5000mAh weather resistant solar charger power bank field use review.

5000mAh weather resistant solar charger power bank. Field use review. I go into field use observations of this inexpensive gear item. Also go over a t potential issue. A powered input micro USB port.


nzbeeker says:

How would these go on a tank bag on a motorcycle, for charging camera batteries at the end of the day?

Pennsylvania Woodsman says:

I tried to find one like that on Ebay for under $10 but couldn’t find any. Have a link? If I can get one under $10 I’ll buy one, take it apart, and evaluate it in my lab.

Lenny Baez says:

saved me a couple bucks, thanks man.

Maff T UK says:

Nice Job, thanks for the heads up. I found that useful, Cheers Maff

Roger Lamb says:

We  was looking at a charger similar to this, thank you for the review

Commerce World says:

Hello friend! I want to ask : How much time from a full 100% charge, will burn continuously embedded in it ,the led flashlight ? Did you test it? Well, or at least tell me approx.

VE3FAL1_Fred says:

Hey Mega, I just took the yellow one on a 10 day canoe trip, I bought it in Vegas actually last February and survived a few trips this winter and survived and did a great job on my camera gear. However on this past trip a few weeks ago it failed, what happened is while in my canoe barrel in my pelican box, it looks like part of the solar charging system has failed and it will not charge any longer on the panel, but through USB battery still charges just fine. Just wanted to add that in, when carrying try and protect the panels.

Yafie A Raihan Productions says:

This Stuff I Recognize As Useless Stuff In Indonesia. Especially In Rainy Season. The Proof Was Both Solar Power Bank That Has Same Color As The Video Shows In That My Own Were RUINED. Especially In Overcast/Rainy Days And Both Were Placed On Chartered 2013 Toyota Rush G Variant & Later In My 2010 Toyota Kijang Innova G Variant. After My House Got A Renovation. Both Solar Power Bank Has Forgotten.

Commerce World says:

OK, thanks, clear. How to make mathematical calculations on the subject, when there is a battery (for example = 5000 mAh ) and a lamp on 1-10 watts. How to find continuous work?

Bill Robinson says:

Excellent review, thanks!

WiGGuT says:

can u charge these power banks with micro usb port?

Gerret Outdoors says:

I have wondered about those for a long time now. Great review.

Rodolfo Marques Bombonato says:

Damn dude, thanks for your determination! You get a new subscriber!

Bruiser 38 says:

so what’s with the bells again?

Nicholas Pope says:

I use one of these regularly.  I think the solar panel just puts a little charge into it while sitting.  I go into the woods fully charged and it last topping off my Samsung every evening, for a few days.  A Goal Zero would probably do better charging it than the little solar panel built in.  I think for the price it is a usefully device.  If fully charged do not leave in the sun.  It will expand the batteries.

Graham Siberry says:

I’m an electrician and knew that solar cell would be basically useless on those clip on lights. I’m considering buying the renogy e-flex 10 off amazon and then buying a seperate anker possibly or something else of decent quality portable 10 000mah battery bank. Any thoughts?

Survival Club Canada says:

Are you walking with bear bells? Your the first guy on YouTube I’ve seen using them. Definitely a longer term option than a conventional power pack. My Anker Powercore will do several full charges. Judging your analysis, might be more hype on those little gizmos.

NIKOS DOULAS NikGyver says:

i had bought on about 12$..for the price it works for emergency.with one full charge,i charging my cat b25(1300mah) and my olympus tg 810 camera(925mah)..also charging with the sun.i had left it outside winter,cloundy and little bit rainy days with dead battery and the battery was full after almost 7 days..in sunny day i think dont need much time.dont looks waterproof,i have it in a clear-view waterproof case.also keeps storage the battery energy for some months.cool the flashlight feature,not very bright but good for basic uses.for chinese low price its fair deal


Double click to get off.

Ivy Claire Saliganan says:

I subbed 🙂

Wilderness Warriors says:

on the blue power pack I believe that an input diode is failed. a failed diode can still pass voltage to charge just not stop it from coming back and still give the voltage drop. all diodes create a voltage drop and that one seems failed but not an open circuit. I don’t think it is harmful for the device. but strange.

ArthurMagno says:

I’m not an expert but I think the live usb input might indicate that the + and – of the usb socket are connected straight to the battery + and – terminals. But then, wouldn’t it explode if connected to 5V? How is it beeing regulated to a maximum of 4.2V? Odd.

Demiweeb says:

had an eight dollar yellow one on my back the entire 2017 boyscout jamboree and it did not charge solarly at all, luckily there were charging stations around

James Lane says:

Good review power Banks when I leave the house to go camping my battery fully charged in my phone would be more than enough power for the phone with me

AverageActor910 says:

will it charge from daylight even if its off?

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