Best Portable & Slim 10,000mAh USB Power Bank w/ QC 3.0!

In this video, I review the best portable & slim 10,000mAh USB Power Banks out today with Quick Charge 3.0 so you can quick charge your Android smartphones on the go without the bulk.

Get ’em here:

Crave Plus 10,000mAh QC 3.0 Power Bank:

Amlik QC 3.0 Power Bank:

USB Type C Retractable cables:

Power Bear 6-feet USB Type C cables:

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Sean Anthony says:

Max you are the best! I love that mention of a weapon. LOL Keep up the great work and congrats on 400K

Carlos Dudas says:

sweet Powerbear cable. Too bad neither of those powetbanks do wireless charging. FLOSS had one in a video and thought it was convenient for not having to carry a cable.

megagene says:

Really like the look of that Crave Plus.

Food Stamp says:

Sup Mister Lee and everyone

Gregory aul says:

Yeah jerryrigeverything tore one of those apart very nice

darrisgetzbucc says:

Im willing to accept the bulk because i charge my nintendo switch on the go as well

StealthyMonk says:

I’ve not seen you since you helped me root my Galaxy s2 – Looks like you’re still a smoker. Stop – now.

Sean Harvey says:

당신에 대한 당신의 의견은 무엇입니까 NavCoin?

Chow says:

Hey Max! Any recommendations for Oneplus 5t? I believe it doesn’t support quick charge.

wcoke says:

that crave plus power bank looks like a mobile phone.

richard ratner says:

Max, stay high on HORSES!! Another great video, kindest regards Richard U.K

OndaWire says:

Max wow I used to follow you like 3 – 4 years ago for rooting phones. Wow time flies. I logged in and BAM! you popped up. You let the hair grow out too. lol Keep it up man. I just subscribed and now following. Your vids and info are great!

brownboii305 says:

Finally a video!

Gilliat_España says:

Hola Max

Versace Starr says:

I think it’s over priced for 10,000mah

Damanteg Singh says:

360p gang

Sheila Dey says:

I’ve a 9 feet amazonbasics usb type a to type c cable which is very useful for me check that out

Yi Le says:

Your daughter is very lovely. She looks very like you.

Mike Trieu says:


Chris Schwan says:

Thanks for the review. It’s unfortunate power banks don’t have built in wireless charging.

Joe Satchton says:

Max: You need to pop on over to Hong Kong. Computer heaven Sham Shui Po area and cell phone heaven Mong Kok offer what is probably the largest retail selections of power banks on earth, including 10,000 mah QC3.0 brands/models that appear to be slimmer and sexier than those you feature here. 😀

기아v12 says:

얼른 밧데리아재 채널에도 영상 올려주세요 ㅠ
많은 한국 분들이 당신의 영상을 기다리고 있어요 ㅠ 얼른 밧데리아재 영상 보고싶거덩여? ㅠ

Kevin Bowie says:

Thank you Max for making a fresh new power bank video!! I recently got my old power bank stolen(at work) :/. Now, I’m looking for a new power bank.

FOB. 116 says:

nice reviews bro

baneen87 says:

Nice hat.. Great review

James Carson says:

Max thanks for the vid, i travel Amtrax alot and the sleepers only have the one outlet. And most time I use my Lenovo laptop to charge my phone. I think I might look into buying the Crave brand thanks again.

Birthdaycakes says:

Max, do you really daily drive the OG pixel xl over the 2 xl? I’m guessing it’s cause of the headphone jack? haha

neorick27 says:

Don’t lie, you know that was a slip about wearing them skinny jeans. Lol

Damanteg Singh says:

I still have the tqka

CryptoCult N.Y.C. says:

12000mAh – Dogee BL12000

Randy Ochoa says:

Your still rocking the v20 like me

jo8168 says:

How about weight?

Chris Cas says:

hey max

Anthony Robertson says:

I use the Samsung 5,XXX Fast charge power bank but this one seems better. It only has one port to charge, charges via micro usb as it is an old product I’ve had mine since Note 5, but it does charge fast and had fast passthrough charging.

brp1264 says:

Any QI powerbanks you’d recommend? Most I see are lightening cable oriented.

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