USB Mic Review Blue Yeti vs Fifine K669

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Noz says:

Great comparison video, love the music too man. Keep it up! (BTW, bought the fifine mic for the price, haha)

Rob Spud Cotton Jr says:

They both sounded good but when I recorded on the Yeti it sounded Good. Thanks for using me for this review!



WS says:

Hey bro what camera are you using to record the video on this? Both of the mics sound pretty tight with the Yeti sounding slightly better but for half that price of the Yeti the Fifine does an awesome job…

Vacced says:

Just ordered the Fifine k669, should be here in a week or so, i also bought a shock mount, boom arm and a pop filter to go with it. Should be nice.

Tim Melander says:

I got the Fifine k670, but found to get a good voiceover volume in Final Cut Pro X I have to turn the mic gain to max, the Mac input volume to 75%, and the voiceover gain to nearly max at 29 out of 31db, and then in post increase the gain from 0 – 12db. Can you tell me what your settings were? Mic sound is good, it is just the volume is so low.

Young & Alive says:

Blue yeti sound a lot more clear.

Un Dentista En Youtube says:

Great Video

Ab C. Def says:

The Yeti sounds better, but the Fifine still sounds perfectly good. If they cost the same, I’d pick the former. But for my purposes, the relatively small difference in quality doesn’t justify the fairly big difference in price.

in2Rafi says:

Considering price Fifine is winner. Considering quality Yeti is winner. For me as a YouTuber who still waiting for monetization Fifine is going to be the choice.

Boris Jakovljević says:

To me, K669 sounds much clearer, and the sound is crisper.

Harold Bayotas says:

What software do you use in recording vocals? I use audacity but i’m having difficulties in removing the background noise. I already have my fifine k699. And it’s so good, but I need to get rid of the background noise that’s on my recordings. Thanks!

SSnake says:


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