2.0

Gamed4Geeks says:

That seems insanely cheap. And the brand isn’t known. I’d go for Anker still, at least with them you can be sure in the quality of the product, unlike this “Tqka” thingy.

davionce estelle says:

Bought this product in 1 week it stopped working.

Sergio Ruan Vega says:

What case are you using for your note 8??

Hicham Gouchida says:

Give it to me after Review Please

dantes peek says:

get remax linon pro. absolute gem 10000 mah.

Dan M says:

20 dollars with all these features, that’s a deal Ty. Is the it a affiliate link

김지민 says:

한국어 리뷰도 해주세요!

contagiousFX says:

will this power bank wear your battery quicker vs using the OEM wall charger?

NeutronPCXT says:

Technically, the best QC 3.0 powerbank in terms of raw features is the RavPower QC 3, since it has 3 USB ports(1×2.4A, one QC 3.0, and one USB-C) and has crazy fast QC 3.0 input on the micro-usb port, up to 24W with a supported 24W charger.

I have it, and it’s amaaazing.
Edit: Though, it is quite a bit bulkier.

hungry hiker says:

I’m using a xiaomi mi note 2 with 4000mAh battery , will this powerbank recharge it twice? Did you tested the besiter 20000 quick charge 3.0 ? Bigger and heavier that’s sure…. :/

Wergrun says:

did those raccoons see you recording them? I got two kittens living in my garage and they run and hide when I try to record them.

Mr.Lenoir says:

Hi MAx lee did u tested the powerbank for it charging ability due QC 3.0 ?
I dont see any QC certified logo and found some reviews on amazon about not being QC 3.0.

Review from: dakota moon

review from dmitry guila:

VitosGaming says:

Doesn’t ship to Canada lol

Chris Holt says:

I think you mean to say micro USB. Type B connectors are the square shaped ones that typically go in desktop devices like printers and scanners.

Tom H says:

Hey Max thanks for the review on this portable battery power bank however just wondering if you were going to charge phones which only support usb type b like older phones like Samsung s7 and s7 edge how long approximately does it take to charge or do you think that it is not really worth getting for using it on older generation phones? Thank you again for your review it was very interesting to watch.

Dr Mundo says:

that pronunciation hahaaha

XWAZM X says:

Bro this looks so clean..why??? What are you doing…teach me please

TWhip3 says:

How do you know when the charger itself is fully charged? Do the LEDs turn off or are they all on solid? Nobody seems to know, and Tqka doesn’t appear to even have a basic website (which is kind of mind-boggling). Hoping you’ll know, Max…

HusnjakT says:

I have that anker charger and gakaxy s8 with usb type c and its fast charging

Raymond Vergara says:

Hello now can it also charge your Bluetooth devices and camera batteries or is only for Android smartphones

M B says:

Finally a review on a fairly priced bank. I dislike that tech review are on over priced sh8t when you can get the same thing for half the price

Damanteg Singh says:

what are the best type c cables choetech or aukey or anker 6 pack?

Damien Beckham says:

Thanks Max, this is exactly what I was searching for, I’m glad I looked a little harder for videos on the best suggestions for a power bank!

khalis711 says:

I don’t think S8 officially support QC3.0…it only works up to QC2.0 so the anker you got there should be working just fine..

Also you can buy adaptor for micro-usb A to micro-USB C in case you need it to charge any phone that use usb-c utilising the micro usb-a cable..

pyro707 says:

Thanks for this.

christian aquino says:

imagine this power bank with the razer phone

Shinkajo says:

Ok, is this shit sponsored or not? Something makes me think it is.

Mr.Coleshill says:

Sucks they don’t ship to the uk

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