$3 Tech-1 USB Mobile & Tablet Powerbank (Product Review)

Got this powerbank from Dollarama. For $3, I figured it was worth a try. So how does this inexpensive powerbank fare?


Freedom Within says:

thanks for your review. I just bought one myself thinking it could be handy in the summer when at the lake or hiking etc. Your review was pretty much what I was expecting the outcome of the battery etc…..( mine is charging atm for the first time) I haven’t actually used it yet so will see how it goes 🙂

Dale Sands says:

I just bought one from Dollarama. I use it to restart my phone when an app kicks the phone off and won’t restart on its’s own. It seems Android created some kind of problem with an upgrade over the last few months and the fix is to send the phone in for repair. Being unemployed it can’t afford that so hopefully this will keep things running until I become employed again.

Mark The vloger says:

I’m buying 3 battery packs.

Mark The vloger says:

I bought the battery pack 3

Mark The vloger says:

Now it’s $4 because dollerama has increased the price for this battery pack

Rootbrian says:

If you gently pry the cover off of the device, it will reveal inside, an 18650 li-ion battery, either generic, or samsung branded, which sits inside a loose compartment and is completely removable. They’re sold out now, and the Onn branded one (from wal-mart) is much the same, but the battery is welded to the contacts, and it performs poorly. I tested it myself with three other 2600 mAh 18650’s.

GKJ says:

For anyone wondering, it charged my phone to 37%. Don’t expect it to charge your phone any more than that.

TTCkid5300 Shepardyongebloorscarbrouh says:

This battery pack is good for trips and planes and cars without a USB port I will buy a few I have a dollerama nere me!!

TTCkid5300 Shepardyongebloorscarbrouh says:

I have the black one yay!

Higzy Teflon says:

I got mine today at Dollarama for $4 and thought I would look it up online. Good and thorough product review. Well done! Thanks for sharing.

Dixie H says:

Thank you for this video! No one else explained how to tell when the power bank was fully charged and ready to use. Thanks for the heads up on the charger cord. I will make sure to test mine out.

SkunkQC says:

Great review. Good job.

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