Samson G-Track Pro USB Microphone: An Honest Review (2018)

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Here’s Technophile Authority’s HONEST in-depth review of Samson’s G-Track Pro, one of the highest quality sounding microphones for the price.


Are you ready for professional sound quality at a discount price? Meet the Samson G-Track Pro USB Microphone, Samson’s latest advancement in microphone technology. With a durable build, unbelievable versatility, amazing sound quality, and only $150, the G-Track pro is one of the best affordable microphones on the market today.

G-Track Pro Features:
* All-in-one professional USB microphone with audio interface
* Ideal for podcasting, gaming/streaming, and recording music
* Dual 1″ (25mm) condenser capsules
* Cardioid (unidirectional), bidirectional and omnidirectional pickup patterns
* USB output for connecting to any Mac or PC device

Samson’s Quick Set Up Video:

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0:30 – Intro
0:51 – Short Unboxing
1:15 – Components
1:35 – Design & Interface
2:52 – G-Track’s Polar Patterns
3:42 – Connecting the G-Track Pro
3:51 – Swapping out the desk Stand
4:02 – AudioDesk Software Free Download
4:54 – Polar Pattern Sound Test
6:23 – Mic Gain Sound Test
7:15 – Pros & Cons
8:26 – Final Verdict

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Tripod –
Samson G-Track Pro –

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Dragon Affiliate Marketing says:

Awesome review!!!

RandomVideos101 says:

How come I sound like a demon when I hear the recording? Can someone help me with this please!

Blue Flame777 says:

Thank you so much, Is this Mic better than Rode NT USB.

Hsu許YaChu雅筑 says:

Love this review! Do you have any recommendations for the microphone for camera ? Thanks!

Crete23 says:

Will this work with GarageBand on iPad with the proper connection?

King Burger says:

I’m having troubles finding a desktop stand for this mic as it seems to be too heavy for the ones I’m looking for. I know practically nothing about how to look for a good stand (I think they are called scissor stands?). Can you please help !!!

Bartosz Raburski says:

is better than Samson G-Track ?

Sapele Steve says:

I have owned this mic for a few weeks now. It’s all that you pointed out & more! I use the Samson mic with a pair of Audio Technica ATH-Mx40 headphones & the program Audacity to record. This is a “plug & play” right out of the box with Zero latency & excellent recording quality. I am not an audiophile so I can’t really compare this mic to any other mics. As a beginner guitarist, I mainly use the mic to monitor my progress. Whether you play & sing directly into the mic or plug in a guitar & record , the sound quality is amazing! I would highly recommend this mic to anyone who wants to record voice, guitar or both. Well worth the money when you consider that you don’t have to purchase an audio interface & then have to buy a mic separately.

Diaxx says:

Any shock mounts you know for this mic??

Ultimate Sly Gamer says:

Sick review! Keep up the awesome videos! Just ordered mine, anxiously waiting to get it now! Thanks a bunch! Quick question, did you use the microphone in the video audio itself?

Billy Harris says:

guna have to get one

Myth Bangla says:

Can Samson g track pro can record vocal and computer sound at the same time like Audio Technica ATR2020 usb mic???

It’s urgent to know….so..plz ans me!!!!

pickle jar says:

sorry i was going to watch the video til i herd the background music

bballplaya403 says:

This thing is awesome

Tech Memes says:

Love the mic! I use it for streaming and voiceovers, totally worth it! And it’s really not that expensive for the versatility!

Tear Drop says:

As a musician, I literally am in love with how much I can do with this simple microphone! It’s so easy to use and the quality of sound is great ! Recommended for sure!

أبو الزبير الأحمدي says:

Thank you, Nice Review
Please, Can you tell what is the best
G-Track Pro
Also, What is main difference between them?

Tech Team says:

We got this microphone on your recommendation and picked it up at our local Amazon warehouse – Awesome mic, great review! Thanks so much! Keep up with the videos, great & valuable content!

Ear Spa Relaxation says:

Great review. This can come in handy for those podcasting and and doing quick voice overs.

Tyler Dayan says:

This dudes smile is contagious. Thanks for the review, buying this now.

Tai Lopez Affiliates says:

Great review as always. This mic has got a lot of value.

Jefferson Francis says:

Great review! Awesome vlog!

Survival Frog says:

Great review! Considering getting one in a few months, thanks for sharing! Keep on posting! Looking forward to seeing more!

TVG Triumph says:

Love the review! I’m actually thinking about purchasing it, however how would the mic do with console gaming? When I plug it in, of course I would not have any capability of background noise reduction. Do you think it would still be a good fit for a microphone for me?

HansVGinkel says:

There is no adapter for a normal microphone stand in the box anymore!
And I can’t find a shop where to buy it 🙁

Thinking Mom says:

How do I connect Samson G-Track Pro to the Lumix DMC G85M? Please respond.

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