USB Mic Shootout: Review & Audio Comparison – Blue Yeti vs Snowball vs Audio Technica AT2020

USB Mic Shootout: Review & Audio Comparison – Blue Yeti vs Snowball vs Audio Technica AT2020

This is our review and comparison between three of the most popular UBS microphones on the market today. We go head to head between the Blue Yeti, Blue Snowball and Audio Technica AT2020 USB Microphones. Check out the review and see who comes out on top!



Blue Yeti on Amazon:

Blue Snowball on Amazon:

Audio Technica AT2020 USB on Amazon:

USB Mic Shootout: Review & Audio Comparison – Blue Yeti vs Snowball vs Audio Technica AT2020
USB Mic Shootout: Review & Audio Comparison – Blue Yeti vs Snowball vs Audio Technica AT2020


mc wessam says:

2 min start the audio compression


How does the blue yeti compare to the at4050. Since video is so old, I don’t know if there is a newer version of blue yeti.

Mr and Mrs Eggs says:

Hi, what mic do you think that is best to record to people side to side in gameplays, rode podcaster, blue yeati or at2020 usb??

Cringeworthy Name says:

The blue yeti is better than all of these microphones. It sounds quite similar to the AT2020 and It has more features than the AT2020. In term of design,the AT2020 wins. It looks more professional and Is small. I don’t like how Blue design their Microphones.

Gio Arroyo says:

The yeti is the best

MLs WWE says:

The Yeti is better.

Irish Joker says:

I think the audio Technica sounds better

The Gaming Brothers says:

At2020 voice overs, blue yeti live comm, blue snowball low volume but it can do

WhenYouGoMadd says:

what audio interface are you using?

Rexifie says:

At2020 sounds better than all P.S. the at2020 *xlr* beats ALL of these

Tyler Nicolo says:

Why can’t I hear the difference in my headphones I got from a 25 cent gumball machine?

Ardel Ahmad 2 says:

at2020 wins

elaireband says:

Hmmmm. The Audio Technica AT2020 sounds a bit better to me.

EvilStreaks says:

Fair review but no audio comparison demo? :O

L1ndelman says:

Top mikro, very cheap

TIIXS TV says:

yeti wins

DmanEntertainments dme says:

not the bule yeti microphone 2020

VertexHero says:

I’m so conflicted! I need a mic for both voice and my acoustic guitar. The Blue Yeti wins for voice for me, but the Blue Yeti seems to “punchy” with the guitar (referring to your guitar audio test). Of course, it all depends on guitar, strings, environment, and 1,000,000 other things. The Audi Technica seems more fluid for me. Now granted, I play in fingerstyle 90% of the time, so the Blue Yeti might actually be a better fit with the punchy sound, due to my fingerstyle playing. Any thoughts on this?

jimbo says:

the at2020 sounded the best and it is the prettyest one of those 3

iMitchAlot says:

the at2020 isn’t bad at all from what i just heard on this video. It sounds just like the yeti, if my ears were working correctly lol.

rOBLOXplAYER35734 says:

Not if you get the arm

Kylie Ren says:

No gain controll, no game. This is a problem for singers

Billy Jones says:

I think the AT2020 sounds the best, and the AT2020 PLUS has headphone jack, volume control etc.

Ryanko Redstone says:

I actually liked the snowball

Exo scoPeZ says:

lol jonathan back in the day

Slaughter House Entertainment Company says:

yeti was better

Vengeon says:

at2020 won

Jared Salisbury says:

Why does his yeti say THX certified but none that i have found online do

Poppi says:

Maybe if the Yeti looked like the ATR-2020 of get the yeti

Marce Aviles says:

Thank you so much! I bought my first mic three months ago, the exact same style as the snowball you have, and I think it does a wonderful job for its price and for being a semi professional mic… However now that I’ve been doing some work I wanted to upgrade my mic and was really hesitant on which mic to buy… I was in between the At2020 or the Blue Yeti… And after so much research and your video I ended up getting a Blue Yeti! Thank you so much, your video was really helpful and one of the reasons I ended up getting the Blue Yeti 🙂

zx50 P says:

Did you have the Snowball pointed upwards towards your mouth? That might explain the lack of richness in your voice. I’ve watched other videos where the person’s voice has sounded nice and ‘full’ because of having the Snowball angled upwards towards their mouth.

cheap hydroponic says:

Audio Technica is way better

HueGaming says:

this guy looks gay in this

Flame Lame says:

2020 is better… in my opinion.

KnightsDawn says:

You did not test the sound pick up though. The Yeti picks up everything even with 70% on comp side and on lowest gain it still grabs mouse clicks and keyboards obnoxiously loud even in cardioid. The at2020 has more sound isolation and is better for voice overs.

CavingGaming says:

I have a Blue Snowball which shall I upgrade to the Yeti or the AT2020?

BakumanPlayzzz says:

lol 6 years old

Zed-Ex Gaming says:

I started on the snowball but have recently switched to the at2020 and it is so much better, if you’re interested in hearing the difference in quality just check out how I sound on my videos

Dazy Kid says:

which one is better for vocal covers/singing? Its between blue yeti and AT2020 .. which one should I get?

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