YouTube Gear #1 | Blue Yeti!

Showcasing the gear that makes the videos happen!

Blue Yeti Blackout Edition:

Video Gear I use:



Beta Squadron says:

weegee thinks you are trash for using that mic

Taliouce says:

That’s not the pro..

Tech And Gear says:

guys can u help me get 20 more subs plz!
target: 150 subs plz help only 20 more needed!

Angela Miller Davis says:

You are a good presenter, well done!

Bad Max says:

subbed aaaaaaaaa :=)

1102 Cuber says:

I’d just like to point out… You said its the Yeti pro… Its not, its just a normal yeti

The kitty gamer says:

You’ve got bug eyes

Tech And Gear says:

guys can u help me get 20 more subs plz!
target: 150 subs plz help only 20 more needed!

Models Workshop says:

You need to do these again!

Zeuro Maker says:

You were practically robbed by buying this thing, I hope people don’t keep buying this thing and get a good mic

(before people get mad, you CAN get better mice than this, it’s like the apple of mics, it’s pretty overpriced, does the job yet for the price range makes it waaay too expensive for the quality bought
#no hate just recommending)

Alex says:

This is not the yeti pro …its the normal blue yeti!

Wesley Brand says:

I heard usb mics are inferior to xlr mics. How does the blue yeti pro sound though

Azam marodz says:

nice content bro i now know which microphone good for my gaming :3

Robert Horovitz says:

Would you recommend this mic for doing a person to person interview?

Thanh Nguyen says:

I legit love this mic, Mine came with a free copy of wildands lol

jazziemarie says:

more of these videos please

spultra2 says:

Guys you can get mics of better quality for a smaller price.

vibememes says:

Please dont buy this

Adrian Musteata says:

Looks nice. Professional. I am thinking of getting one. Your YouTube channel is really helpful… Thanks a lot.

Tappan Peterson says:

I’m going to be recording youtube videos with my S7 edge, and I was wondering if this would be a good option for the audio? I want a mic that will replace the phone’s mic for video, not something to create a voice over track to be spliced in post. I’ll be at a desk so I don’t need something portable. I’m using my S7 edge because I have it already and I like how quick the focus is. Thank you very much for your input.

BigBlazeYT says:

you should do an elgato hd60

Goyal Technical says:

Hiii this.mic is directly connected yo nikon d5500 dslr pls replay me

UK news says:

hi, i am interested in your audio? how to get the best audio?

ITzDennis says:

Does the Blue Yeti Work on the Ps4
Please Can Someone please Answer My Question
Thank you

Dylan Schacht says:

Hey what mic are you using in this video?

Gold says:

اصحاب مشهور هنا ؟ #سعودي_قيمرز

Haxtrich says:

420 dislikes

Haze Baze says:

For what is the Gain? I’m new in this kind of Microphones. I use only Headsets but buyed today this mircophone.

Malin Yamato af Läckö says:

why are the room of you tech reviewers so damn tidy and clean. This is not how normal ppl live.

Sk8r Gamer says:

i have a blue snowball and a logitech hd c615

Cloistered Heels says:

Content first… hmm. What bumps me is that Blue microphones are not available at all from where I am at. I am not a fan of online shopping, at least not for physical items anyway. Hearing you said content first, motivates me. I am using an ‘okay’ mic though. People can hear my voice clearly but not as good as pro youtubers. I enjoyed your video, bro. Gonna sub.

Naughtystimpy says:


Matias Gomez says:

the yeti pro have xlr conector…

Matt Mac says:

that yeti is fucking shit. avoid usb mics. the converters are just shit

jazziemarie says:

can you review the blue snowball ice please.

patplays says:

this is old ik but is there like an actual USB cord to put in the USB slot for your monitor,pc,or laptop?

CaronShaine says:

I’m curious what type of sennheiser mic did you use? Cause it sounded great!

Dario D'Aversa says:

Awesome review, thank you!

PandaWorth says:

got it for 70

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