Tonor USB Microphone – Review & Sound Test

Please watch: “Comica WM100 // Wireless Lav Mic Review”

Looking for a lightweight, travel friendly, USB mic? This Tonor USB mic just might be what you’re looking for!

Tonor USB Mic –

Samson Meteor Mic –



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speedygabriel1 says:

I hope you do the sf920 soon

EMIP TV says:

I thought you was going to break out in song. lol

Cali__ Hooper says:

Hello I really hope you can help me out..uh..I connected the USB cable with my Mac but it doesn’t work?

ItsMunchy says:

I need help setting this thing up!
I have the single jack version and it’s not working!!!

Yummy Memes says:

I wanna get that for Christmas. I want to rack some subs in my channel but probably not.

Wayne May says:

I wouldn’t mind entering your giveaway 😉 Any dedicated mic would be better than the one I have and use now to keep in touch with my family on Google Hangouts.

Gaming & Film says:

i want one

jaime andres jaime.andres says:

gran demostracion de como funcionan los dos microfonos gracias

Joe's Photo & Video Channel says:

Hah, that Tonor looks and sounds like a toy. I am still using the Samson Meteor mic. But plan to get a couple of the AT2020 USB mics around next spring.

sphex. says:

The microphone you used before is 20 times better

Scott Wilder says:

The Tonor and phone are fairly close in sound quality. The Samson is a step up for sure. Fuller, richer sound. Enter me for giveaway!

ImJust Archie says:

I plug it into my usb slot but no devices come up when I check bandicam or movie maker or skype

Moko Arlyana says:

Definitely need this kind of test. Thanks for uploading it. When using your cell phone as a mic, did you attach it with a USB cable?

PS Have you tried the Samson Go mic?

ItsBari says:

Would it work on the ps4

Dabu says:

I’m going to start to practice my voice acting. Tonor Mini Jack will be fine enough to begin?

Lavikka Photography says:

Is there a lav for a 3.5 jack you would recommend that I could plug directly into my pc and have a fairly full well rounded sound like ECM WM1 I use on the a6000 in my videos? I don’t adjust the audio at all in my videos. Not having luck with usb mics at all.

Kevin Liu says:

would this work on ps4?

Curtis Judd says:

Nicely done, thanks for the compare with the Samson!

LoveKing29 says:

have u done a video with snow ball?

Kevin Lima says:

send it to me, i pay the import tax 🙂

LordPilgrim says:

does this mic work on the ps4???

Marcus mario says:

I’ve heard that the USB version of the people who have reviewed this have sounded much worse compared to the 3.5mm version of this. There is a clear difference in quality between the 2 of them. I know this is an old video, but I want to put it out there for people who watch this.

myrk98466 says:

Nice vid again, and throw me in for the mic give away, thanks

Ninojaw says:

I heard from another video that the side with the words is the front, and the quality is much better coming from that side. You seemed to be talking into the back. Not sure if that would have any impact on your review.

sal vatore says:

if you get a dragon pop filter the audio is much more clear

cray fish says:

I bought this and it sucks.

JamilK says:

Hey, great video, I left a like! I also just started a youtube channel and am struggling to grow! I did a mic review yesterday and would really appreciate it if you checked it out… and subscribe if u want!

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