Review: Samson Go Mic

In this video, I review the Samson Go Mic, a portable USB Condenser Microphone that should make capturing good audio on the go much easier.


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PNM eSports says:

“samsung” go microphone lol

ladybluu says:

So does this have a internal memory or something? Its portable, but you to have a device too or can I record straight into it without a device?

David Heiderich says:

Nice shirt

SlimyTV says:

I never finish anything eith

magendra balamala says:

should we connect to get power
or its has battery power

T for Tati says:

hello there, i have watched your review on this mic, and a few others, and i bought it!
Well, i must be doing sth seriously wrong, i am trying to record, it sounds fantastic through the headphones, it sounds really bad, to awful when i put it in my video., I am using camtasia at the moment, please if you can figure out by what i say to you what i;m doing wrong please let me know.
Thank you.

dom obertein says:

i know this video is a few years old buti cant figure out which mic i want to use for webcam hangouts with music in the background a few feet away. i know alot of people in my situation use the blue yeti, its like the go to but its almost as big as my 13″ macbook. should i get A. blue yeti B. samson go mic or C. continue using my c920 mic

Ben Toby says:

Looks cool. I’m debating over the cad u1 and the samson go mic. The Cad U1 is a dyanamic mic and the samson go mic is a condenser mic. My surrounding isn’t that noisy, but it is a little so a dynamic mic can be a bit better, but I don’t know if I want to sacrafice quality for that. Right now on amazon, the samson go mic is only a dollar more. Which one should I get?

Jaenschken93 says:

I’m looking for something like this for recording some conversations and/or discussions, but I do have two questions about it.
Can it be hooked up to a phone pretty much directly via Mini-USB to Mini-USB cable?
And if so, are there any minimum requirements/limitations to what the phone should be capable of or needs to be capable of?

Worldwide Darts says:

Almost any mic would sound great with your voice

wolverex says:


Henry says:

is the mic quality classed as ‘good’?

mikeyzippy says:

its a good mic dude

deadpan237 says:

does this have any pop issues i.e. would i need a pop filter? also how does it do with blocking out ambient audio?

Kurimson says:

I’m wondering if it will pick up the sound of like a computer fan running.

Machko. says:

Can you use it for cs go ? Does it sound good ? XD

Sanna says:

nice review, but it’s a bit hard to listen to such a high speech rate.

Brendan TaterTot says:

I have one and I love it. The switch on the side is really useful. I use it a lot too, and I’ve had no issues over the past 5 months!

Xeevo says:

Is the mini usb cable included?

Everz says:

i’m getting this w/ a mic stand and popfilter

borerev says:

that mic sounded really good, i wasn’t expecting that much bass. yeah exactly the type of mic i am looking for. but isn’t it like old now? this video was in last day of 2011.

Beastly Sheep says:

Does it work with Windows 10

BadWolf says:

Hi I was wondering if I was to use it for my YouTube channel would it be good for recording gameplay?

DotCD says:

Really good review, good editing ,good audio (obviously) , 10/10 would suggest again

Mr.Chocolate Man says:

does this récord on android

Ziggs is cool says:

I’m getting this, and an arm stand for my birthday

Matt ABM says:

does it pick up too much sound?

Squidward says:

Should I use a pop filter to bring clarity to aspirated consonants?

TheBlueHairedPear says:

Wait, Does it come with wires and stuff???

Mr. Boss says:

How much would it cost?

khushboo sharma says:

can it fits to audacity software???

HotDog Brothers says:

What filter is best for recording gaming?

Sburbanfur314 says:

I’m thinking about trying out voice acting and I don’t want to use a overly expensive mic any other recommendations?

The Dark Side Of TeTe says:


Artik says:

My name is Jafar
I come from afar
theres a bomb in my snickers
allahu snackbar!

Jigsaw79 says:

I really like this review, very thorough. The microphone is good for only $40. Also, I must add, I really like the shirt you used.

KrymzonPiranha says:

your shirt is amazing

mrbrutalfish says:

The mic sounds great, especially for the price! I think I’ll get one, even though it’s several years old. I’ll have to check out some reviews from musicians because I want something cheap and portable to record music.

noshoes says:

Great review! Thanks

MegaKertz says:

can we use it in cellphones?

Poofy Minion says:

Lol his shirt.

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