USB MIC WEEK: Audio Technica ATR-2100 USB review

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Keb Andrews says:

I’ve yet to hear a USB I’d purchase

FashionBuzz says:

Perhaps this microphone will sound good in XLR mode using the iRig pro I/O interface for mobile podcasting on a smartphone.

Anti Fitness Hipster Army says:

Keep on going, i hope you get big on youtube one day

Frank Botos says:

Could I ask what sort of settings/EQ one would use on this microphone? What sort of gain? And speaking distance from the mic? Would really appreciate it, thanks!

DefaultGen says:

In short: “The selling point of this mic is that it’s easy to buy something better!”

Dan Camarda says:

Who you kidding Mike? You ALWAYS screw up the intro, and leave it in the video. It’s like your shtick.. so.. we know it’s on purpose any more.. c’mon.. =D

AAA W says:

It doesn’t turn on when plug xlr

D. Gump says:

“The talkin’ end?” I’m dead. Great videos, just got this mic, a Behringer mixer, and have Reaper set up for voice over. Thank you so much!

Sesli Düşünüyorum says:

pop filter needed

Smellsbad Gaming says:

Replaced my Blue Snowball with this microphone. Use it with USB. It is so much better. Great microphone for the price.

nevinwebster says:

I have a 2005 & a 2100… I plug them into my H4N. Can I used the headphones jacks? Or do I need to add power via USB?

Mossy Mudruffin says:

Great mic for the money! Good for YouTube gaming videos, etc. when you’re trying to quiet the keyboard, etc. Also, throw it on camelcamelcamel and get it for much less than $70. I got my two for about $40 each last year. Budget, no doubt, but very solid and flexible mic. But ya, it’s not a VO mic…wasn’t meant to be.

birdsonthehood eatingpopcorn says:

I have a hard time hearing what you hear in a mic. Or what makes a mic sound good or not.

Sure, you let us hear his and other sounds the mics make, and that helps me to understand what a good mic sounds like. But other times when you are demonstrating the performance of two different products I can sometimes not hear ny difference. Other times I think one sounds better and it isn’t the one that you like.

You make it clear that it all boils down to how the sound to the VO artist’s ear. Well, I am an aspiring VO guy and I don’t know that it really is up to ME to determine if it sounds good if my goal would be to have OTHERS think my equipments sounds good.

And I can’t yet trust my ear.

How do I train my ears?

Lionheart Roar says:

I don’t hear alot of hiss with this mic..that’s great!

sof ka says:

I’ve bough that mic 2y ago, I’m very happy with it
Nice to hear a pro commenting it. Cheers from Brussel (Belgium)

The Transplant Helper says:

Also I had the Yeti before this one I like ATR much better.

odirile kedibonye says:

I want to sing with this microphone

karlawson says:

I use the atr-2500 USB side-address for amateur voice over work (fan dubs, commercials, voice acting and storytelling) and I saw the huge leap from a crappy pc mic or earphone lapel-style mic. And as much as I would love to say that it does everything, I really should invest in a good XLR mic with a good pre-amp. If you had one of those, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.. maybe I’ll send it to you to review 😉 Been watching for a year or so and I have to say I love your videos. keep it up, man!

Dracomies says:

This is Mike’s audio in this review but I added EQ on his audio and I removed the pops. —-> Sounds pretty kick ass for a $64 mic imho.

La Hora Maker says:

I’ve been using this microphone to record my podcast for the last two years. I use them with a Zoom H6 (or Yamaha MG10X) using XLR. I do appreciate from this mic,  it doesn’t pick up that much background noise, given a neighbor loves to practice saxophone and streets are quite noisy. I’ve also used these extensively to record podcast interviews all around the world (without having them break at all). I also do agree the USB quality is not impressive indeed, but with a decent recorder… they sound quite good for the price.

ULGY Duckling says:

omg huh!! lol do you like the mic or not… i love all the info but your just rambling like what are the MAIN POINTS?…this does not take 16 WHOLE MINUTES TO REVIEW.

Garage Door Guide says:

Looking for best foam pop filter for the atr2100…any recs?

Keb Andrews says:

Sounds way too digital for my taste

RedSkaal says:

This sounds better than a lot of your other shows. Just saying

Duncan Lindsey says:

Would to do a review of the Pyle PDMIC58? Also, the Pyle PDMIC78 with the Shure A81WS windscreen? Those mics are only 13 bucks and I have the PDMIC58 running through my Behringer 802 mixer. I think it sounds great but I wanted your opinion before I bought the PYLE PDMIC78 with that Shure windscreen.

??? ??? says:

Not for professional use, but for someone who wants a good mic without spending too much, its not bad for $65

Dracomies says:

You need a pop filter with this microphone. It’s such a great mic, imho, for the money but you absolutely need to use the $2.99 fuzball pop filter. Also as other people mentioned, this sounds a hell of a lot better than your Blue Yeti videos, proving that for half the price you can get a mic that sounds better than a Yeti. Highly underrated mic imho. A lot of its flaws can be fixed with equalization as well.

Matthew Knight says:

Yeah sounds great inside a ”sound” proof box how about a real world video and not a studio video? Any dumb Microphone will sound good in a sound proof box the real test comes in when you’re recording in a room with fans running.

Judge Victor says:

Hey Mike, huge fan of your channel. I really have learnt so much from you, I have been doing a lot of reading and have listened very carefully to your opinions and recommendations. I unfortunately bought a USB mic (AT2020+) for video recording and streaming but I’m obsessed with the audio. I was really disappointed by the quality when I received my ATH-m50X headphones and heard what the sound sounds like. Thus I’ve been looking at a combination of AT2035 and Steinberg UR22 MK2, The price is currently setup at €275 for both devices. I would really love your thoughts on this if you find the time and energy.

TraceComplete says:

I have not tried the ATR-2100USB, but I’ve used most of the other USB/XLR microphones in the line and as a live producer the best thing about it I’ve found is that the XLR on most (all?) of these remains hot even when the USB is in use. I can take the XLR and send it to the mixer and send the USB to a different PC to send a very clear voice through Skype or Discord.

Also, the Knox Audio knockoff of the 2005USB is fell-off-the-back-of-the-truck good.

Shi Womino says:

LOL. Awful. Grab something used off eBay instead of spending $70 new on something like this.

Dan Wright says:

I really enjoy your videos, Mike.

Mark Dillon says:

As a podcaster I used one and liked it but have since upgraded to a RODE NT1 as I moved into vo.

I did use a windscreen and a boom arm with a shock mount. I hated that blue light…covered it with black electric tape!

Dilley_Esq says:

4:50 So whats a $35 microphone that you recommend? For starters in podcasting…. not voiceover actors.

Sean's DIY & Reviews says:

I assume its the same with XLR?

Jonathan Russell says:

Mike, I know you’ve done a review/test of the Zoom H5 for VO, but, especially if you round this off with a bit of side-by-side comparisons, it would be interesting to see how the Zoom, using the standard XY capsule, stacks up against all these USB mics since it basically has the capability of performing as such while also offering the host of other available features. And, while it would be at the higher end of the price range for USB mics, it’s only slightly more expensive than the Yeti Pro. In thinking about what you’ve mentioned about growing room, I thought it might deserve a mention as a potential base of a starter kit since it’s so easy to jump into a better mic without having to immediately add anything more than that better mic and an XLR cable.

charlie brownau says:

Gday. Which might would you recommend for PC gaming , podcast and youtube that only picks up your vocals/voice around in front of the mic , picks up nothing behind the mic and does not pickup ambient noise around the room ??? AT2020 , AT2040 ?? Budget under USD$250 please and I have an XM8500 + Preonus M7 mic connected to Audiobox USB currently

birdsonthehood eatingpopcorn says:

Is there a way you would act as a mic consultant for a fee?

EVERY time I start looking at used mics online I am ALWAYS wishing I could get your advice of which mic I should pick from those available on Amazon or Ebay at any particular time of day or night. I am sometimes paralyzed by the thought of passing up a real gem of a bargain by simply limiting my would-be choices to what I have learned from watching your reviews and Bandrew’s at Podcastage.

And I have been doing this for so long now without having ever done any VO work, I think I am becoming “that guy” who talks and talks about a thing without ever DOING the thing.

(Roger Willoughby in the 1960’s film, “Man’s Favorite Sport” The recognized expert “outdoorsman” who has never been an outdoorsman! LOL)

birdsonthehood eatingpopcorn says:

What low cost or budget microphones would make sure a VO newb was NOT losing work because of the cheap microphone sound?

What mic provides good enough performance where the client is unlikely to reject my services just due to the mic noise or low quality of the sound? (Yes, I am aware of the role played by room acoustics.)

Mike W says:

I recently bought the ATR2100 as a first mic for podcasting. I like the sound of it a lot and like the XLR connector for future use.

It does come with a very thin windscreen inside the metal mesh cover (at east mine did) but it does little to stop plosives.
I bought a cheap windscreen to go with it, and together they help greatly with plosives plus (I think) help improve the sound quality.

My only negative (and it’s my problem) is this mic (and perhaps all mics) has “off-gassing” from the rubber-like material that sticks into the tube. I’m super sensitive to off-gases and am airing it out on sunny days hoping to dispel the gases with time

I’ve found a company called Windtech that makes hypoallergenic windscreens which might also help.

Thom PDX says:

The CBS podcast THE TAKE OUT uses these in their chain. They are great for noisy environments and it works well for their purposes.

birdsonthehood eatingpopcorn says:

What are actual VO artists using, mic wise? What are the average VO pros like yourself, spending on their permanent mics? You like the CAD E-100s, the TLM-103 and the Sennheiser shotgun, I know.

What working professionals use less expensive mics? Yes, it depends on how the mics make their voices sound, but I am still curious.

Is there a guy or gal as successful in the business as you are, who uses an MXL 2001, or a Behringer XM-8500. Are any working pros using mics that are of that quality?

Are there any large diaphragm condenser mics at the $100 level which are NOT recommended if they sound good on your voice and to your ears?

What about at the $150 level?

Lionheart Roar says:

XLR huge difference

Michael Iampietro says:

What shirt/clip mic do you use when filming your set up videos?

Gatito curioso says:

Thanks Trevor for the final message <3

serpentu says:

I have the same mic and have juuuust started trying to record long form. And i’m noticing a lot of mouth sounds both on my recordings and, surprisingly, a fair bit on this video as well. Can this be simply the mic that’s accentuating them? (It’s my first mic and i don’t know better)

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