Aukey 10,000mAh Quick Charge 2.0 USB Power Bank!

Here’s a review of Aukey’s new 10,000mAh Quick Charge 2.0 USB Power Bank for devices like Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 4, LG G4, and HTC One M9.

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Garrett Lee
Djay Kennedy
Justin Shobe

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Taha Wajahat says:

+Max Lee show us your setup some day
And I am also Asian
And I am also high on android

Israel Jauregui says:

you didn’t put nexus 6 in the description ):

InAFr3nzy says:

Can you gives us a general idea of the weight fully charged. Would I have to tighten my belt and keep pulling my pants up if I carry one in my pocket?

B. Mamentu says:

Unfortunately, this power bank does not QC2.0-certified, as not in this list

HailToA7X says:

Thumbs up for that ending 😀

Eric Yu says:

Will this charge USB type c products faster too?

Mark Jayson Aquino Miranda says:

Question sir.. is it work in Zenfone 2? in quick charging?

Bálint Daniel Pápics says:

Does anyone know how could I get one? I live in Hungary (Europe) and can’t find it on ebay. I’ve checked the amazon link, but it doesn’t ship to Hungary. Appreciate the help.

cyigen85 says:

Do you know the smallest powerbank in 10,000mAh quick charge 3.0 with two USB port out?

Andre Lara says:

can you confirm it works with the G4 ?

Tech Concentrate says:

Can u test it with the OnePlus one? I wanna get one of these but wanna know if its gonna charge faster compared to traditional Power banks. Thanks +Max Lee 🙂

luis moralezz says:

max is it better than cheero ?

Shindouz Hirono says:

I heard swapping your battery frequently on the back of your phone will damage your device over time. So is this more worth it than a extra battery kit for the note 4 on the downside this requires 25 mins to get up to 50% charged while  an extra battery kit offers a 100% full charged immediately after swapped. Any opinions?

Alexander Salazar says:

this is a great product. this is so helpful with my m8

xxgg says:

Just for the fact that you can QuickCharge the pack itself is a huge plus…. because it would take long time to charge up 10Ah pack.

Also note that not all cable themselves have high quality wires.   So buy yourself a USB power monitor for few dollars and test if it can support high current.
Actually my old Galaxy Nexus micro USB max out at only 1.35amps but another cable form GN did upto 1.65a

So what I am saying is test out each and every cable you use.  You might have all this time been using a cable that wasn’t up to the task.

Tw1steD247 says:

Epic find Max. Thanks a million for sharing.

LifeAssWithAFamousStar Vick says:

Hello what if i wanted to get the aukey 15000mah quick charge 2.0 usb power bank do u recommend this one or the 10000mah one

DivineFEARLESS says:

What are the better solar power banks you have tried? I have a poweradd solar version that doesn’t charge in sunlight even if left out all day in the desert.

MrRiggyRiggs says:

My Nexus 4 has quick charging..;)

Andrew Cacpal says:

How can I know if my LG G3 support quick charge???

Jason DiLaurentis says:

It’s uses Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 but it support Galaxy S6 which is Exynos. Wow, nice.

Gary Scalise says:

Always need an extra charger.

Lowkey says:

copycat of mi power bank

Sam A. says:

Thanks for reviewing this product, Max. I was looking forward to buying this power bank 2 weeks ago, but now that you mention that there’s a giveaway, I’ll see if I can win it. Lol

SteamedBanana says:

so i was trying to get titanium backup to use my ext sd card instead of my system storage cus it said my ext sd card wasnt writable. i tried to fix this by doing this: After i added the extra line and rebooted, my phone’s memory got stuck in read only mode. How do i fix this? someone please help me! 🙁 (on a galaxy s3)

Gandy Guerrero says:

If i may ask, what are your thoughts on anker portable chargers?

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