50800mAh Jump Starter – Amazing Power Bank For All Uses!

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– Battery capacity: 50800mAh.

– Input: 15V, 2A.

– Output: 5V/2A, 12V/2A,16V/3.5A,19V/3.5A.

Output Voltage at auto start:12V

Output Voltage at Laptop : 19V

– Dimension: 165*75*40mm

– USB Output: 5V-2A

– Charge Mode: CC/CV 15V-1A

– Start Current: 200A

– Peak Current: 400A (3S)

– Cycle Life: 1500 times

– Applicable temperature range: -20-60 Celsius


Kriss Kringle says:

I MUST ADD_ I BOUT ANOTHER VERSION OF THIS PRODUCT FROM CHENZEN and it burst into flames as I managed to get it out of my house as it was snapping the screws from the housing. It had Polymer batteries inside and a thin strip electronics on the other.. ALL PRODUCTS THAT HAS 40,000+ and being hand held are SCAMS

peter van says:

50 A/h in that tiny thing?
Yeah right.
Put together with 5 x 10,000 mA/h, 18650 rechargeable Chinese batteries, I’ll bet.

MauriatOttolink says:

1 second ago
I got a full refund and “NO! DON’T SEND IT BACK!”
They obviously know the score.
I now have a very good torch, flasher and a useful source of low level current 12 Volts for low power, bench projects.
Capacity? :- A 30w quartz halogen light, drained it from fully charged , down to barely lit in 25 mins. Do the Ohms Law. Power = Voltage X Current and
Current = Voltage ÷ Resistance.
Remember that it couldn’t keep a 30W lamp alight for 25 minutes.

The 19 volt function works OK except that nearly my nearly flat, laptop drained the
fully charged power bank in less than 10 mins.

Compare the thickness of the leads and the posts of your car battery against the piddling little connector. No chance of delivering a starting current for a starter motor.

Can’t even use it to charge the cell phone because below a certain level of current
the battery circuit detects “insufficient output” and within a couple of minutes or less, it times out!
I can only reckon that the video is click-bait.

Nasser Al-Ghamdi says:

perfect but not for lenovo laptop I really like it

Derek Johnson says:

To all the trolls on here commenting about no battery test. IT COMES WITH A STICKER THAT SAYS IT IS CERTIFIED! AND IT IS MADE IN TAIWAN SO IT IS QUALITY!

adolf hitler says:

Bu bizim televizyonu calistirir

ppdan says:

Fast charging? If that was 50800mAh that would be 50 hours to charge the pack with that 1A charger.
No way this little thing is 50800mAh that’s about the capacity of a car battery!!!

MRWHITE3535 says:

Be nice if you showed it starting a vehicle

ThunderVolt10 says:

Note: You cannot bring this powerbank thru airport due to huge battery capacity.



Tom Thumb says:

How do you charge this thing? I bought one on Amazon and it won’t charge outside the charge it came with. I have it plugged in and the lights are flashing but still only 2 lights are stable of 4. Piece of junk if you ask me…and I know you didn’t but save your money and don’t buy this piece of trash!!

Danny Danny says:


loveonfire says:

i live in canada and the link in the description says shipping cost is $1800.00 almost 2 grand!?!?!?

S C says:

8,000-10,000 mah at the absolute best is my prediction (wouldn’t be surprised if it was 6aH)

Giampiero Murgia says:


Lael Grant says:

Anyone know if these can output BOTH 12v from the barrel jack and 5V from USB at the same time?

GermanAnimeFans says:

Ya know, I downvote any video of people who start it in a stupid ass way by saying “what is going on?”. Seriously…could you start your video any stupider? I still gave you the benefit of a doubt until you started equating weight to capacity and you definitely sealed the deal when you claimed that the charger would charge the power bank quickly, because it used 12V….while it’s quite obvious that it’s a slow one, because it can only charge at 1A… Damn you’re incompetent…How you could fill 10 minutes with no information is beyond me…

hein von franco says:

Let’s go dancing. Hey, bring with your disco lights. Lol

Tony Rigo says:

Let’s see it start a car

Moin Ud Din says:

hello tell me this is true capacity 50800mah

Tatiana Mia says:

We need a real car starting demonstration……!

ian nick says:

And the question is, how much minimum mah we should buy to really jump start a dead battery car??

s s says:

50k means 50ah !!!! it is not possible

Александр Гордюта says:

Купить в Украине: http://beru.com.ua/jumpstarter.html

Vlogger Hakan says:

Tanıtım için iletişime geçin

noor shanto says:


shahab ali says:

i have used this jump starter after then i have returned its not good.please dont fool anyone.

Олег Кузьмин says:


Tom Robie says:

More like true 50,800 mA ( milliamperes) instead of the silly typo label as mAh.

intra morph says:

i know this is an old video but just to warn you about keeping this unit inside your car. In the summer time when the temps are high the li-ion batteries don’t like heat and so just be careful where you put it inside of the car and make sure the temps don’t exceed 150F which is very easy in the summer time inside a vehicle

John Michael Stock says:

50.8Ah @ 12v.. NO chance in hell for a package that size.

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