Turtle Beach USB Stream Mic Review / Test / Explained

In today’s video, I’m reviewing the Turtle Beach Stream mic. A $100 USB mic that is universally compatible with Windows, Mac, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

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Billy 204 says:

If your watching this in 2017 may they lowered the price on amazon and now it’s $53

Orion Sketches says:

4:33 what song is he singing?

Also thank you, you just saved me 100 bucks haha!

Yonn Lopez says:

No sound horrible.

Kalani1003 says:

how did he know i am an earthling?

Marc Anderson says:

sounds like your talking over skype all the time HORRIBLE JUST HORRIBLE

logtrax - Gameplays says:

wtf dont buy that mic its so bad

McNasty says:

just like all other turtle beach products. Overpriced garbage.

Charles Holt Jr says:

its not bad its just overprice

LicenZe2KillU says:

are you major nelson’s brother lol

Mighty_Crusier says:

0:29 Either way it sounds like crap…

Godin The Killer says:

It’s shit in the completely opposite reason why Blue mics are shit.

ZeGermanGamer says:

are they serious?! this mic sounds like shit!
compare it to the “Marantz Professional PodPack 1 USM” – okay, I know, the Marantz costs only about 50% of the Turtle Beach – BUT IT SOUNDS TWICE AS GOOD!

mr.w says:

i just bougt this mic and i hate it !!!!

Colbydoesgaming55 says:

Will this work to live stream to twitch because I have been looking for a pretty cheap and good headset

Conmaster10_tutorials YT says:

it sounds more like a acoustic mic

DwolfTV says:

Which mic do you recommend for a PS4 stream?

Big Deano Plays says:

Typical Turtlebeach product; overpriced and overhyped junk with the turtlebeach brand to try and trick console players into buying it. Heck even the modmic is far superior to this and its what, $35/£35?

Wsadgaming says:

can i use any usb with this? mine is missing one

PandaBytes says:

Turtle Beach is completely over rated IMO. All of their products are sub-par is quality and cost way to much for what you get.

SpicyConch Gaming says:

sf 920 sounds better than this

TechnoBeeKeeper says:

what about white????!!

Abdulaziz Asiry says:

There is something I do not understand with this MiC , I installed the program on my Mac, it asked me to set it to Xbox mode after I set it into Xbox mode, I can not find in the sound prefrences of My Mac , so I have to switch it again to PC mode and in that case the ear force audio hub program is no longer functioning because I changed the mode to PC mode to be recognized by MY mac so i can use the mic.

How can I solve this problem ?
I need your suggestion, Thank you for your review.

KingStivan says:

dang it the only review that has my name in it and the mic it self sucks 😛 anyways as usual top notch review ^^

NJBoden says:

lol $100 for this? Spend that money towards a blue yeti

minerboy3000 says:

I previously bought the bm-800, it came with a xlr-3.5 mm cable, what is the cheapest ways to make it sound good, love the vids

Jassem alr says:

Can you show us the stand mic you use it for the mic

explosive bacon says:

I love the review but I would disagree I like the stream mic regardless of build quality also anyone know what stand he is using I have been looking for one lately

TacosAndNachos says:

I bought mine for 160$ and lost the receipt fml!

LyingTuna says:

I’m glad I found this channel. It’s hands down the best resource for informative and well presented content regarding recording. Also wow this mic is garbage. I joked around about how it would probably sound like one of their headset mics when I first saw this listed on Amazon, but I didn’t expect that to be the truth.

Matthew Dionne says:

The turtle beach recon 60p (my mic) sounds better i got it for 40 $ and the soumd is amazing for game sound

Vex Sweaty says:

Sounds horrible

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