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This is a video of the Samson Go Mic Review and Sound Test. Samson Go Mic Review

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Some of the highlights of our review:

Ultra Portable: The Samson Go Mic is really meant for people who travel a lot and need a recording microphone when traveling. Its compact size makes it very ideal for traveling podcasters, journalists, vloggers or people who need an exceptionally-good microphone for Skype. However, that’s not to say that it isn’t useful for everyone else. The Samson Go Mic is a great microphone for anyone looking to record great sound directly to their computer.

Forget the Pre-Amp at Home: If you are a person who travels a lot, then you’ll certainly appreciate the feeling of forgetting something at home. The only difference with the Samson Go Mic is that you can actually afford to forget your Pre-Amp or Phantom power at home and not worry about being unable to record. The Go Mic plugs directly into the USB port of your computer and is pretty much plug and play with both Mac or PC. There are no drivers required.

Amazing Sound, Period: During the course of our review of the Samson Go Mic, we found that the little Samson offered the best sound quality of any microphone in its class. The Go Mic has three recording modes (Cardioid, -10dB Cardioid and Omni-directional). The -10dB cardioid setting produces the clearest and warmest recording quality. But that’s not to say that the other two modes are bad. The other two modes also offer sound quality that meets and exceeds the quality of any microphone at that price point.

The Final Verdict: At the price (about $40) you definitely cannot go wrong. The Samson Go Mic is an extremely portable microphone packed with lots of nifty little features and exceptional sound quality. We are extremely pleased by the performance of the little Samson Go Mic.


Inutsiaq Mølgaard says:

Does it work on pc?

tek says:

Did you edit the audio post recording (audacity) when doing the test of the quality?

SPORTSBROS!!!! says:

I record through my phone how can I use this mic to help me with this

Bryan Justine says:

can this mic hear me clearly in game chat if i use it from a distance around 60cm

Bruh_Itz_Ruth Marquez says:

can this mic work well while gaming?

WilliuZ says:

nice video! 😀

Malin Yamato af Lääkkö says:

I got this little babe… thanks

Fun Quiz says:

Excellent product. I bought this mic to make some quiz videos for kids, and I must say that this pocket dynamo is an absolute value for money!

Lemmie6 says:

Out of all the reviews on YouTube I’ve watched, this has got to be one of the best, clear explanation with a demo. One thing I wonder, will this pick up the noise of my keyboard and mouse?

Jimmy Ikon says:

it’s a really good mic for the price

Alexander Rex Evensen says:

This sounds great, and that you can place it on top of your monitor makes it excellent in use for what I have in mind (two friends I play with that has crap sound from their microphone :P). Thanks for the test, it’s very useful 🙂

inder jeet says:

cardioid mode is great

Kidiscancer says:

you sound kinda indian what country are you from?

BarBosza says:

Hey dude nice review! It’s work great with OBS? I had some issues with Pn’P USB mics, like reverb, back noise…

honk father says:

No bullshit,you just get to the review and do it well.
Great video

Mikkel Svartveit says:

Can you connect the headphone jack to a DSLR and use it as an on-camera mic?

Dayal Aribam says:

i am interested in singing karaoke so as described and shown by u that there is a 3.5mm jack which can be used for monitoring so can i connect a speaker 3.5mm pin so that i can use it as an output to hear what i am singing.
actually my main motive is to play karaoke music on vlc in my mac and sing to it using mic so please advice what to do, i want to sing on mic then produce the mic’s output n also the track of vlc on speaker. is that possible on mac

Nolan Bebout says:

if im playing a game like countrr strike will my teamates beable to hear me talk

Very Stupid Channel says:

Does this work by plugging it into a phone?

John Dominic Flor de Lis says:

I’m choosing between this and the Go Mic Direct. Which one do you think has better mic quality?

ROCKY memes says:

can we connect it through phone?

WWE Hindi News says:

thanks bro

Christoffer Hjärtström says:

What a smooth intro

Pugster says:

Is the mic test with or without editing?

Gaming with AD ! says:

did u use it will u were talking in the video ,,,, by the way nice review

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