Samson G Track GM1U USB Condenser Mic Review / Test

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Samantha Thomas says:

samson g track or Audio technicia at2020 ?

Christian Jaimes says:

Why can I still hear noise at 2:55 (like static noise) even when the mic volume is 0% ??

Prakhyat Bhatnagar Official says:

can i connect my dslr with this mic threw 3.5 mm head phone cable

Scarface 927 says:

Omg, why can’t more reviewers be like this? Professional, straight to the point, and short. Subscribed.

caponsacchi says:

I’m wondering if that instrument input would accept prerecorded tracks from iTunes, a CD player and a turntable without degradation of signal.

botan kattane says:

Hey podcastage! Whenever i record with my samson g track, when i litsen back to it i only hear from the right ear in my headphones! Please any ideas on what i should do? its brand new so its not like i dropped it or something

Mason Taylor says:

Thanks for the thorough, informative content!

crazyleg2006 says:

Really good video. Thanks for taking the time to put it up for me and everyone else. It’s always nice to find videos and information that help us solve problems.

Nicola Wegner says:

Hi, is it possible to have a mix of computer playback via the audio interface and a latency free microfone signal on the headphone jack? If yes, is it also possible to adjust this mix (for example increase playback volume) at the microfone controls? Thanks! Nick

dan rubes says:

Thanks! Very helpful!

HrWoprock says:

Good review, wanted to ask, if i recorded with the shadowplay and i watched the recorded audio, unfortunately i can only hear my left ear, does somebody know how to fix it? by any chance 🙂 and when tested with steam voice it was 50-50 (both ears okay)

Slayer says:

What’s your configuration? I have the same microphone but the audio sucks ‘-‘


hey bandrew please help me whether I should buy Samson co1upro USB mic or Samson gtrack please help me iam totally confused please help me

Fabbe says:

what mic do you think is better samson c03u or the samson g-track?

Crisp850 says:

whats the best microphone (USB) for rap vocals? Please answer thank you

Shyanne Gauvin says:

I have this microphone and I have issues lol. Whenever I record my singing (using GarageBand), it tends to sound fuzzy and sounds like my voice is far away (it doesn’t sound clear like yours does)! Do you have any suggestions or solutions?

ZombieChris82 says:

Would you recommend this mic for gaming/streaming on a ps4 for Twitch?

gandaci de bucatarie says:

what software is that?

Justin Ferrari says:

I’m using Reaper as my DAW. I cant get 2 outputs out of the GTrack to record 2 seperate tracks(guitar and mic)… it only shows 1 input(mic)…no matter what audio device setup I use… any advice please?!

sphex. says:

Best Microphone for Twitch livestreams under 100$ ?

Kimmo Kylä-Laaso says:

i just got this mic and i dont know if its just me or the mic but it doesn’t feel to pick up my voice that well. I have to have the gain almost at the max level..

adamromanoficial says:

+Podcastage please (I’m Brazilian), judging the microphone sound which one do you prefer for vocals? C01u Pro x G Track ? I watched your videos of the two but I’m still not sure about these two.

Dexter Bartis says:

This mic actually has a very decent warm tone for an entry level piece of equipment. Although, I am slightly annoyed that it only has a FR of 20h-16khz. It limits what can be done in the mixing stage in terms of adding excitement/ high level harmonics to vocals etc.

shoakine says:

Hello, I come from France and I like very much what you do, continues (;

Cam Avery says:

what mic stand are you using?

ToJestKapitalizm says:

is rode nt usb better ?

James o'sullivan says:

good piece of kit i recommend it easy to use good for vocals and guitar x

Sven Stauder says:

i have lots of static noise with this mic with windows 7, anyone got an idea of what i can do to improve the quality of my recordings?

Junior Zuniga says:

Hey I am doing a bunch of research on microphones and is looking for a general purpose one, good for gaming and say recording a musical instrument, thought this would be pretty decent for both purposes, but maybe there’s a similar one that’s a step up on it, what do you reccomend?

Droqanar The Khajiit says:

This or AT ATR2500 for gaming ?

Brian The Duck says:

Hey Bandrew, I’m looking to upgrade my microphone setup. I’ve picked out two USB microphones. I need a mic for multipurpose, as I am a musician and want to do covers of songs, original songs, etc. But I also want a mic that’ll work well for my Commentaries, voiceovers, and gaming videos on YouTube. The two I have chosen as the final two spots to choose from are the Samson G-Track, and the Blue Yeti. Can you help me decide?

Ell1s says:

this or c01u pro?

Het leven van een volle vrouw says:

Thank you… 😀

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