Samson C01U Pro USB Condenser Mic Review / Test

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Cyclog Vlog says:

Can i use this mic in my amatör song ?

djittay CLAN GAFE says:

hi good review, you think this is good for gaming? i am between blu yeti and this what you prefer?, i saw all your other videos but still i dont know 🙁

Walterino says:

Can you sing a bit louder in the mic without it clipping?

Alpha Zakatan says:

Got this mic recently thanks to this advice. Super late, but thanks for the advice anyway!

yoyashi says:

Useful thanks!

Alfonso Fernández says:

People, help me on this one. I bought this mic but I’ve a white noise that is very noticeable and I don’t think it is the sound of my computer.

Save Palestine! says:

Can you do the samson co1?

Fabian Reyes says:

comes with cake walk tho

Chad Derouchie says:

You solve bro?

i'm Tsed says:

What can i do to get the best vocal recording out of this mic?

Jackson Lee says:

I’m so thankful for this channel, I’ve been watching you for a couple years now and it makes my life so much easier. When I took s try at YouTube I originally bought the Neewer NW-800 after watching your review. Now that I’m putting more focus into making music I knew I needed to upgrade. I bought this microphone on Amazon yesterday! Thank you so much.

Gavin Keeter says:

I was thinking of using this for speech on my computer. I’m getting open back headphones and I’m a little worried that it will pick up their noise bleeding through the back.

Tushar D says:

Do you think if it will serve me well to record the songs(only for vocals)? i don’t want to sound like how some of the cover artists on youtube sound like, like instrumentals(karaoke) sounds like a studio one and the vocals they record sounds a bit odd or not matching even though they are singing really good.

ωσδγη dλ says:

That’s it i am subscribing

3threebrotherhood says:

bro which one the best between Samson C01U and audio technica at 2020 ? i really confused , hope u answer this qustion 🙂

UGman says:

Hey Bandrew, can you do an updated video of Samson C01U Pro, with only the mic stand attached to the microphone ?

Chandra Kala says:

Anyone help me with auda city settings for optimal audio quality.

Geneviève Côté says:

With the C01U Pro, i need to buy an interface or they have interface inclued like Samson G Track?

Manu 900 says:

My samson at 75 % makes noise like ssssssssss any solution to fix it or some software? Anything. BTW I am streaming only

Minsha Ouyou says:

Should I get this ($78) or Blue Yeti ($57) if I am planning to use it for podcast?

Hein C says:

This sounds awesome! For the price it’s great however, I’m still not sure on what to get after watching so many of your reviews : What would you recommend for around this $70-100 price range for speaking online/recording voice?

Iftimescu Vlad says:

I’m torn between this and the Marantz MPM 2000U, any opinions on which one is better?

Axy Studio says:

Hi, just wondering which one is better foam windscreen or pop filter for this mic? im going to buy this mic for my youtube comentary, streaming and gaming.


Hi , do you know wether or not this mike would work with a xlr to xlr male to femal cable ?

Don Edward Hilario says:

Hello, Good Day Sir,
Did you use any eq in this sound test? I hopenyou reply

Micka Sato says:

Samson co1u pro or audiotechnica at2020 usb+? Which one is better?

Guten Abend says:

Can someone send me a link for a popfilter for this mic? I mean a mudder

Jadom427 TV says:

i bought this mic sometime last week and its not working properly as (it has a disturbing sound when recording ) so any suggestions on to fix this problem ?



Laava #10 says:

Samson meteor or C01u pro?


Sir this product is not order in kashmir plzz give me a Link in kashmir

Melita Levstek says:

PLEASE help me. my C01U PRO is suddenly dead, it doesn’t turn on… what can i do please???my lolaptop doesn’t recognise it anymore. I must record.

Tester Of Sound says:

Are the spec the same for the old model of this beisde the headphone port
Samson C01UCW

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