Samson Meteor USB Microphone Review / Test

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LoneWolf45 says:

I bought this weeks back and although you said it wasn’t meant for recording music, it does well for recording my drum and guitar covers. A good entry level microphone!

Furry Playz ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

What is your headphone scissor arm??

Yasuh says:

I dont have a stand so I put some books under this mic. I have knocked it down like 20 times now 😀 works just fine!

Jenny V says:

How well does it work on a Mac?

HillerZ says:

My english sucks im 5 years fr.o.m. Sweden

Celeste Munizaga says:

hi,sorry I dont understand you too much, but I have a question, do you recomend this mic to sing?

hanifrestian says:

which better : samson meteor mic vs BM-800?

Synca says:

could i put a foam pop filter on this thing

Fazzo says:

Can this mic be attached to an arm stand without a shock mount or adapter? I’ve seen some say you need one, and some say you don’t

Rainer Talvik says:

Hi Podcastage!

I occasionally sing, usually talk to my friends on Skype, Discord etc.
I’m looking for a microphone, the avalibility in Estonia is fairly limited and I’m between 2 choices:
The Samson Meteor Mic and the Samson C01U-Pro.
The Samson Meteor is 58 euros and I could pick it up instantly
The Samson C01U-PRO is 85 euros and for that I’d need to save money for a bit
Which one should I pick? Oh yea and I don’t have a boom arm and probably won’t pick one up in the near future. Both of them sound like they have some problems with plosives but a DIY pop filter would probably fix that.

Thanks for the video, I subscribed.

TheCaffeinator says:

hey dude! I want this mic, but I’m not sure if it makes the buzzing overload sound when I yell. if you know, it would be really helpful!

Jojo Wijaya says:

Hei Podcastage! I just relized, which one is better? is it Samson Meteor Mic or Samson Go Mic?

GIO says:

bro how did you build it

Darrick says:

was this all unedited audio?

OceanGamez says:

Do you need a mic stand adapter to connect it to a boomarm

Galaxy :p says:

Can you unscrew the legs? I’ve heard that you can, I’m assuming you just unscrew them, but I’m not sure

John C says:

i wanna do a little preaching on youtube will this mic be good for it

Krackz The Gamer says:

Why is my samson sounding bad? Like it picks up way too much background sound

TheGamingBros- Road To 1K says:

Thank You! You are awesome! You have helped me so much! Gonna buy this and some Skullcandy Headphones! You are a great helper! =)

Samoan Perks says:

Do you think it works well with a HP laptop without no problem?

Manny The Gamer says:

if tou don’t mind I have a request can you make a video on the best sounding microphones you have used so far please

PCPro-ish says:

I hate this mic. It quit working within a year and a half.

KuroFox says:

Whenever I record with this mic it has a really annoying high pitch ring to this. It doesnt happen with any other microphones so Im wondering if you know how to fix it. You could check one of my videos to see what high pitch tone I mean.

Engryter says:

Hey Podcastage!
I’m searching a good mic for about 50€ or less for voip and I found your reviews and versus series really helpful (I just subscribed to your channel to give you my little support 😉 ). I ended up choosing this Samson Meteor (I will pay it about 40€ and it seems pretty fair for its value). What concerns me the most is the DEHP story of Samson’s products. Is it something to worry about in your opinion? In case of affermative answer, what could be a valid alternative to this mic with a similar quality and features (USB, cardioid, ecc…)?
Thank you very much and keep up with the good work!

Gastón Delgado says:

hey does it work for recording songs?

Synca says:

i am not sure if i should get the q2u or this

Gilmore Mizzi says:

I tend to use Push to Talk in calls and games, so would this be a good choice to put somewhere near the left of my monitor, pointed at me (have no room for it near my keyboard)?

Just wondering if that shift to the left of my monitor and that little bit of distance will still be okay enough for people to understand me in games and calls on Discord and such. Since I use push to talk they wont be hearing my keyboard noises or background noise much.

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