Samson Q2u USB/XLR Microphone Review / Test

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Final Beta says:

Hey man, can you please recommend the best budget dynamic mic for acoustic guitar recording?

Eryk Grabkowski says:

I have been looking for a Dynamic microphone on Amazon. The Samson Q2U is no longer sold in the UK (Dispatch within 1-3 Months), the Knox Dynamic USB is £44 but the seller is asking for £27.10 SHIPPING!?, So it’s better for me to get a better microphone and get free shipping. I have been looking at the following two mics lately: AT (Audio Technica) PRO31QTR & the AT PRO41. They have a £2 difference, one has a XLR-Jack while the other has XLR-XLR, I don’t have the money for an audio interface at the moment, so if I purchase the PRO41 I need to buy a XLR-Jack cable, since the PRO41 comes with an XLR-XLR, do I need Phantom Power? Which microphone would you recommend? (EDIT: Or I can buy the ATR2100 for £61 (£5 more). Thank you so much!

osvaldo nunes says:

hello! q2u can be used on android devices by the otg adapter?

e r i c says:

Do I need an adaptor for my microphone arm?

latem777 says:

Hands down the best mic reviewer on youtube! bought one from your amazon link to say thanks 🙂

Zoster says:

hey, thanks for the review! would you recommend it for music vocals as well? Is there a difference between this one and the 2017 version?

Heather says:

I love this microphone. Best first purchase for my podcast. The flexibility of having the USB and XLR option and I love how it sounds.

Stanley T says:

i just bought this microphone after watching many of your reviews! thanks for the great work! for that price, the mic is amazing!

أُذُني تقرأُ says:

Hi I am recording audio books .. which one is best .. this one or ATR2100 ?
notice / I will use usb first and in the future i will buy interface . please advice me beacouse I will decide after your advice

Wojciech Bednarski says:

Hehe, “very similar to the ATR2100”? It is not similar. It is exactly the same microphone. This is very popular theses days, you have one factory, one product, and many different brands. The only different is the price and design. “Better” brand higher price. Like with glasses, for instance, so many brands but there is actually only one company that make all of them… Another example, look at Lecia D-Lux type 109 it is exactly the same camera as Panasonic LX100 just a $500 more. :- ) Nice video BTW!

RealKiddProductions says:

One of the best mics I’ve ever had is the Q2U

Son of Tamriel says:

The one on Amazon in Canada doesn’t come with the headphones in case anyone was wondering.

YSNB says:

Blue Yeti or this microphone if the price is the same? Mainly for communication and voice overs.

.::Wonder::. says:

this mic is pretty much pointless it costs about 75€ in Eu… on win10 if you use it with usb(that’s the main point of this mic being worth compared to other xlr counterpart) u have to unplug and replug it every time u restart your pc. At this point just need an audio interface for use it… like a umc22 making it not worth the money.. Just get a sennheiser e835 or a shure sm58 at 100€ and add an interface like the umc404hd that’s arround 80€ and u have a 24bit setup instead… by far better .

Padds says:

It’s so depressing to see this video with 1 dislike

FPSDoge says:

would you take this over the ATR2100/ATR2005?

Whisper Dakrboy says:

when i need to upgrade should i buy this then the yeti or just upgrade to the yeti (I have the blue snowball ice)

J.M. Torres says:

Best microphones reviews ever. Thank for all your work man!!

Turkish Brony Gamer says:

@Podcastage How can i buy your microphone stand? What price and can i buy that too for my desktop?

Lose Intel says:

This guy is just the best

gamergutt 18 says:

Do you need to buy a stand adapter with the mic to connect the mic to a stand? Plz answer

Master Chief58 says:

This is what I wanted my ATR2100 to try sounding more like when I got it, natural, but more airy warmth at the same time just like this Q2U. No flatter teeny nasally tone and harsh sound in vocals

Mo Jaf says:

Why does the mic sound muffled? Compared to ATR2020, this sounds like you are talking through a thick cloth or through a pillow. Why does ATR2020 sound SOOO much better???

Albert Qvicklund says:

does it work as a mic to a ps4?

Jessy Halife says:

Can I plug the mic into an AMP?

Dpower says:

Hey, thanks for your informative videos!

I was wondering whether you’d recommend this mic or the Samson C01u Pro? I plan on using the mic for Skype, the occasional commentary, and gaming.

Sam Woodhall says:

Would you recommend this for streaming/YouTube tutorials or go for something like the NW-700/800? Currently tied between the two as I personally like them both, but want something with warmer tones.

Роман Бочаров says:

is it compatible with ps4 ?

Laurenz Anton Chico says:

Did you boost the volume at all in post?

damandbass says:

Love this mic.

UNITED says:


So for only $50

It comes with a mic, an XLR cable, and headphones?

When I got the AT2020 (XLR version) It didn’t even come with a cable lmao

sum moner says:

Would you buy the Q2U or the BEHRINGER U-PHORIA UM2 + Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500 for just gaming/VOIP?

Lam says:

So I got one and I actually liked the tone for voice recording, but sent it back
because… the strangest reason – the stench was unbearable! The foam
filter inside the mesh grille had such a bad “burnt rubber” smell it gave
me a headache after just minutes of testing. Unscrewing the grill and taking a deep breath of this was instant gag reflex.

In one of your latest videos you reviewed a “cancer microphone”, maybe European version of the Q2U also had those cancerous chemicals because we don’t have the state of California to put warning labels, hehe 🙂

(More likely some bad batch in production, still I never expected something like this is possible!)

Still thanks for the review and your previous reply! 🙂

PS. It also picked up a (very silent, not a big deal) static buzz, like it needed a humbucker – your 100% gain test didn’t have that; not sure what in my room would produce that – is it possible it’s tuned to filter 60 Hz interference and somehow buzzes just from being in 50 Hz Europe? 🙂

polodev says:

Bro You are the best

gojiraforbreakfast says:

I started with a snowball ice I picked up for $15 used. I’m now using this mic. It is great for streaming video games. I didn’t get headphones with my kit but that’s ok. Still worth the $30 I invested.

I really enjoy your YouTube page. My 1st two mics were all because of you. Thanks buddy! Been telling my friends about your channel too.

Gavin Keeter says:

I was thinking of using this for speech on my computer. I’m getting open back headphones and I’m a little worried that it will pick up their noise bleeding through the back.

MAX Well says:

Do I need to buy anything extra to use this with the newwer boom arm?

Lam says:

So basically all I’m hearing in this video is the “spit” sounds, but you don’t even mention this mike needs a pop filter or windscreen? How is that a microphone review? I can’t imagine everyone else commenting is half-deaf, so am I like hypersensitive / only person not listening through a built-in audio card / I don’t know how to explain this, am I a sub-human? 🙁


Can I use a pop filter with it?
And Thank you that was a nice review!

Ghoulifyed says:

Hey Podcastage, I just got a Samson Q2U mic and I’m having issues with it picking up my voice when I try speaking. Although when I go on OBS to check the mic it picks it up but very low, I clap my hands right on it and it’ll barely pick it up. Apparently this is a bug that windows 10 has on usb mics. Can anyone in here be kind enough to help me? 🙁

Phương Lê says:

Wow nice review, just spend lots of time enjoying your content and I could say that you’re best microphone reviewer on Youtube. Just a quick question: Q2U, Go Mic or Blue Snowball iCE? I want to upgrade from my headset mic, mainly used for Discord and some voice over. My preference is warm tone sound. Thanks a lot

Synca says:

Better than Samson Meteor?

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