The Best Cheap USB Microphone – K669B Tech Review

I don’t normally do this, but everyone asks me what microphones they should get when starting to get into YouTube and FiFine offered me the K669B to review, so why not? In this video I do a tech review of one of the cheapest USB microphones on the market, enjoy!

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Cían Twomey says:

I love all your vids ❤❤❤

Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams! says:

Hey! Sorry it looks like there is an earthquake in all the live action footage, I got the offer to review this mic completely out of the blue so I don’t have a tripod or camera. Just my phone. Like I said in the video though I felt kind of obligated since so many people ask me for recommendations for cheap microphones to help get them into YouTube.

Also this isn’t a paid-for sponsorship in case anyone is wondering. They just sent the microphone to be reviewed, I’m not being paid for this review.


Great review, quite thoroguh and detailed! Thank you!

relativelylargejohn says:

I’m so glad high quality audio equipment is getting cheaper. At this rate, even Minecraft Let’s Play channels run by 10 years-olds will sound great.

JP Lowe says:

2 more likes for 69

Harmony says:

What boom arm did you use in this video?

JettStream says:

i never watch tech reviews, but this review is very well done, it at least made me want to give this microphone serious thought, if i ever get into recording, which i’m still very split on.

Archertree1234 says:


danskebankken says:

it hurts my soul that he uses a $30 mic with rode psa-1, a $100 boom arm


Btw, is it Adoble Audition you used in the video?

FortniteCl0udz says:

What’s the arm you have?

Gypsy 122 says:

Woah, you’ve got the same table chairs as me. Just shows that Ikea can be cheap even on the other side of the Atlantic.

Boku no Carl says:

Would this microphone work on things like the ps4 I know the snowball does as that’s what I’m currently using but would it be worth trading it in to use the k669b instead?

camelCased says:

Maybe fifine is French and should be pronounced as FeeFene.
But good mic for the price, better than Blue Snowball in many aspects. Snowball just sounds too boomy or muffled (or its mids are raised too high by default).

Jakob Dannerfjord says:

Sorry I have to ask this but is that a microphone in your pocket or are you just glad to see me………. Nice review

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