Samson G-Track Pro USB Mic & Interface Review / Test

Today I review a brand new mic from Samson, the Samson G-Track Pro. This is a multi-pattern, hi-resolution version of the original G-Track. You are getting a nice sounding mic and an instrument interface for a relatively cheap price. If you’re a musician on a budget, then this is a great option to start recording music.

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00:00 – Intro / Pricing
00:27 – Setup for Review
00:41 – Difference Between G-Track & G-Track Pro
01:09 – What Comes in the Box
01:28 – Build Quality / Features / Walkthrough
03:16 – Specs
03:36 – Polar Pattern Sound Test
04:13 – 360-Degree Polar Pattern Test
04:49 – Background Noise Test
04:56 – Distance Test
05:11 – Windows Test
05:28 – Gain Test
06:09 – Multi Track Setup & Demo
07:17 – Music Test
07:54 – Pros / Cons
08:43 – Conclusion / Recommendation
09:22 – Outro

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Jsmoothie says:

Kind of unrelated to the vid but you need to review the hyperx cloud alpha. Supposedly the best headset on the market right now

Hardware BBQ says:

When you expect stickers but no stickers!

Josh Baesal says:

Just a copy of Blue Yeti

JB_중동의 작은거인 says:

pls make video of nw-7000 usb vs nw-700

OP-1 German Style says:

So the 6.3mm instrument input is stereo or mono ? Thx for the review.

John Jackson says:

This thing is definitely better than the Yeti (since I’m sure a lot of people will ask about that). This has a nice tone to it without sounding muffled or what I call “scratchy” (don’t know the correct term, but like a headset mic or smartphone mic where the audio has a noticeable hiss and thinness). The Blue Yeti (the standard USB only version) has both of those issues in every test I’ve heard. It’s still not as crisp sounding as a decent XLR mic, but it’s a nice middle ground since it’s better than most popular USB mics. I think this is a bit nicer sounding than the C01U as well. Plus, you know, it says it has 1-inch capsules which is definitely a plus since most multipattern USB mics use 16mm capsules.

reddiamond games says:

test microphone: BOYA BY-PVM1000

TheHurricaneHunter // NickTHH says:

First again!


Great review as always, I bought the Samson C01U Pro recently after watching how it performed on your videos and I gotta say I’m happy that I found your channel.

Nathaniel Pitcher says:

Love your reviews, but you really need a tape measure to figure out what 4 feet is, cause it looks like you’re about 6 feet away

Gamer Boyz says:


Blakmand - Dansk CS:GO Gambling says:

Hi again
I can’t put on my at 2020usbPlus on my røde PSA 1 do I need a shock mount

evilzombie says:

That sounded surprisingly good for a multi pattern mic. Great song as always. Looking forward to your podcast on Monday

David Handy says:

Pros: you can club someone over the head and steal their sm7b.

Cons: no sticker…

Bybod Mat says:

Sing about tacos

Kamran Aslam says:

Do review the Samson Telescopic Boom Stands like Samson BT4, BL3 and MK10.

DissTrackt says:

You are a god


“Could be used as a freakin weapon”, in for one! Will you testify at my murder trial when they ask about the durability of this mic? Also how’s the warranty on this mic. I’ll try to clean off any blood but.

PJ says:

Actually a pretty decent mic. Sort of a do it all in one.

Jedi Jawa says:

Wow, this mic sounds really good.

reddiamond games says:

test microphone: BOYA BY-PVM1000
test microphone: BOYA BY-PVM1000
test microphone: BOYA BY-PVM1000
test microphone: BOYA BY-PVM1000

Manuel Mijares says:

Have you ever considered reviewing one of those ASMR microphones with plastic ears? They seem to be really popular with Twitch and YouTubers that do ASMR, Thank You.

Amanan says:

Great video man

Dieron Beast says:

Good replacement for the blue yeti

RY3T says:

This thing seems awesome! How does this sound in comparison to the Blue Yeti? Might pick this up. Great review.

Dan Boud says:

Liked for the Menace 2 Society reference alone

Marlon Och Oliwe says:

Can you test the bluebird

Björn Fischer says:

I know it is a matter of personal preference but you sounded so much better on this mic than on the sm7b or the heil.

Mr. Tech says:

To review this mic you are using this audio interface.

HushkinsS says:

Podcastage, do this microphone vs the Blue Yeti

Paula Andrea Quintero Garces says:

I have a question which is better:audio technica at2020usb plus or the blue yeti the question is harder

Andrew M. Sheppard says:

Interesting. Even thought it looks like the abomination of the offspring from an orgy of Yetis & Seiren, the 2 track captures my interest. Is it possible to plug a dynamic w/ a XLR-6.35mm cable into it & make it a 2i2o?!

ps/ For these desk mount style units, have you considered a vid on what low-cost techniques could provide some shock absorption? Those (foam) ‘yoga blocks’ go pretty cheap on Amazon. I wonder what they’d do for it.

marakima says:

Nice review! Regarding build quality, it’s understandable that you and perhaps most others like things made of metal and even weapon-grade, but from the perspective of an itinerant musician, lighter is better. It seems that many pieces of modest gear are overbuilt these days in order to project an image of quality, but this is imo unnecessary and detrimental to those who need to travel with their stuff.

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