XLR vs USB Microphones, Which Should You Buy?

In today’s video, I discuss which microphone you should buy; an XLR mic or a USB mic. I cover the Pros & Cons of each microphone ecosystem, and explain which mic is right for different situations.

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Caleigh Rogalski says:

thank you!

Rivius says:

Always XLR, without a doubt!


1 issue with any USB device that does happen is the device will stop functioning and
Windows will say that it has either malfunctioned or Windows cannot find the drivers
required to install and some people may need to troubleshoot the problem.
With XLR I have no prior experience with it but if I made a assumption then if people went
with the Phantom Power route then the Microphone will run a lot more optimized and you will never get any random disconnects so they are more power efficient and more reliable
since USB devices just randomly disconnect and if people are broadcasting then the last
thing a person will want is to troubleshoot their USB Microphone.
For ease of use XLR with Phantom Power seems way more of a better deal and option to me.

PS I will be buying a XLR mic with Phantom Power.

Flyer777 says:

Just bought an XLR. Glad I did!

SickMetalAddict says:

My opinion: USB if you just need one microphone (and no music). XLR if you need several

gula-gula getah sabah says:

In terms of sound quality, which one is better?

Christopher McManus says:

I found that very helpful , as someone who is not educated in media, I have no clue what I am looking at though I have found your videos are useful , I think I will go for a USB as I am wanting to start a YouTube / Facebook channel after university of doing character voice impressions

Nicholas Sage says:

Fk all this, its almost useless info, USB picks up more noise, more PRO recordings are done on XLR because of this but even so some expensive USB mics are great too
For me its how mic sounds and how much noise it generates and can i work around that noise

thebattousi1 says:

Very helpful, thank you.

acousticghelo says:

I have s problem on my st2020 usb+..it has crackling sounds after minutes of use..

RagingRaygun says:

To those looking to get into voice acting be aware most employers will require you use an XLR as the quality tends to be better for such a thing



Read more

Drill says:

Thanks, i was about to waste alot of money, im bout to start a home studio. So XLR mic if what i need and i watched to vid about the xlr to ubs and it help me make my decision. Thanks

cool fruit says:

You just buy a dynamic one and a xlr-usb cable and you’re done 😛

Great Eagle says:

Where is aston spirit?I don’t see a vedio for it from u

Michuxdd says:

Does it affect sound anyhow?


could dynamic microphones be used for voice over without interface

peje pero no lagarto says:

Like me ayudo mucho tu video ¡Thank’s!

John Loppnow says:

Very helpful. I was looking for this exact info. Much appreciate!

Whatever says:

Video idea: What to use in what situations? Small room with loud instruments, large room with quiet instruments, outdoors, etcetera.

Richard Ramsowr says:

Good Job and informative topic.

MidnightMarrow says:

Aaaaaand the dumbest part of it really is the fact that in the end they’re essentially both USB and quite plug and play, just 2 more plugs while the XLR gives you a bunch more shit you can tweak before it reaches the PC if you choose.

Andrew Entertainment says:

USB it’s easier to use

Sid Sid says:

can u tell ur opinion ? ..which is the best for song recording

That Guy says:

XLR for music
USB for podcasts

Michael Crowe says:

I use a U.S.B. microphone to record directly to my phone..The audio quality is very good…

Madam Blue says:

What was the table mount microphone brand/model you held up?

Can Dogancan says:

again a very important subject with a great video.

Tariq Lacy says:

This video has me thinking… what are the cons to buying two USB microphones and plugging them into the same computer, versus buying an interface that accepts two XLR inputs?

With the new iPad Pro coming out, I’m hoping that a condenser mic with USB like the Marantz MPM-2000U can work as a plug and play device so I can record while I’m out and about. At home, I’ve really got my eye on the LCT 440 Pure for recording voiceovers and music, but obviously the price is a little high (I can buy two 2000Us for the same price as one LCT). Audio is important, but convenience is perhaps more important to me. Would you have any suggestions?

John Maksym says:

As someone who runs both xlr and USB I like how I can just hook up a USB mic to a laptop and go. That being said xlr mics are seen as a more professional standard. How ever I have hooked up 3 USB mics to one pc and recorded without any issue. I don’t need to care as much gear with usb mic.

Ranjit Ratnaike says:

Thank you very much. Excellent review which has answered many questions very clearly. Most grateful!

fairyvoices says:

Love you. Thank you

icyremy says:

Thank YOU !

julian Orozco says:

been thinking about getting into podcasting, so I really appreciate your videos. I was looking into the XM8500 and I really liked it, especially for the price. The only problem is that it only has an XLR option. I think a USB option would be easier for me to use. Do you know of any mics that are similar to the XM8500 (Dynamic) but are USB? I’ll copy and paste this onto your Dynamic vs Condenser video in case you don’t see it here.

Skan Seth Terloch says:

I have a Blue Yeti Pro – and im not audio savvy. I stream alot and people are telling me to get an interface to make it sound better, what do you think?

Robin Bishankhi says:

what about digitech am4129 microphone which can be used both with usb and interface through xlr should i buy that?

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