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Domyon says:

thanks homie

AndreW says:

My Rode NT USB is very quiet under windows 10. I have to set the level very high, so that the volume is loud enough. So you can hear but also strong noise floor of the microphone. Does anyone have an idea how I can solve this? 🙁

nick3cw says:

Rode nt usb or audio technica at2020 usb+?

Red Is Back says:

Ive been finding this video for so long and…. And…………. AND……. I NEVER REALIZED U WRE MAKIN IT!

Avishek Saha says:

I was about to get this mic. I compared this video to your vid with samson c01u pro and although the rode pics up more frequencies, I like the simpler sound of the c01u pro

Azaira Bangladeshi says:

which boom arm did you use with this microphone?

AwesomeFerret21 says:

What cheap boom arm/scissor stand and shock mount would you recommend for this mic?

Jericho Castillo says:

Is it compatible with android device?

T.I.N Mateus says:

This mc is pretty damn good deal man,I don’t care the stand is plastic anyway I’m getting a real mic stand so I’m fine with that the quality of this mic is as aRODE says Studio Quality.Enough said.

TDPK Films says:


Jeff Wang says:

best rode review! because you told us the real stupid design of the switch without tune mic gain.

Turkish Brony Gamer says:

I have a question… RODE NT-USB have integrated Pre-Amplifier?

Von's Valiant Ventures says:

I also experienced a lot of clipping on my first recording. Then I realized that the mic gain and playback volume on Audacity were both maxed out. Granted, I generally like recording relaxing melodies using my flute. It can get very loud if I take full advantage of the flute’s dynamic range though. I’d love to mic up a guitar and bass, but I’ve yet to sort that out.

Kenyon Jackson I says:

shure pg42 usb vs rode nt usb??

Pesky Polecat says:

Sooooo what would you say is better for say beginners getting into Voice Over/Voice Acting:
This or the AT2020 USB+?

Kelly Clearly says:

Hi thank you for doing this review. I am new to all this technology and so it’s a mine field for me! I have been looking into mics and am wondering what one mic you might recommend for teaching language lessons via Skype and also creating YouTube videos and educational courses and videos ? I have looked into this Rhode mic and also the Audio-Technica ATR2100 and ATR2020. I don’t always want to be right up against the mic especially when I am teaching, so although I like both the price and the sound of the ATR2100 that worries me but, the others seem to pick up more background noise because of the types of mics they are which for videos worries me. I would really appreciate any advice you might be able to give me. Thank you

Uso Geral says:

21. 11. 2015 CEN
Googling around, I could not find a single mention whether Rode NT-USB microphone supports Linux or not. After some semi-encouraging words from Rode support I decided to go ahead and buy it anyway. I am happy to announce that it works out of the box and so far I did not encounter any problems on Fedora 23. The microphone is properly detected in Pavucontrol and Open Broadcaster. I am a complete amateur but to me the sound is crisp clear with zero background noise. The comparison with my old Siberia V2 headphone microphone or my in-built laptop one is night and day. These two would produce a lot of noise as soon as increasing the volume over 100% (at 100% they would be way too silent) and it was a complete disaster. NT-USB can go much louder and has no background noise even sitting 40cm from my loud laptop fan.

The Moris Show says:

i actually just bought this! it’s on the way lol. so excited because it looks great and sounds great! plus i’m sick of the blue yeti (it’s crap don’t buy it!)

RoboLuk says:

Does it work on windows 10?

Lee Fitzsimmons says:

Great overall presentation. Very entertaining and quite informative.

Well done!

Martin Benes says:

hi can u tell if the rode nt is more effective than the rode procaster? I own the procaster but the “problem” with it is that u have to speak directly to it and very close.

does this one picks up the bg noise? what do u think about it compared to the procaster?



Cheddar DIY says:

@Podcastage Could you compare this to the Blue Yeti? I’m trying to figure out which ones better! Thanks 🙂

Sparkie says:

Can you use this mic side-ways or upside down with ofc the front facing my mouth?

Brohan89 says:

thanks for the review! mic seems perfect for me

Belua says:

Did anyone else notice it is basically Rodent usb lol 🙂

CriticalDM says:

What microphone arm are you using?

madsmuz says:

Is there any chance you have the Neewer boom arm? If so, does the microphone come with a adapter for the boom arm?
The one that came with my stand broke.
And also can it support the weight of the rode?
Really Nice review, just need answers on these and then it’s buying time!

Link TheOrdonianHero says:

How does this stack up against the MXL Tempo SK? Looking to upgrade form using my Logitech H-800 headset’s mic to an actual recording mic. For voice over work.

Marcos Maldonado says:

Hola saludos desde Uruguay ¿que micrófono usb me recomiendas para grabar locuciones? Si es compatible con iPhone mejor

wi wa wayen says:

what about singing is that ok?

Kulunek says:

Blue yeti or Rode nt usb? I need for streaming and recording gameplays. Thanks

DJG62 says:

Can’t wait after watching this video and subscribing to your channel I decided to go ahead and buy this microphone. Thank you for the absolutely amazing review!!!

CrispySlap says:

Good Video!
What is your main mic? 😀

nick3cw says:

What scissor arm were you using in that review? Thanks.

Mr. Pepperoni says:

3:42 haha the box was still there on the floor!!

Turkish Brony Gamer says:

My choice is selected. I Choice RODE NT-USB. I compare with Disney Dub’s… Sounds like that. Quality is pretty good.

CrazyHorse151 says:

A gain on a mic, what is this supposed to control? if you drive the converter to much, the voltage already comes out distorted. Little to be done here.

DatOneGirlyDino says:

Should I get this or the blue yeti
What i want to do is singing or gaming

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