Razer Seiren X USB Mic Review / Test

Today I review the new USB Mic from Razer, the Seiren X. This mic is not designed for music, it’s designed for gaming, and for that it sounds perfectly fine. However, there are better budget options out there, they just won’t look as cool.

Buy the Razer Seiren X
US: http://amzn.to/2Bdv76l
UK: http://amzn.to/2BLkaVE
DE: http://amzn.to/2A0M6Vj

00:00 – Intro / Price
00:25 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:41 – What’s in the Box
00:56 – Build Quality / Features Walkthrough
01:59 – Specifications
02:23 – Polar Pattern Test
02:33 – Background Noise Test
02:44 – Distance / Proximity Effect Test
02:55 – Desktop Stand Test
03:11 – Windows 10 Test
03:23 – Gain / Preamp Noise Test
04:07 – Music Test
04:39 – Pros & Cons
05:43 – Recommendation
06:37 – Outro

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John Jackson says:

I think this sounds significantly better than the Yeti, but I’m still not a fan of the tone. I mean I get it’s intended for live streams and gaming but I think it’s a bit too coloured on the low end. Maybe it’s just flat, but the TLM 102 was a lot more flattering on your voice (and I do think some brighter mics are as well). No, I don’t expect this to compare to a $700 mic, but it helps demonstrate the difference between mostly neutral with a slight boost vs possibly coloured for broadcast or flat but kind muddy.

That’s one of my issues with gaming mics (and some USB mics in general). Yeah this (and the Yeti and the other Razer USB mic I’ve heard, I think it was the regular Seiren) all sound fine for VOIP, live streams, and game chats, but they give you an underwhelming performance outside of those (for things like music) whereas even budget XLR condensers can do VOIP, livestreams, and actual music and audio production. I understand some people like plug and play stuff, but you could easily get some budget interfaces and a good budget condenser for around the same price.

Svnny Money says:

Hey, LOVE the videos man.. Especially when you rock at toward the end. BUT, can you compare the Audio Technica at2020 USB with the Razer Seiren X ? I’d appreciate it.. Im looking to get one or the other but I’d prefer your opinion first

Danielsworlds says:

When you can get somthing like a marantz 1000u for half the price if not less on sale, it’s a reeeally hard sell for this mic.

officialcarl says:

Should’ve bought dynamic mic im still gonna need the sound card (recomended) and the XLR 48v phantom power supply for condenser SadLife

Models Workshop says:

This is a big no. This is a $50 mic tops with a $50 logo.

teamHello! equiNox^ says:

I thought it’s a giant mic but… Look at this dudee too small and cute ^·^

Đức Anh Lê says:

nice video

View of the Point says:

Can you take a look at the Superlux E205U.
It has a full metal body, latency free monitoring and it is cheap.

I plan on buying this microphone, but I am still thinking if I really should. Your rating would really help me out here.

Random James says:

yo is the 5/8 adapter the one thing i need to put this on a mic arm? i really want this on my mic arm but it wont fit :/

Preacher Tv says:

i got a question. Do you have the mic volume very low and put the interface gain higher to get the best sound?

Stabacus says:

Cons: Terrible build quality, Terrible noise isolation(which is very important to have in a gaming microphone), Terrible sound signature, Terrible overall sound quality, Generally one of the worst mics for the price
Pros: It is a Razer product, It looks kinda cool(your preference may vary)

Black SheepoR says:

hello all this seiren x hi is good or not becouse I want to buy one microphone

Nicholas Ten says:

Ah! My heart when you threw that Razer box

Vive says:

shock mount link?

Monk says:

still waiting for the chroma version

Richard Earle says:

Razer products are really cheap shit. They have a cool logo that gets gamer kiddies to buy their shit. that’s their success story.

To Cool4You says:

Cam you please Review the Rode Interface Ehen its out Please

Tymo says:

really good review bro!

Just for Fun says:

But I am streamer, must use razer for rep! LUL

jojocoolkid says:

Nice job keep going

xatonyHD says:

Can you do the Corsair hs50, you did the hs40 a while back , this is their new version

grifty says:

You forgot about the god damn stickers

To Cool4You says:

Cam you please Review the Rode Interface Ehen its out Please

Gaurav pianist # says:

Sir please do a review of AKG PERCEPTION 420

Nova says:

This microphone or blue yeti????!!

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