Top 5 Mics Under $50 – 2018

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Blue Snowball ICE – $49.99 on Amazon:

Fifine USB Mic – $27.99 on Amazon:

Samson Meteorite – $39.99 on Amazon: (lol no)

XLR setup 1 (XM8500) – $63.55
Behringer UM2 – $29.99 on Amazon:
Stand – $8.58 on Amazon:
XLR Cable – $5 on Amazon:
XM8500 – $19.98 on Amazon:

XLR setup 2 (PGA48) – $77.57
Behringer UM2 – $29.99 on Amazon:
Stand – $8.58 on Amazon:
PGA48 (w/ XLR cable) – $39 on Amazon:

XLR setup 3 (SM48) – $86.51
Behringer UM2 – $29.99 on Amazon:
Stand – $8.58 on Amazon:
XLR Cable – $5 on Amazon:
SM48 – $42.94 on Amazon:

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Dat Boii says:

Just buy a NEEWER kit with stand and power supply for 30 eur on amazon. more than enough for gaming and looks way more professional than all of these

Grand E says:


KinuBug Gaming says:

I have the Blue Snowball Ice, but my voice skips in recordings. How can I fix it? I’m using ElGato Game Capture HD60 Pro to capture my gameplay/voice.

The game slayer 32 says:

me have the finfine mick

Marc Gauci says:

I can’t ok my Xbox is a fucking taser it gives to much electricity and I have usb controller so the electricity just over powers the mic ok

Normad says:

blue snowball sounds perfect unless youre going for professional voice acting or other professional voice related things

imperfect cell says:

whay keyboard is that

Relaxz says:

I hot The Fifine It Was Worth It

Lewmanade F-EIGHT says:

It’s still sounds good

moolight says:

your using my brothers headphones, and it’s pretty crappy

Rigil Kentaurus says:

i just want a mic that dosnt make me sound like a kid

Jake B says:

Never suggest the PG series from shure 🙁

A used SM58 can be used to bludgeon a man to death then broadcast in the same evening. Love the channel, keep up the good work!!!!!


Nah, I’d rather get a more expensive mic.

liam the golden gamer says:

thats my headset XD

ForeverJake says:


Vully Vulcan says:

im kinda wearing the kotion each headset lol

ScotDoes_Stuf Wow says:


SharronC says:

Who the fuck still drinks MTD??Poll time
Edit: Who still drinks sorry.

flap jack says:

why shouldnt we use this 5:11 wire ?

Ava G says:

This helped a lot thank you

boom192channel says:

5:53 background noise from picking up mics, just after talking about the benefits of dynamic mic background noise suppression.

Mr. Riös says:

Fifine Looks nice … Buy soon

RagePlaysGHG says:

Thumbnail says Everything

Lucabratz says:

Top “5” Mics Under 50$…

Maybe it’s because they were going to include the BM/NW 700/800s

twistydart says:

im gonna buy the blue snowball im using my apple ear buds and when i try to scream it sounds like im talking normally when im talking i basically whispering

Julian Potter Music says:

That intro

vs424 says:

Cheap headset? I USE THAT HEADSET (not even kidding lol)

Carter Smith says:

But can afford a razer blade*

Becca The Bunny says:

Are these compatible with xbox one? if so, how would i plug them into my xbox?

JasonHook100 says:

3:16 Thats what my parents said when they gave birth to me

Bhamski Bam says:

I went with the snowball ice, and it’s really amazing. I got the black version instead of white and it lowered the price to 40 for me. I was expecting good, wasn’t expecting pro quality. Love this thing.

Jacob mars vlogs and Livestreams says:

An Xbox 9 year olds best dream

Mark Loving says:

This is great for introducing people to the world of good audio! Personally I use a very high end setup (Neumann TLM103 – Pop filter – Universal Audio Apollo) but that’s because my day job is running an audio recording studio. Thanks you guys for finally giving people a good guide to work from!

DuckyFTW says:

Rock band mic.

Marang Segwagwe says:


very original I know…

Zander Kmet says:

The cheap gaming headset you mentioned at the start is the one I normally use. i’ll take that oof

Super Llama says:

4:54 Calvin Klein

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