Samson Meteor Mic review (w/BONUS BLUE YETI sound comparison)

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Blue Yeti:

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Leonardo Vidal says:

it’s funny how the 60 USD diference in price you mentioned becomes a gargantuan gap in my currency(Brazillian Reais). them meteor costs around 400 bucks and the yeti comes to more than 1000

Christopher Conlon says:

Hi. I was wondering if you can recommend better mics in the same price range? I was looking at the marantz mpm-1000, do you know if that’s a good choice. I would be using it for music production with Ableton Live, just to record of bits of voices, etc., that will probably go through some heavy effects anyway. I don’t necessarily need a usb mic, but I only have a 1/4 inch socket on my Native Instruments Audio 10 soundcard. If I got an XLR mic can I just get an XLR to 1/4 inch lead? Thanks for the help.

raja umair says:

Hello wat do you think about samson go mic ?

Nothsa0210 says:

I bought one and it sounds literally nothing like this. It is very muffled and sounds like I’m in a cave. Anyone have some tips to fix this?

Bia MB says:

i’m so in love with this guy’s voice

Fortnite Certified says:

Omg Samson mics are best. Maybe its better than Blue Yeti

miguel beringer says:

thx dude ive been deciding wut to get for months and this solved it! XD

GB Gaming says:

Bought myself the Samson this morning.

I dont think I should have a standard at the moment since I have been using my Turtle Beach PX22 for voice audio for over 3 or 4 years now.

So this should be a night and day improvement

Daniel Garcia says:

Samson Meteor VS Snowball?

ASMR Ross says:


Trisaian Naidu says:

It is sufficient for singing and music production?

Sara Haber says:

can you use it for singing?

Leonardo Vidal says:

what kind of shock mount would work with the meteor?

George Safford says:

You didn’t cover the software noise cancellation?

Detra Payne says:

Hi this is a great review, very thorough thank you. I am trying to decide on the best but most cost effective mic I can purchase to both use for podcast recordings and voice over. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve had a long sorry tale of VOIP mics over the last year. The Yeti was the worst of the lot. It was terrible. Ultimately your better off with an XLR and an interface. Even a cheap one

The Koppite says:

Could you do a head to head of the samson meteor vs blue snowball ?

Acronymn says:

ummm, i have a problem with it, it has a high pitched sound that you can hear in my audio, and alll my friends complain on discord and exbox chat.

Not DM says:

Meteor has more bass than yeti. Legs are removable. Its cheap and reliable.

Stetson Ming says:

I love ur voice xd.

FashionBuzz says:

I like the audio quality of this microphone. Have you tested it with a Galaxy S9 plus?

camelCased says:

t.bone mics are also great. I’d say somewhere in between Snowball and Yeti but much cheaper.

Danny Hauger says:

Samson audio fidelity has always treated me well without busting my budget

kaPa says:

I just unscrew the legs

Chadwick Payawal says:

Great honest review, super helpful!

Frederic Andrè says:

What budget Mic should I buy for music making, like rapping

Gr1mm Shot says:

Hey Booth Junkie. I use to watch your videos all the time but life kinda happened. I was actually aspiring to become a voice over professional like you. Anyway, a year or so later and countless hrs of rp’ing in video games, I decided I wanted to do Twitch livestreaming, but with a persona. I need a good microphone but I also need to monitor my voice and I know I can’t do that with a usb mic plugged straight into my pc. My question is, is there a way I can rig this to hear both my gameplay and mic monitoring with headphones? Keep on keepin on my man!

C-3 S.O.D.Productions says:

hey Mike can you do a review on the 2-cd04 usb mic

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