Rode NT-USB Desktop Mic – Inexpensive, Awesome, Plug-and-play Solution?

The Rode NT-USB is the last desktop mic we’re going to be taking a look at for a while… Is it the best one yet? We’ll have to see…

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Sérgio Freitas says:

*Records YouTube videos and streams on a 30$ Tonor BM700 XLR microphone…*

Drius Brunnen says:

Rode nt1a or nt usb ?

NoRemorse89 says:

yeah! Im not only one who have totaly mess around desk 😀

Walla says:

so what mic was used to record this video when you talk to camera?

ZCG says:

Really Linus…Inexpensive….Dear Lord….

Collin Cabige says:

i want this debate!

Porky PlayzGames says:

Can you plug it into your mobile devise?

Steps of Christ dot Church says:

How many bits of bit depth is the usb capture?

shammishafi09 says:

How to record youtube video and audio together in windows using rode nt usb

Samolf Luger says:

Hi, could you give me an advice about mic. I ll using it for youtube gaming.
Shure PG27
Rode Nt Usb
Marantz Professional Pod Pack
Razer Seiren Pro Digital
I ve little trouble about chose..

HeavilyGamer says:

This one or Audio-Technica AT2020 USB+?

Vanguard says:

I want some ting cheap

Failedvenus says:

I bought a 4m long charging cable and I don’t know why

Godwalk says:

170$ *inexpensive*!?

Damn… I unsubbed for that tho

Jakub Woziwodzki says:

U just had to do it at 1:50…

Raven Reeuwijk says:

cheap??? not really in my country €145

SL Content says:

inexpensive ??? who are you kidding ????

CornDogMayhem says:

if you call 170 dollars inexpensive they you must call my 80 dollars mic peasent gear

Spectre _B.K.C says:

2 years and incresed over $200

Matthew Sik says:

Lookin for a Mic to record rap/sing vocals.
Rode NT-USB or AT-2020 usb plus?
at-2020 plus is much cheaper, but has no pop filter.
Both mics seem to have high quality voice. What you all think? thanks!

calencor says:

wow your desk linus lol

PepitoStyleMC says:

spam the number 9 and look close to his eyes.

xXRamiroGCXx says:


harith nurion says:

Can u plz make the atr 2500 mic review pls

TechRapt says:

wow, after seeing the keyword “inexpensive” I thought I found my 50$ mic finally :/

Petco says:


VexoVFX says:

It’s not bad but u have a better one. For only 80 bucks the mics called : Auna 900b usb

Dark_wizzie says:

Holy fuck, why do you guys care how to pronounce Rode? You understand what he was trying to communicate. And great, you are broke and you think $200 is a lot. Empty wallet jokes got old after about the second time out of the million times it has been used. SHUT UP.

I am surprised that Linus is getting less background noise with Yeti Pro vs Yeti. I think it would be unfair to say Yeti Pro is just Yeti with XLR (and the higher frequency recording which doesn’t matter for home use). I am still curious about Yeti Pro vs AT2020/2035 for background noise. I believe 2035 has a bass rolloff, so very low end rumbling would just be cut out. As often as I trash Linus, I think this is a pretty good video, and his look at off axis testing is a very good idea, which others should do more of.

Technical Xpress says:

Great Review

HamiOne says:


ChickenS:GO says:

$200 inexpensive damn y’all motherfuckers are made of money i bet

Exiled Entity says:

I love this Mic got one the other day highly suggest it considering it comes with a stand and a pop filter which would cost you around $40 separately, I personally think it’s a better mic then the Blue Yeti plus it comes with a 20 foot USB cord 🙂

Rusa slayer says:

What’s the keyboard on your desk? We have the blue and brown version where I live, I haven’t seen the red one before. I’m assuming it uses red switches?

ImOkayAlrightAndIFine says:

do you give people free tech on they birth day? :3

Max Meulensteen says:

Hey Linus media group and community,

Im having a problem with this mic. when i record and stuff the mic gives perfect sound ect, butt when i skype with it, it just sounds sht any idea how to fix this??

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