Review: Rode NT-USB microphone

Testing Rode’s new NT-USB microphone which, as the name suggests, is a microphone that outputs directly to USB so you can plug it straight into a Mac or PC without the need for a sound mixer or sound card.

In the video, I compare its quality to that of a standalone XLR-USB adapter, Shure’s X2U, using a Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mic (together worth about £450 versus the Rode at £130).

If you’d like to buy the Rode NT-USB, we’d be very grateful if you did so via our Amazon link as we get a little commission that way:

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To read our written review of the NT-USB and see some more pictures of it, hop on over to

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wwemario12345 says:

For once us Australians get something cheaper than the rest of the world

Adnorml says:

Great review. I’m sure R0DE will be happy that your review just made my agency purchase this microphone.

casperado666 says:

Is it somehow worse than the xlr version? Cause as far as I understand it’s cheaper than the xlr one

adey800 says:

Thanks.. heading out to get one right now.

FreakyHollywood17 says:

does this work with Windows 10?

Luis Paxtor says:

Nice review. Sound quality is good. Seems like a good value and I like how easy it is to use.

Khaled 4 Games says:

Thank you, I will buy it next week you earned a new sub 😀

Chris Fokjohn says:

It’s on sale for 87 pounds right now? Should I?

Glamiac says:

Just bought one!

adventures and mishaps says:

TubeShooterMag is that record raw or did it pass a noise gate?

Erik says:

Thank you for an excellent review!

quoc duy lam says:

Impressive mate. You are a funny guy.

SpringRollKitty says:

I just got it today, it was recommended to me by a friend working in audio and stuff. This is a real good mic, very sturdy, portable and dead easy to use. I am going to use it for podcasts and other small audio projects. As a student with a reasonable budget, I really picked up something of very good quality for the money I spent. I strongly recommend it.

chris broughton says:

i bought this mic for music recordings and i have to say its a very good mic , very clear and well worth the money

ThinkAboutThis says:

Holy fuck. That’s quality.

Kylee K says:

Im buying this tomorrow. Thank you for the review.

3DFX says:

Have watched a few good reviews on this now. Will go either tomorrow, or any other day on the rest of week & check this out at my favorite dealer & most likely buy this one for my Youtube Channel here. Thank you for the neat show & review! 🙂

Angela Litterio Hastings says:

Thanks for this great review. I keep going back and forth between the Rode and the Blue Yeti. But it looks like the Rode is a better quality investment.

mangreat71 says:

what’s the difference between this mic and the nt1-a mic or the nt1-a kit ??? Do they both have the same clarity cause that’s what i want to know ????

Luffy says:

Røde NT-USB 3:49
Sennheiser ME66 via Shure X2U 5:10 (~£450 Adapter + Mic)
or 5:42 for both in a row

D34D SHARK says:

Hey dude I’m looking to buy this microphone but I really want it with a big stand, will that work?

Rohan Satish says:

*Absolutely amazing detailed review!*

Thanks for helping with purchase decision! 😀

Adam Larsen says:

Great vid mate!

Grizzly Adams says:

thank you

MirkoPirko says:

Awesome review 🙂 i just order one Rode NT-USB of ebay 🙂
thanks again

krizzy090 says:

is it worth getting for games i upload gameplay?

Drop says:

how much background noice do you take away with audacity and how much do you modify your voice while using the NT- USB mic? don’t want to get Mugged of or scammed.

Mens Finest says:

hi, question, could you plug two of those microphones into a mac Pro and get the interview going?

Profanity Dave says:

Excellent and balanced review, thank you. It has helped me to make up my mind and I’ve decided to purchase this mic.

Jade Amira says:

mine is super sensitive and picks up everything in my room what do I do!!

Weird Gamer says:

it´s not rode it´s røde

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